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Matrice 100 Drone
Matrice 100 Drone

DJI Matrice 100 Drone

MFR Part #: CP.TP.000029
Samy's Part #: S-039298
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The DJI Matrice 100 Drone is a fully customizable and programmable flight platform that lets you to turn your ideas and dreams into reality. Equipped with DJI’s easy-to-fly technology, new collision-avoidance system and optimized for easy programming through the DJI SDK, the Matrice 100 is ready to carry any sensors, devices that you want to put into the sky. Stream live images to mobile devices from any camera with an HDMI or analog video output. Sporting an "X"-configuration design, the Matrice 100 acts as a platform for the separately available Zenmuse X3 4K camera and gimbal system or can be adapted to support compact third-party cameras such as GoPros. Stackable modular bays simplify adding components such as flight control extensions or a second battery, while the prop arms can be set a slight angle to increase torque. The Matrice 100's N1 flight control system incorporates Lightbridge technology. This means, in addition to the included radio controller (transmitter), you can also a use a smart device to control the aircraft, view maps, and even see a live video feed if there is a camera installed (third-party camera also require the N1 Video Encoder, available separately). Besides Lightbridge, the DJI SDK enables developers to create totally custom software, ideal when using the platform for highly specialized applications. In addition to the quadcopter, this ready-to-fly bundle includes a pre-bound controller (transmitter), one TB47D flight battery, a battery charger with AC cable, a mobile device holder, two expansion bays, a total of six props, as well as connection cables and miscellaneous parts.

  • Expansion Bays: Additional expansion bays allow you to add components, customize the payload, and fly with any devices you want. Put cameras, sensors, computing boards, communication tools, and more into the sky, and gather data while completing complex jobs from a birds-eye view.
  • Universal Power And Communication Ports: Connect and fly with a range of DJI or third party devices, and transmit data to the ground in real time. The Matrice 100 has dual parallel CAN ports for connecting DJI devices including the Guidance sensor system and dual parallel UART ports for connecting third party components of your choice. Now it is easy to mount your own equipment and put it into the sky.
  • Dual Battery Compartments: Add an additional battery compartment to achieve up to 40 minutes of flight time. This gives greater power to both your platform and any additional devices or accessories that you wish to fly with. 
  • Customizable Mounting And Balancing: Achieve perfect balance and an ideal flight experience by sliding the battery and other compartments around the body of your Matrice 100. Put your components exactly where you want them, and get the most out of your system.
  • Adjustable Arm Angle For Greater Torque: Flexible to match your flight needs, adjusting the arm angle of each of the 4 arms is quick and easy. Achieve increased yaw torque and greater response by tilting the arms to a 3 degree angle.
  • 50% Less Vibrations, Rigid,Strong System: To reduce vibrations, increase stiffness, and bring unmatched reliability, your Matrice 100 is made of strong, lightweight carbon fiber. Each of the arms contains DJI’s new soft vibration absorbing material that virtually eliminates feedback from the powerful motors, keeping your critical components stable and allowing unprecedented accuracy.
  • Responsive, Quick Release Landing Pads: Innovative landing pads or “feet” are installed at the base of each arm to protect your Matrice 100 when landing. These pads greatly reduce impact, protecting your system and eliminating the chance of your platform unintentionally lifting off of the ground. Also easy and quick to remove for replacement or upgrades.
  • Dedicated Remote Controller: Take control of your platform with the customizable, long-range remote controller included with the Matrice 100. With an operating distance of up to 1.2 miles* (2km), a rechargeable battery, fully adjustable controls, and outputs to connect to your mobile device, this is the perfect tool to command your system in the air.
  • Full Mobile App Support: Fly with the feature-rich DJI Pilot app or create your own app with the DJI SDK. See a live view, control your devices, access a real-time map, and more by simply plugging in your tablet or smartphone.
  • Enhanced GPS: Enhanced GPS with a foldable mount helps you to track your Matrice 100’s position in real time, while enabling faster satellite acquisition, more accurate position holding and flight planning.
  • Upgraded Flight Controller And Integrated Lightbridge: JI’s new N1 flight controller keeps your Matrice 100 stable and responsive to your commands throughout every flight. Transmitting data to you and bringing a live HD view (when using DJI’s X3 Camera and gimbal), the included DJI Lightbridge increases your flight range to 1.2 miles (2km).
  • Purpose-Built Propulsion System: An upgraded version of the respected DJI E800 electric propulsion system powers your Matrice 100 and keeps it in flight. Four powerful, brushless motors and four lightning fast Electronic Speed Controllers are integrated into the platform, giving you complete control during flight. With increased strength and payload capacity, you have the flexibility to create the system you need.
  • Compatible Parts For Further Functionality: The Matrice 100 is compatible with a wide range of DJI accessories
Fly Responsibly:

The FAA requires operators of unmanned aircraft weighing more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) on takeoff (including everything on board or attached), and operating outdoors, be registered at FAADroneZone. If you are under age 13, you must have a parent or someone age 13 or older register for you. Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. 
Drone Information
Maximum Speed 72.2 fps / 22 m/s (ATTI mode, no payload, no wind) 55.8 fps / 17 m/s (GPS mode, no payload, no wind)
Software Android 4.1.2 or above
Weight With TB47D Battery: 5.2 lb / 2.4 kg With TB48D Battery: 5.3 lb / 2.4 kg Expansion Bay Weight: 1.6 oz / 45 g Battery Compartment Weight: 5.6 oz / 160 g
Battery 6S LiPo; 22.2 VDC, 4500 mAh / 99.9 Wh
Connectivity 1 x USB type A female (mobile device connection) 1 x Mini-HDMI 1 x Micro-USB (reserved for future use) 1 x CAN-Bus (reserved for future use)
Handheld Transmitter Battery Built-in battery, 6000 mAh LiPo 2S,
Handheld Transmitter Range Up to 6561.7' / 2000 m line-of-sight
Hovering Accuracy Vertical: 1.6' / 0.5 m Horizontal: 8.2' / 2.5 m
Maximum Ascent Speed 16.4 fps / 5 m/s
Maximum Descent Speed 13.1 fps / 4 m/s
Maximum Tilt Angle 35 degrees
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