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Video Tripods & Supports

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Samy's Part# S-035004
Availability: Special Order
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The Benro's 3-Leg Locking Base For Monopods adds mobility and stability to your current monopod. The VT2 will fit monopods with a removable 3/8" threaded foot. The integral ball joint provides extreme flexibility of movement but can also be fixed in the vertical position with the twist of a wingnut...
MFG# DL1202
Samy's Part# S-032847
Availability: Special Order
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The Dot Line Corp. Tripod Shoe Mount Adapter for GoPro Camera is a tripod Mount to Standard Accessory Foot Adapter that adapts the GoPro camera to fit on to the standard accessory shoe of a DSLR camera. Complete with locking nut. It secures to your standard GoPro mount and attaches into any standard...
Samy's Part# S-030882
Availability: Special Order
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The Dracast EH6P Quick-Release Plate for EH6 Series Video Head is a high-quality quick release plate that lets you fix your video camera, lens or camera accessories quickly and safely. Fit for EI7060H, EI7060AH, EI7061H, EI7063H,EH60,EH61,EH63 Video Head. The QR pate also features safety lock...
MFG# 1409
Samy's Part# S-077962
Availability: Special Order
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46mm standard quick release safety rail is part of our QR-Handles. The spring-loaded pin on each end of the rail prevents accidental accessory detachment. Compatible with RED Epic, Scarlet, Black Magic Camera and other third-party accessories.
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Explore our range of video tripods, designed to offer enhanced stability and control during your shoots. With an assortment of high-quality video supports, we have everything from lightweight and portable video tripods to large, sturdy supports to keep your video camera steady no matter your equipment setup or filmmaking style. We're proud to carry video tripods from top brands such as Manfrotto and Benro, ensuring that you have a choice from some of the finest quality equipment on the market.

We have a full range of fluid head tripods that are suitable for most videography needs. Fluid-head tripods use a specialized fluid-filled mechanism in their head to deliver exceptionally smooth and controlled camera movements. The internal chambers filled with viscous fluid resist abrupt motions, resulting in steady, cinematic-quality pans and tilts. This unique mechanism enhances the overall video quality by reducing vibrations and ensuring professional-looking camera movements, making it an invaluable tool for videographers seeking precise and fluid shots.

Our collection caters to filmmakers of all experience levels, from entry-level fluid heads to industry-standard models. With our extensive selection and commitment to excellence, you can trust that we have a video tripod solution to meet your unique requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is the Difference Between a Video Tripod and a Camera Tripod?

Video tripods and camera tripods serve similar purposes by providing stability for capturing images or footage. However, video tripods are generally sturdier and have a higher load capacity to hold heavier equipment compared to camera tripods. Video tripods also feature fluid heads or pan-tilt heads compared to the more freely adjustable heads of camera tripods.

Can You Use a Video Tripod for Photography?

Yes, you can use a video tripod for photography. While video tripods are primarily designed for capturing smooth and stable footage, they can still be useful in certain photography situations such as panoramic photography. Before you try to use a video tripod for photography, be sure to check the mounting compatibility of your equipment.

Can I Attach Accessories to a Video Tripod?

Yes, some video tripods feature accessory mounting options. These allow you to attach extra gear such as external monitors, microphones, or lights, enhancing your filmmaking capabilities and ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Do I Need a Fluid Head Tripod for My Video Shoots?

While a fluid head tripod can significantly improve video quality with smooth panning and tilting, its necessity depends on your specific videography requirements and style. Consider your shooting preferences and the types of shots you aim to capture.

Are There Video Tripods Specifically Designed for Travel?

Travel-friendly video tripods are available. These compact and lightweight options are perfect for filmmakers who need to shoot in various locations. They offer convenience without sacrificing stability.

What Are the Benefits of Adjustable Center Columns in Video Tripods?

Adjustable center columns in video tripods provide quick height and angle adjustments. This flexibility allows you to frame your shots precisely, adapting to different shooting conditions and creative needs.

Do Video Tripods Come with Carrying Cases for Transportation?

Yes, many video tripods come with dedicated carrying cases. These cases make transportation easy and protect your tripod during travel. When choosing a tripod model, be sure to check if it includes a carrying case for added convenience and protection.