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Photographers and camera enthusiasts alike love the look and feel of real camera film, and we completely understand. The classic film camera has a higher dynamic range, color accuracy, and higher resolution than a typical digital camera, and does not necessarily need batteries or power to shoot a photo. This makes them versatile, especially for long trips and outdoor photoshoots where there may be limited access to power.  We offer the most common 35mm film camera format, as well as large and medium format film cameras.  We also carry instant and disposable film cameras.

Because the number of frames you can shoot with a film camera is limited to the amount in the roll of film, each photo counts. Part of the fun is being choosy about picking just the right subject with just the right lighting and background. Since you won't be able to use any photo editing software afterward, unless you plan to scan your images into a computer, you have to make the most of every element in your composition. Although they're not as editable as photos taken with digital cameras, photos taken with film cameras allow for creativity, like double exposures and many other developing tricks in the darkroom.

Instant film cameras have self-developing film technology that can print out a photo right after you take it, so you can watch newly taken photos develop right in front of you. Our instant developing cameras are great for making memories, giving photos to friends, and having fun. You can take an instant film camera on vacation or on a trip to the mall with your friends -- anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Digital or Film Cameras Better?

The answer to this question truly depends on the style of photography you take and your personal preferences. Fans of film would say that nothing can beat the quality, color, contrast, and details of a film camera. The look and feel of a camera with film is something you just can't get from a digital camera. On the other hand, digital cameras provide the ability to easily edit the images you take, which brings a whole other aspect into the artistry of photography.

Is It Cheaper to Shoot Film or Digital?

The upfront cost of a film camera can be cheaper, but in the long run, film cameras may end up being the more expensive choice. Apart from the cost of a memory card, you can take an unlimited amount of "free" photos with a digital camera. With film cameras, you will need to purchase rolls of film and pay the development costs over and over again.

Do Disposable Cameras Expire?

Yes! Disposable cameras have a recommended shelf-life because the film is light-sensitive, and over time, the camera film can degrade. For best results, including optimal quality and performance, use the disposable film camera before the expiration date, which is often located on the packaging.

How Many Pictures Can a Disposable Camera Take?

These one-time use, disposable cameras come with film and allow the user to take anywhere from 24 to 36 photos on average, depending on the camera and brand. The amount of exposures can often be found near the shutter trigger at the top of the disposable camera. It's important to remember that these nostalgic cameras can only take a limited number of photos, so it's key to be intentional in capturing each photograph.

Can You Still Get Disposable Film Cameras Developed?

Yes! While digital cameras have become a more popular photography device, there is still a market for disposable film cameras. The photos captured with disposable cameras can still be developed at many camera stores, including Samy's.

Can You Still Buy Film for Cameras?

Yes! Camera stores still sell film in many varieties, as well as disposable cameras. While digital cameras have become mainstream for photographers, there is still a market for these classic film cameras, which require film to capture photos. You can find a huge selection of camera film at Samy's.

What Is an Instant Film Camera?

The instant film camera was created by Polaroid Corporation. Their popularity has led to other camera manufacturers like Fujifilm producing instant film cameras of their own. These instant film cameras are unique in that they use self-developing film and are able to print out a photo shortly after the image is captured. Instant developing cameras make photography a fun, creative hobby for any user.