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Arri 150/300/650 Lighting Kit with wheeled case

MFR Part #: LK0005643
Samy's Part #: ARRI571959W
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The best kit for your application depends on your production needs and artistic preferences. Ideally the kit should offer flexibility to work in many different situations. You'll want to consider fixture types, total wattage and the size and weight of the kit. If you need softer lighting you should look carefully at the kits containing Chimera Softbanks. The first step is to determine what light source best suits your needs. The ARRI Fresnel series is ideal for use where compact, lightweight tungsten Fresnel spotlights are required, especially in small studios where grid height is a problem. Classic ARRI construction, using corrosion-resistant, extruded, die cast aluminum, maximizes body strength while maintaining the light weight of a location fixture. Despite the small size of ARRI Fresnels, their short focal length, wide angle lenses produce impressive light output and good light distribution over the full beam area.

The Arri 150/300/650 Lighting Kit contains three most popular tungsten Fresnel fixtures Arri 150W, 300W Plus and 650W. This is a compact lighting kit, including bulbs, scrims, Barndoors, filter frames, light stands, and a hard wheeled carrying case. It provides crisp, controllable light. Rugged, yet light weight, the kit is a great long term investment for the professionals. The kit is designed to operate on 120VAC and can easily be converted to operate with 230VAC if 120V lamp carriage is replaced with 230V carriage. The 150 Watt Fresnel is a compact light source with 2 inches (50 mm) Fresnel lens for best optical performance. The Arri's cast and extruded aluminum housing make it the perfect small Fresnel equipped for 120VAC operation. The Four Leaf Barndoor Set is used to control the shape of light emitted from the fixture. It is best suited for screen backgrounds, control reflections or narrow the lighting angle of a particular reflector. The Filter Frames used with this setup are circular and heat resistant. The filters can easily slide into lamphead accessory holders.

The Full Single Scrim fits the 150W Fresnel with metal screen mounted to place in front of a light to reduce the light intensity as desired. The full single scrim covers the entire lightface and reduces the intensity of entire light beam whereas the full double scrim has two metal screens and covers the whole face of the light, reducing light intensity by two times the amount of the full single. The ESP Lamp (150W/120V) is compatible with ARRI's 150W Fresnel and has a clear finish. The 300W Plus Fresnel has highly efficient 3.2 inches (80 mm) low expansion borosilicate Fresnel lens that produces softer and even field of light. The beam angle in the flood position is 49 degrees and a narrow 15 degrees while in the spot position.

The 650 Watt plus Fresnel features smooth focusing, and a brighter but still even beam. The beam angle in the flood position is 52 degrees and a narrow 14.5 degrees in the spot position. The Light Stand is just 8.5 feet high that could easily be carried for outdoor locations and is designed to hold small light fixtures like the ARRI Fresnel 150w. To carry all this lighting setup a 3 Light Case with Wheels is included in the kit. The case is vacuum molded hard shell ABS plastic case specially made to accommodate three Arri 150W, 300W or 650W Fresnel lights or up to three 650W or 1000W tungsten flood lights plus soft box, light stands and accessories.

  • High quality lenses and reflectors for excellent optical performance
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Robust construction of rust-resistant, extruded, die cast aluminum
  • Easy and convenient operation
  • Quick and easy service access
  • Extensive range of accessories

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Continuous Lighting Information
Wattage Fesnel 150: 150W Fresnel 300: 300W Each Fresnel 650: 650W
Input Voltage 120V AC
Socket Type Fresnel 150: BA15d Fresnel 300 and 650: GY9.5
Mount 5/8" (16 mm) stand mount
Weight Not specified by manufacturer
Dimensions Not specified by manufacturer
  • 150 Watt Tungsten Fresnel Light (120VAC)
  • Four Leaf Barndoor Set for Arri 150W Fresnel
  • Filter Frame for 150 Watt Fresnel
  • Full Single Scrim for 150W Fresnel - 3"
  • Full Double Scrim for 150W Fresnel - 3"
  • ESP Lamp (150W/120V)
  • 300 Watt Plus Tungsten Fresnel (120-240VAC)
  • 4 Leaf Barndoor Set for 300W Fresnel, 125W HMI, 200W Pocket PAR
  • Filter Frame for Plus 300, HMI 125W Fresnels
  • Full Single Scrim for Arrilite 600, 300W Fresnel, 125W HMI Fresnel - 5"
  • Full Double Scrim for Arrilite 600, Fresnel 300W, 125W - 5"
  • FKW LAMP (300w/120v)
  • 650 Watt Plus Tungsten Fresnel (120-240VAC)
  • 4 Leaf Barndoor Set for 650W Fresnel, 200W HMI, 400W Pocket PAR
  • Filter Frame for 650W Fresnel, 200W HMI Fresnel
  • Full Single Scrim for 650 Fresnel, Arrisun 2, HMI Fresnel 200 - 6-5/8"
  • Full Double Scrim for 650W Fresnel, Arrisun 2, HMI 200W - 6-5/8"
  • FRK Lamp (650W, 120V)
  • 3 x AS-01 Lightweight Light Stand 8.5'
  • 571194W 3-Light Case with Wheels
  • Limited Warranty
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