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Alpha a7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera Body
Alpha a7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera Body

Sony Alpha a7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera Body

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Memory card type used by camera. The higher the megapixel number, the more detail the camera can capture. Measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. The lower the number the less sensitive your camera is to light. LCD screens range from 1.5-inches to 3.7-inches diagonally. Attribute Icon 4 A variety of size designations indicating the physical dimensions of a digital camera sensor. For example, a Full Frame sensor is 36mm wide and 24mm high, creating a high image quality.
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The Sony Alpha a7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera Body has evolved in both stills and movies adding internal 4K video recording, 5-axis image stabilization and high-speed AF with enhanced accuracy - while maintaining its legendary low-light/ low noise capability for extraordinary high sensitivity of up to ISO 409,6002.

Additional updates include; S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3 Picture Profiles and 120P Full HD 1920x1080 high-frame rate video3 for 5x slow motion. 

  • 12.2MP full-frame sensor for low light & wide dynamic range - The α7S II features a 12.2 effective megapixel full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor paired with a powerful BIONZ X image processor, allowing it to shoot at a sensitivity range of ISO 50 – 409600 with unprecedented dynamic range. The extra-large pixels on the α7S II collects dramatically more light than traditional cameras to produce beautifully detailed low-noise images in even the most challenging lighting situations.
  • World’s first Full-frame 4K movie recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning - The Sony a7S II is the world’s first camera to offer internal 4K movie recording in the full-frame format with full pixel readout and no line skipping or pixel binning - resulting in images that exhibit higher resolution and less moiré and jaggies than typical 4K movies. It also provides you the option of shooting 4k in the super 35mm format and the ability to capture uncompressed 4:2:2 Full HD or 4K QFHD output via HDMI to optional 3rd party external recorders6. Enjoy the improved autofocus with 169 AF points and let every lens benefit from the 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization.
  • Fast precise focusing in light as low as EV -4 with 169-point AF - The Sony a7S II has been upgraded from the α7S and now offers 169 AF points for fast, precise focusing with greater accuracy compared to the original α7S.  The low signal-to-noise ratio produced by the image sensor of the α7S II enables the Fast Intelligent AF to detect contrast more easily and react speedily even in low-light situations (as low as EV-4), when it’s even tough to check focus with the naked eye.  The AF performance on the α7S II is also twice as fast as the α7S during video shooting.  
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization benefits every lens - The 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization system is fine-tuned for 4k video capture.  It accurately compensates for blur caused by camera shake from five different directions—vertical, horizontal, pitch, yaw and roll—as opposed to only two in previous systems. The 5-axis image stabilizing system excels during video recording and even compensates for blur caused by the user walking or running. It’s a true marvel of engineering. You can even monitor the stabilizing effects of camera shake compensation in the viewfinder or LCD screen while shooting still images by pressing the shutter button halfway or magnifying the image, and while shooting movies by entering movie mode.
  • 120P Full HD 1920x1080 high-frame rate video for 5x slow motion - For the first time ever in the Sony α7 camera series, the α7S II can support high frame rate 120 fps shooting in full-HD resolution (1920x1080) 100Mbps3 using the entire full frame sensor. Video can immediately be reviewed on the camera screen and eventually edited into appealing 4x/5x slow motion footage in Full HD (24p/30p) resolution. 
  • Supports Picture Profiles, S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3 - The a7S II boasts numerous features, common to Sony’s range of professional video cameras that enhance a cinematographer’s ability to capture breathtaking video while benefiting their workflow. Video functionality has been enhanced with new picture profile settings; S-Gamut3, Cine/S-Log3 and S-Gamut3/S-Log3, simplifying color correction and delivering wide dynamic range (up to 1300%). The α7S II even offers impressive 14-stop latitude in the S-Log3 gamma setting, while also supporting other popular profiles for cinematographers including S-Gamut/S-Log2 that can adjust settings like gamma, black, level and color adjustment, and can be saved for use in a multi-camera shoot. Other enhancements include the addition of Gamma Display Assist, a new function that allows users to pre-visualize the post-graded video when recording S-Log movies, and the improvement of the Zebra function for even greater control.
  • 2.4-million dot XGA OLED Tru-Finder w/ ZEISS T coating - The XGA OLED Tru-Finder in the α7S II has been upgraded with the world’s highest viewfinder magnification7 of 0.78x (roughly 38.5 degrees in diagonal field of view) and shows clear images across the entire display area.  The use of ZEISS T* Coating ensures sharp reduction of reflections on the viewfinder.  Unlike an optical viewfinder, the OLED Tru-Finder can be used to instantly show how exposure compensation, white balance and other selected settings are affecting the displayed image.
  • Durable reduced-vibration shutter - The Sony α7S II ‘s shutter includes a new braking mechanism which cuts mechanical front/rear curtain vibration by about 50%. Additionally, you can use the electronic front curtain shutter mode for even less vibration. This not only minimizes camera shake that can blur details and also reduces noise. Silent shutter mode eliminates shutter activation entirely for completely silent shooting. The new shutter mechanism on the α7S II is extremely durable having being tested to 500,000 cycles8.
  • Simple connectivity to smartphones via Wi-Fi/NFC9 - Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily connect to a compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with the free PlayMemories Mobile App. From there you can control your camera, preview and frame using your mobile device and trigger the camera shutter or movie button. Then instantly transfer a photo or MP4 movie to your device. NFC™ (Near Field Communication) provides “one-touch connection” convenience to Android™ smartphones and tablets with NFC. Simply touch devices to connect. Setting up your mobile device is as simple as downloading a free PlayMemories Mobile app.
  • Wider lens compatibility - Directly compatible with the growing family of  Sony E-mount lenses, the α7S II can also be used with Sony’s A-mount lenses and others lens systems with optional adapters.  Sony’s complete A lens system includes several premium offerings from Carl Zeiss and G Series Lenses. Sony’s E-mount lens system is particularly well-suited for video shooting, with a variety of models containing “movie-friendly” features like smooth focusing, powered zoom control, and silent iris/aperture control. 5-axis image stabilization lets you enjoy unparalleled handheld shooting freedom with more of your favorite mountable lenses.
  • New-generation RGB filter with gapless on-chip lens design - The larger than normal pixel size on the 35mm full-frame image sensor with effective 12.2MP, employs Sony’s latest image sensor technologies on the α7S II. To boost the image sensor’s light collection efficiency, a new-generation RGB color filter has been adopted, in addition to the gapless on-chip lens design, light concentration technology and photodiode expansion technology delivers unprecedented high sensitivity and low-noise levels with high dynamic range in every light condition from severe low light to bright sunlight. By applying an AR coating on the surface of the seal glass over the image sensor, ghosting and flare have been minimized, further contributing to the α7S’s II high image quality.
  • Tough magnesium alloy body and robust lens mount - Designed for solid reliability and steady handling, the α7S  II’s compact body is built to withstand the rigors of shooting in the field, thanks to an internal structure and top, front, and rear covers all made of strong, rigid magnesium alloy. Furthermore, the Sony α7S II features a robust lens mount with the strength and rigidity to match the body – this is especially good for mounting large, heavy lenses such as super telephoto lenses and those preferred for movie shooting.
  • 3” LCD screen tilts up and down for easy high and low-angle framing - The tiltable 3” (1,229k dots) Xtra Fine LCD Display makes it easy to photograph over crowds, or objects close to the ground or maybe you just want to get a different perspective. The screen can swivel up approx. 107° and down approx. 41°. The large display delivers brilliant-quality still images and movies thanks to WhiteMagic technology that nearly doubles the brightness of the display through a unique RGBW pixel structure for easier checking of the focus and image details.
  • High-bit-rate XAVC S  format for 4K recording - XAVC S format now supports 4K recording u to 100Mbps bit rate as well as Full HD recording at 50Mbps, so the a7S II can capture movies filled with finely detailed movement. For efficient handling, XAVC S files are minimized in size using Long GOP data compression, and contained in the widely compatible MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format.
  • Uncompressed 4:2:2 4K QFHD and Full HD output via HDMI - In video mode, the Sony α7S II can output 8-bit 4K video at QFHD (3840x2160) in 4:2:2 to an optional external 3rd party 4K recorder via the HDMI for much higher bitrate recording and greater tonal gradation and color detail.
  • Compatible with professional microphone systems - The α7S II has a MI (Multi interface) shoe that is compatible with Sony’s optional external microphones including XLR Adaptor Microphone Kits (XLR-K1M and XLR-K2M), allowing you to use professional XLR microphone systems for balanced audio during recording. Audio features include audio level controls, AAC/Linear PCM11, and Audio Out Timing for Line or Lip Sync along with 1/8” microphone and headphone jacks.
  • Make it your own with easy button customization - You can assign any of 64 functions to any of 10 customizable buttons as you like. This makes operation more intuitive, quick and easy, and is extra-convenient for accessing such functions as starting and stopping of movie recording and switching between viewfinder and monitor.
  • Power supply via USB - Operation of the Sony α7S II can be powered via USB connection to AC adapter, a PC or mobile battery. This conserves the camera’s battery, allowing you extended use of the camera without worrying that the battery will run out. When the camera is turned off, the battery can be charged via the same connection.
  • Dust and moisture resistance  - Enjoy carefree shooting in tough environments, thanks to comprehensive dust and moisture resistance measures that help prevent water and dust from entering the body. These measures include sealing around the buttons and dials, as well as a protective double-layered structure that tightly interlocks panels and components.
    Note: This camera is designed for optimal dust and moisture resistance, but is not waterproof or splashproof.
  • Anti-dust system and coating - To keep your photos blemish-free, a special anti-static coating on the surface of the optical filter suppresses the attachment of both dry and moist dust particles when changing lenses. An anti-dust mechanism also vibrates at high speed when you select Cleaning Mode, to remove any particles adhering to the filter.
  • Meticulously crafted controls - Controls are refined for intuitive operation and immediate adjustment even while looking through the viewfinder. The front and rear dials have been particularly refined and positioned for easier, more efficient handling and turning. Also, a new mode dial locking mechanism prevents inadvertent changes of shooting mode at all times.
  • Enhanced grip and shutter button - The grip is refined in shape and height to support a more secure grasp of the camera even when a large lens is mounted. This also contributes to more confident operation of the shutter button and dials. Moreover, the shutter button has been reshaped and shifted forward to enable more natural shooting with less camera shake.
  • Focus Magnifier & Peaking function - You can clearly magnify the image to simplify manual fine-tuning of the focus whether shooting still images or movies. The Peaking function can also be activated to colorize the most sharply focused areas of your image for quick confirmation.
  • Bright Monitoring - This function that boosts image brightness by changing shutter speed, for example, can be assigned to a customizable button for easy access when shooting a starry sky or other dark scene.
  • Creative Style - Creative Style settings bring out the character of your scene. Simply select any of 13 settings (Vivid, Portrait, etc.) and the camera will adjust image parameters. You can also fine-tune contrast, saturation* and sharpness to suit your preference.
  • Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) - Auto HDR composites the best details from three exposures to expand the dynamic range of your images from darkest shadows to brightest highlights and capture all the tonal gradations seen by your naked eye.
  • Tether your camera to a PC for Remote Camera Control - Remote Camera Control allows you to control your α7II from your PC and transfer files using a USB cable. Feature control has also been updated to include video capture control.
  • Image Data Converter - Advanced features enable manipulation, conversion and management of full-resolution RAW images. You can expertly adjust exposure, white balance, tonal curves, saturation, contrast, hue and sharpness — as well as apply DRO and vignetting compensation.

Essential Accessories

  • NP-FW50 Rechargeable W Series Lithium-Ion Battery for Select Sony Cameras
    Sony - NP-FW50 Rechargeable W Series Lithium-Ion Battery for Select Sony Cameras
  • NP-FW50 Lithium Ion Replacement Battery
    Promaster - NP-FW50 Lithium Ion Replacement Battery
  • DSLR Compact Camera Bag
    Phototools - DSLR Compact Camera Bag
  • Universal Power Pod System for Sony A7S/A7RII Camera
    Indipro Tools - Universal Power Pod System for Sony A7S/A7RII Camera
    Special Order
    Call to Order: 1-800-321-4726
  • 30 In. Power Converter P-Tap to Sony A7 Type Dummy Battery
    Indipro Tools - 30 In. Power Converter P-Tap to Sony A7 Type Dummy Battery
  • 2.5mm to Sony a7 Series Dummy Battery Cable (Regulated, 24 In.)
    Indipro Tools - 2.5mm to Sony a7 Series Dummy Battery Cable (Regulated, 24 In.)
    Special Order
    Call to Order: 1-800-321-4726
  • Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth
    Samys Camera - Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth
Digital Mirrorless Camera Information
Effective Megapixels 12.2 Megapixels
Compatible Memory Card Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Secure Digital (SD/SDHC, SDXC) Card
Sensor CMOS, 35.8 x 23.9 mm
ISO Sensitivity Auto, 100-25600 (Extended Mode: Auto, 50-102400)
Lens Mount Sony E-Mount
LCD Monitor Type Rear Screen Tilting LCD
LCD Screen Size 3.0"
Viewfinder Electronic
Exposure Modes AUTO (iAuto/Superior Auto), Programmed AE (P), Aperture priority (A), Shutter-speed priority (S), Manual (M), Movie / High Frame Rate (Programmed AE (P) / Aperture priority (A) / Shutter-speed priority (S) / Manual (M) ), Sweep Panorama, Scene Selection
Built-in Flash No
Battery NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Weight 1 lb (4.6 oz)
Focus Modes Contrast-detection AF
Image Stabilization Sensor-Shift, 5-Way
White Balance Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Warm White, Cool White, Day White, Daylight, Flash, Underwater, Color Temperature
Built-in Sync Contact Hot Shoe
Video Resolution 4K
  • NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • BC-VW1 Battery Charger
  • AC Adapter
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Body Cap
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Cable Protector
  • Accessory Shoe Cap
  • Eyepiece Cup
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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