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Plus IV Transceiver (Black)

Samy's Part #: S-044233
Includes FREE PocketWizard G-Wiz Squared Case
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The new PocketWizard Plus IV Transceiver (Black) includes all the features and reliability of the Plus III and adds key new functionality. When used as a transmitter, its top shoe provides on-camera TTL compatibility with most Canon, Nikon and Panasonic cameras and flashes. And although testing is not complete, we are optimistic it will work with some Fuji, and Olympus gear. When used as a receiver, you can easily mount and trigger virtually any speedlight in the shoe, set to a manual power level. The Plus IV features the same Quad-Zone Triggering as the Plus III so you can easily turn any one of those remote flashes on or off directly from the camera, and either create different looks or work in different areas. Normally, the Plus IV is capable of triggering lights or cameras at a sustained rate of up to 12 frames per second (fps) - a standard for PocketWizard radios. Set the Plus IV to High Speed Receive Mode (HSR) and trigger at rates up to 14.5 fps, beyond the capability of most of today's cameras. This mode can also help high fps triggering compatibility for any flash. The Plus IV is normally powered by two AA (IEC:LR6) batteries. For long term remote placement, use an AC adapter, like the PW-AC-USB Adapter, that plugs into the standard Mini-B USB port of the Plus IV. The USB port also enables future upgrades of the Plus IV operating system.

The Plus IV has the performance enhancing features of the Plus III including Long Range and Repeater Modes to help photographers tackle the most challenging shooting environments, opening the door for never-attempted image ideas. All features, channels and zones can be easily set using the soft-touch keypad and are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD display. The versatile new PocketWizard Plus IV is compatible with all other PocketWizard radios and virtually every popular flash and professional digital SLR camera system. The standard ISO compatible hot shoe can accommodate almost any speedlight for simple manual triggering, including newer Sony models. It also communicates with all PocketWizard-enabled photo gear including select Profoto, Dynalite, Norman and Photogenic flash systems and Sekonic light meters.

With 32 channels (16 standard plus 16 Quad-Zone Triggering channels), the PocketWizard Plus IV Transceiver enables you to trigger individual or groups of lights simultaneously or individually. This is critical for working in crowded venues or with multiple lighting set-ups. With its patented Auto-Sensing Transceiver technology, the Plus IV Transceiver is one smart radio. When set to TxRx, it will instantly and intelligently switch between transmitter and receiver modes as needed for greater flexibility on the job. The Plus IV may be set to transmit (Tx) or receive (Rx) independently if needed. The Plus IV Transceiver is the perfect solution for remote camera triggering. The unique two-stage TEST button on the Plus IV works just like the shutter release button on your camera. Press it halfway and your remote camera wakes up to meter and focus. Press TEST all the way to take your photo. When released, your remote camera will return to sleep mode normally: a real battery saver. Auto-Sensing Transceiver technology lets you trigger a remote camera in sync with remote flashes using only 3 PocketWizard radios: the one in your hands, a Plus IV cabled to your remote camera, and the one connected to your remote flash set to one channel higher. Range is comparable to other PocketWizard radios. Shooting environments are seldom ideal, so the Plus IV incorporates two range extending modes for the challenges of the real world. Use Long Range Mode (LR) to nearly double the effective triggering distance in almost any environment. In very challenging environments or extremely long working ranges, place a Plus IV in Repeater Mode (RP) between your transmitter and receiver to repeat the signal and complete the connection. These modes take a little extra time to do their jobs, so maximum X-sync may be reduced when firing remote flashes in LR or RP modes.

  • On Camera TTL Flash / Remote Manual Flash: On-camera TTL compatibility with most Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus cameras and flashes
  • Quad-Zone Triggering: Activate or deactivate up to four zones of remote flashes or cameras
  • Auto-Relay Mode: Allows photographers to trigger a remote camera in sync with one or more remote flashes.
  • Simple LCD User Interface: All channels, zones and modes can be easily engaged via a keypad input and displayed on a backlit 2.5cm (1Â) LCD display.

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Remote Transmitters Information
Operating Temperature 5-120°F (-15-50°C)
Status Indicator LED: Green, Amber, Red status indications
Mounting Metal foot, 1/4"-20 threaded insert
Storage Temperature -22-185°F (-30-85°C)
Channels 32 Total 16 standard channels 16 selective Quad Zone Triggering channels
Power Source 2 x AA batteries (alkaline, NiMH, NiCAD, NiZn, Li-ion) USB (with optional AC adapter)
Weight 4.7 oz (130 g) including batteries
  • Quick Guide
  • Operation Reference Sticker
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty
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