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Shop our wide range of cinema-quality ARRI lighting equipment. A trusted name in the film and television industry for over 100 years, ARRI has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, innovative products. Browse a variety of ARRI lights, including ARRI tungsten, LED, and HMI options. Whether you are shooting in the studio or on location, we have individual ARRI lights and complete ARRI light kits to make sure your shoot is perfectly lit.

Samy's carries the ARRI SkyPanel series, known as some of the most versatile soft lights on the market. ARRI SkyPanels are compact, ultra-bright, and high-quality LED lights with excellent color rendition over the entire range. Also available is the ARRI Orbiter, a multi-functional lighting tool used by professionals in motion picture, theater, television productions, and still photography.

In addition to ARRI lights, we also carry ARRI lighting accessories, including cases, grids, domes, remotes, and more. No matter what your lighting needs may be, we have the ARRI light kits and individual light products you need to create the perfect look for your next project. Browse our selection today to find the same ARRI lighting products used by some of the world's premier filmmakers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Is ARRI Lighting Equipment Used in the Film and Television Industry?

ARRI lighting equipment is widely used in the film and television industry for a variety of applications, including studio lighting, location lighting, and special effects lighting. ARRI lighting equipment, in addition to its other product lines, is known for its reliability, durability, and high-quality performance. They are used in many major film and television productions worldwide, in addition to theater productions and high-end photo studios.

What Are the Differences Between ARRI LED, Tungsten, and HMI lights?

LED, tungsten, and HMI lights are all commonly used in film and photography lighting. Each technology has unique characteristics and can be used to achieve different looks and effects in a scene. ARRI tungsten lights are designed to provide warm, incandescent lighting that is ideal for indoor or studio use. ARRI LED lights are energy-efficient and provide bright, daylight-balanced illumination with numerous color adjustment options. For outdoor shoots, ARRI HMI lights provide powerful light that can match the sun's intensity.

Are ARRI Lights Flicker-Free?

ARRI designs its lighting fixtures to be flicker-free across all frame rates and shutter angles when used within their specified operating parameters. This makes them ideal for high-speed and slow-motion cinematography.

Can I Change the Color Temperature of My ARRI Light?

Many ARRI LED fixtures, like the SkyPanel series, offer adjustable color temperatures ranging from 2,800K to 10,000K, allowing you to match the lighting environment or create specific moods.

What Kind of Power Source Do I Need for ARRI Lighting Equipment?

ARRI lights come with a variety of power requirements, from battery-powered options to those requiring AC mains. Always check the specifications of your specific model to ensure you have the proper power source.

Is It Possible to Daisy Chain Multiple ARRI Lights?

Yes, many ARRI lights support daisy-chaining through DMX connectors. This allows for easier control of multiple fixtures from a single control source. Check your model's manual for specifics on how to set this up.

How Do I Calibrate the Color on My ARRI Skypanel?

The SkyPanel series often includes a calibration feature that can be accessed via the onboard menu or remote control software. Follow the instructions in your user manual for accurate color calibration.

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