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Media Composer 6.5

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The Avid Media Composer 6.5 is the top choice for professional film and video editing in the industry. Whether you edit movies, TV shows, commercials, or other video, this industry-standard nonlinear editor provides 64-bit performance, easy-to-use video editing tools, and streamlined HD, file-based, and stereo 3D workflows. Its open platform enables you to work with the gear you have or want and integrate into any workflow. Plus, it's designed to eliminate bottlenecks, enabling you to work faster than ever.

  • What's New in Media Composer 6.5: Media Composer 6.5 offers several important new additions over version 6.0.
  • Version and Archive Finished Sequences with AS-02: With support for the AS-02 MXF mastering format through AMA, managing multiple versions of the same sequence is easy, as AS-02 packs everything into a single bundle without duplicating assets, saving storage space. Seamlessly move content between Avid and other systems that support AS-02. Use JPEG 2000, DNxHD, IMX, AVC-Intra, and uncompressed media in your AS-02 workflow. And because AS-02 is an open industry standard, you'll eliminate time wasted on repackaging content.
  • Master-Quality Archives with JPEG 2000: Encode and decode sequences-in mastering quality-using the JPEG 2000 codec, which helps preserve the quality of versioning and archival content in an AS-02 workflow. And because JPEG 2000 content offers resolution scalability and holds up over multiple generations when moving content across different vendors' solutions, you gain future flexibility with archived content.
  • Export Content Using AMA: AMA makes it easy to access and edit file-based media without transcoding. Now you can use AMA to export files back to the media's original source format for archiving or final delivery. AMA writeback is available for HDCAM SR, with more on the way as AMA plug-ins are updated and more are developed. And with new AMA Volume export support, you can create AS-02, JPEG 2000, DNxHD, AVC-I, and other file-based media volumes for roundtrip workflows, sharing, or archival.
  • Set and Output AFD Sequences: With new Active Format Description (AFD) support, you can create, edit, set, and deliver HD content, and rest assured that it'll be presented optimally to your audience as intended-even when down-converted and reformatted to a different aspect ratio. Simply select an AFD code for a sequence, and your settings will carry through your output.
  • Relink Clips Using Common Metadata: Gain more freedom and flexibility to interact with media from other software applications. With advanced relink support, you can dynamically reconnect clips to the original or new media using a wide variety of common metadata fields -- anything that's being tracked.
  • Open Up Your Workflow with Hardware Release: With the new hardware release control, which works with Avid and third-party I/O hardware, you can activate/deactivate your hardware -- without disconnecting it -- to access software-only features, such as full screen playback mode and audio project settings options. You can also share your third-party hardware and monitor between Media Composer and other applications without quitting or rebooting software.
  • Work Faster with Advanced Audio Keyframing: Save time when editing soundtracks. With new audio keyframe enhancements, you can now copy, paste, cut, move, and adjust audio keyframes -- including groups -- anywhere on the timeline. You can even delete those hidden audio keyframes that can occur as you trim a clip, with just a click.
  • Mix Up to 64 Audio Voices : Monitor more complex soundtracks with support for up to 64 audio voices. Combined with robust audio tools, 7.1 surround sound and RTAS plug-in support, and unmatched integration with Pro Tools, the Media Composer family of products offers great built-in audio tools for video editors.
  • Plus : Edit titles directly from the timeline. And automatically relink to all AMA QuickTime files.
  • Editing: With Media Composer, you can edit file-based media, stereoscopic 3D material, tape, and film fast and easy.
  • Full 64-Bit Power : Fast gets even faster with native 64-bit operation, so even when you layer together the most complex effects, things will still feel snappy. Experience smoother playback, faster rendering performance, and better handling with large bins -- and say goodbye to the old memory limitations of 32-bit operating systems.
  • Open to Anything : You never know what kinds of media, projects, and people will arrive at your desk or doorstep. That's why Media Composer offers open workflows, so you can take on whatever challenge awaits. Work with file-based media, tape, and film. Capture and monitor with your choice of powerful and reliable Avid or third-party interfaces. Accelerate editing with Artist Series control surfaces. Integrate into any professional production pipeline. Sync projects with Pro Tools editors using Video Satellite. And take your offline online to Symphony or Avid DS -- without redoing work.
  • Experience the "Waitless" Workflow : With AMA (Avid Media Access), you can instantly access and edit file-based media, including ARRI ALEXA MXF, RED (EPIC, SCARLET-X, and ONE), AVCHD, ProRes, QuickTime (with support for footage from HDSLR cameras), XDCAM, P2, Canon XF, and other formats without transcoding or copying files. Preview footage without the wait. And as new cameras and formats emerge, manufacturers can create and release their own AMA plug-ins independently from a Media Composer release.
  • Work with Any Media : For file-based media, analog and digital tape, stereoscopic 3D material, and film, Media Composer offers ACE-certified editing tools and a wide range of features, workflows, and options that enable you to work with everything, from old-school media to the latest camera technologies. Plus, with support for 4:4:4 HD-RGB color and DNxHD 444, you can work efficiently while preserving the full-quality color detail from beginning to end.
  • Experience Cutting Edge Storytelling: Media Composer enables you to work the way you want. Trim and manipulate on the fly using the Smart Tool, or perform ultra-precise edits using traditional tools. Mix and match media formats, frame rates, resolutions, and more in the same timeline without rendering. And edit HD material in real time -- in mastering picture quality -- using Avid DNxHD or DNxHD 444.
  • Edit 3D : Edit stereoscopic 3D material as quickly and easily as you do with standard 2D footage, with a full set of new features and workflows. Capture, edit, and manage the complete 3D end-to-end workflow. Mix and match 2D and stereoscopic 3D clips on the same track. Plus, work with full frame and frame-compatible sources, full-fledged editing tools, video effects, and more.
  • Workflow: With fully collaborative workflows, accelerated editing options, and industry-proven reliability, you can exceed expectations under the tightest deadlines.
  • Better Performance -- and 3D -- with Avid Hardware : For the fastest capture/edit/monitor/output workflows, pair Media Composer with a Nitris DX or Mojo DX video interface and experience hardware-accelerated power that's second to none. You can even customize Nitris DX with up to two Avid DNxHD or AVC-Intra chips to fully support stereoscopic 3D and HD RGB 4:4:4 workflows.
  • Work with the Hardware You Have : Media Composer is fully open thanks to Avid Open I/O, so you can work with your choice of powerful and reliable Avid audio and video interfaces or third-party video I/O cards, including those from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Bluefish444, Matrox, and MOTU. Manufacturers can simply create plug-ins using Avid Open I/O to have their hardware work with Media Composer.
  • Get Stock Footage and More in the Avid Marketplace : Conveniently browse for stock footage, plug-ins, hardware, and more, right from within Media Composer. Search for, preview, and purchase stock footage from T3 Media in context with your project. Shop for plug-ins, software options, and compatible hardware to extend your capabilities. You'll even find training material and other media that'll help perfect your skills.
  • Collaborate with Ease : Share media, projects, and bins -- locally and across the world -- to complete projects on time and on budget. With Avid ISIS, you and your team can access the same assets and capture media to the same volume simultaneously, without copying. Collaborate across mixed editing platforms, including Final Cut Pro, through AMA, which supports ProRes encoding (Mac only) and decoding. Share audio mixes with Pro Tools editors and vice-versa using AAF. And bring collaboration to the highest level with Avid Interplay.
  • Reliable Media Management : Whether you work alone or as part of a team, you won't have to worry about losing your assets. Media Composer provides you with 20+ years of industry-proven media management innovation, which keeps track of all your projects, assets, source material, rendered files, metadata, and more, so you don't have to. Not only that, you can customize Media Composer to track your assets the way you want.
  • Find the Right Clips and Best Takes Fast: Working on a scripted or dialog-heavy project such as a reality TV show, documentary, or interview? Save hours of time with two powerful dialog search options. For script-based projects, the ScriptSync powered by Nexidia option analyzes all clip dialog in your project and then syncs all relevant clips to the script, so you can find the best takes fast. For dialog-driven material, the PhraseFind powered by Nexidia option indexes all clip dialog in your project, enabling you to quickly locate all relevant clips by searching on a key word or phrase.
  • All the Software and Built-In Tools You Need: Get the look, sound, and quality you want using a host of built-in effects, audio, and color tools, plus a suite of bundled software: Avid FX (Boris RED), Sorenson Squeeze, and Avid DVD.
  • Design and Dazzle with Visual Effects : Give your projects that professional polish. Create eye-catching 2D and 3D composites, titles, animation, and effects with Avid FX (aka Boris RED). Add visual drama and depth with the built-in 2D and 3D effects, title tools, transitions, keying, and motion effects. Track and stabilize motion. And expand your visual palette with our third-party partners' effects, many of which can be purchased within Media Composer through the Avid Marketplace.
  • Create Studio-Quality Soundtracks : Make your projects sound as good as they look using the built-in audio recording, editing, and mixing tools. Record and monitor voiceovers, overdubs, and more using select Avid audio interfaces. Edit and mix in up to 7.1 surround sound. Polish sounds with 20 included AIR effects -- the same RTAS plug-ins that come with Pro Tools. And expand your sound with the industry's best compressors, reverbs, and other sound processing plug-ins, many of which can be purchased within Media Composer from the Avid Marketplace.
  • Color Correct and Grade with Precision : Save time and maintain the highest quality production with the fully integrated 10-bit color correction toolset. Quickly and accurately match colors from shot to shot using NaturalMatch. Gain better color precision with support for full-quality 4:4:4 HD-RGB color space processing. Get fine control over shots with animatable color correction. Speed up your color work with Artist Color. And dive into the large palette of easy-to-use tools to refine settings or get creative.
  • Design and Deliver : With Avid DVD and Sorenson Squeeze included, you can author DVDs and optimize media for the highest-quality playback -- online or on disc. Author professional DVDs using Avid DVD, which works with Windows-based systems. With Sorenson Squeeze, you can optimize content in a variety of formats, including HD, DVD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264, Flash, and 3GPP.
  • Support: Media Composer is easy to learn and use, but help is always available when you need it, from video tutorials, user-driven forums, and the Knowledge Base, to Avid Advantage Support plans and training.
  • Get Started Fast: To help you get up and running quickly, a huge collection of video tutorials, workflow guides, webinars, and more is available on Or advance your career with Avid Training, which offers a variety of courses taught by certified experts.
  • Join the Community for Support and More: Need advice or answers from your peers and experts? Join the Avid community, made up of hundreds of professional editors and Avid representatives around the world. Search for answers, ask questions, or help others in Avid forums. Get some great tips and tutorials from other users in the community.
  • Variety of Support Options: If you need personal assistance, help is just a click, email, or phone call away -- from the affordable Avid Vantage, which provides unlimited online support and five NewBlueFX plug-ins for a year, to Avid Expert, ExpertPlus, and Elite Support plans for more critical needs.
Software Information
System Requirements Windows: Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer, OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit), Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz processor or faster, Memory: 4 GB of RAM (6+ GB recommended); 16+ GB of RAM recommended for Stereoscopic and other high performance workflows, Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro FX family (FX 560 or higher recommended), Internal hard drive: Minimum 80 GB 7200 rpm hard disk, Mac OS X: Computer: Avid-qualified Mac-based computer, OS: Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion (64-bit), Processor: Intel Dual or Intel Dual Core 2.66 GHz Xeon processor or faster, or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz processor or faster (laptops), Memory: 4 GB of RAM (6+ GB recommended); 16+ GB of RAM recommended for Stereoscopic and other high performance workflows, Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce family3 (recommended) or ATI Radeon family (as supported by Apple), Internal hard drive: Minimum 80 GB 7200 rpm hard disk
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