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77mm UV Ultra Violet Haze Filter
77mm UV Ultra Violet Haze Filter

Heliopan 77mm UV Ultra Violet Haze Filter

MFR Part #: 707701
Samy's Part #: HELI707701
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77mm UV Ultra Violet Haze Filter Heliopan glass filters are made exclusively with glass from Schott (Zeiss) the world's finest optical glass supplier. Heliopan filters are "dyed in the mass" and ground, polished and coated to the highest standards of the German optical industry. All Heliopan screw-in type and series size filters are mounted in precision black anodized brass rings to eliminate binding or cross threading and to ensure optimal alignment. The care, quality and performance of Heliopan's filters make them simply the world's finest filters!

Heliopan supplies screw-in filters in all sizes from 19 x 0.5 mm to 145 x 1 mm. They offer all series sizes from series IV to 138 mm. They make square filters in 2 x 2 to 4 x 4" sizes and rectangular filters up to 4 x 6" sizes. All Rollei and Hasselblad Bayonet sizes are available, as are Nikon drop-in 39 mm filters, Minox push-on filters and numerous other types. Besides the usual range of filters, Heliopan supplies 16 different types of polarizers, Zeiss Softars (always made of acrylic) , Graduated wide-angle filters, Digital and Video filters, and a full range of special effect filters. All filters that will benefit from coatings are hard coated on both sides, 16 layer multi coatings are also available on many Heliopan filters. Heliopan also offers a complete range of step-up rings for filters up to 105mm and lenses as small as 27 mm. Heliopan also supplies Hasselblad, Rollei and Zeiss bayonet to screw mount adapters and Hasselblad screw mount to bayonet adapters. Also, supplied are metal and rubber lenshoods from 24 to 122 mm and gel and glass filter holders for up to 4" glass filters. On special order, custom adapters are available.

NEW: Heliopan now offers at no extra charge, Circular polarizers in slim mounts for use on lenses as wide as 21 mm. without vignetting! They are available multicoated at extra cost on special order. Thin Heliopan Filters Recently, Heliopan Lichtfilter-Technik of Munich, Germany has been changing their black anodized brass filter rings on most Heliopan non-rotating filters to their new "slim" mounts. The new Heliopan slim mounts are now available on the most common sizes and types of Heliopan filters and as they exhaust their supply of the older rims, more sizes and types will also be available. HeliopanĀ“s new slim mounts are made of black anodized brass stock and have so little rim in front of the lens (5.4 mm) that they will not vignette with lens as short as 21 mm. Yet even though they are so slim, they still retain front threads for a lens cap, a lens hood or even stacking a second filter! The portion of the new Heliopan slim filters that are in front of the lens has been reduced in thickness by 37% over the former mount! Yet with these added benefits, Heliopan prices for thinner mounts remain the same! Heliopan does not charge more for less material! And ? All of HeliopanĀ“s other benefits still remain! Heliopan is the only German filter manufacturer that exclusively only uses Zeiss (Schott) glass! Heliopan cuts, grinds, polishes and coats their filters with the same techniques and equipment as is used for the finest German camera lenses!

Heliopan offers the widest selection of sizes, screw-in, series, bayonet, square and rectangular filters and the widest assortment of filter types. Including digital, video, center weighted, graduated, wide angle, Kaesmann polarizers, drop-in polarizers, etc. Heliopan - The best is now better! For wide angle Heliopan is now offering a "slim" circular polarizing filter that will also work on lenses as short as 21mm without vignetting. Like all Heliopan polarizers the rim is fully calibrated to indicate the axis of polarization and the convenient markings make the filters very easy to use on non reflex and non ground glass focusing cameras. With the calibrations all that is necessary is to hold the filter up to the eye and rotate it until the desired effect is seen. Not the position of any number on the rim, mount the filter on the lens and rotate the mount till the selected number is in the same position as when the filter was held to the eye. As the new "slim" Heliopan circular polarizer has no front threads Heliopan will continue to offer their standard circular polarizer. Both filters are available at the same price.
Filter Information
Filter Shape Round
Filter Type UV/Skylight/Haze
Filter Size 77mm
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