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Interfit Foldable 44 In. Octobox with Speedlight Bracket Kit

MFR Part #: INT778K1
Samy's Part #: S-049893
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The Interfit Foldable 44 In. Octobox with Speedlight Bracket Kit includes the 44 inches octagonal softbox with a Bowens S-type adapter, a bracket and adapter to permit working with Bowens S-type accessories with a speedlight, and an 8.5'-tall four-section air-cushioned light stand. The softbox serves as an ideal tool for producing a soft, wraparound light quality for head shots to mid-length portraits, while the speedlight bracket extends the versatility of your shoe-mount flash by enabling it to be paired with a broad variety of light modifiers.

The growing trend with many photographers is the desire to take their studio lights with them on location. We are seeing more and more portable studio lights, offering quick setup and loads of power for location shoots. It's time there were modifiers to match. The Interfit Line of Foldable Softboxes combines the large sizes that studio photographers have grown accustomed to with the quick setup and portability that location photographers require.

Featuring an internal frame of interlocking fiberglass rods that easily snap into place, we have eliminated the worry of misplacing a heavy steel rod and the struggle one can have while setting up a large softbox. Each Foldable Softbox is lined with a dimpled silver interior for maximum light distribution throughout the box. This ensures even illumination from corner to corner. Included with each softbox are two removable diffusers to create a softer quality of light, and a drawstring nylon carry bag, letting you easily transport your softbox wherever your work takes you. The 110cm (44″) octabox is ideal for 3-4 person half-length portraits. octaboxes are the perfect approach to portrait or fashion works. The light produced from the eight-sided box wraps around the subject to give you an even spread of light, resulting in soft shadows. octaboxes also create a very natural looking round catch light in your subjects' eyes, rather than the square or rectangular catch light produced with standard softboxes. With both diffusers in place, the maximum light loss is less than 1 f-stop. This octabox includes an S-Type inner speed ring adapter. The speed ring adapters are user-replaceable so you can use this octabox with your favorite light source.

Essential for speedlight photographers, connecting your portable flash to any Bowens® S-Mount modifier is the MOST from your speedlight with the Strobies S-Type Speedlight Bracket. Ideal for the mobile photographer, this kit offers a quick and portable solution to studio lighting on location, opening up a seemingly endless array of lighting options. The Strobies S-Type Speedlight Bracket is a lightweight, aluminum reinforced, bracket that clamps onto the head of your flash unit. This leaves the body of your flash free to move around, allowing you to place your slave and/or TTL sensors exactly where you need them. The jaws of the clamp open up to 80mm wide and 55mm tall, making it compatible with nearly all manufacturers' speedlights. The concave design of the top clamp also allows this unit to be used with the Pro-Flash One Eighty, Pro-Flash 360, and other bare-bulb flash units. As the name suggests, the S-Type Speedlight Bracket has a built-in S-Type modifier mount. This allows you to use a wide array of modifiers with your speedlight, to give you the exact look you want. This unit also has a built-in umbrella mount that is capable of accepting up to 8mm umbrella shafts.

A sturdy aluminum lightstand with air-cushioning to protect your lighting investment. The 2.6m (8.5′) 4-Section Light Stand is a compact light stand that is designed to support the majority of lightweight studio lights and modifiers, and will fit into most carry cases. air-cushioning is a safety feature that prevents your light from crashing down and ensures your light slowly descends should you forget to tighten the section locks.

  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Sure-twist section locks to securely lock in your desired height
  • Air-cushioning for added safety for your subjects and equipment
  • The ability to accept casters
  • Foldable octobox with s-type adapter
  • Speedlight bracket for bowens s-mount
  • Air-cushioned light stand

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Softbox Information
Shape Octagonal
Removable Face yes
Removeable Baffle yes
Requires Speed Ring Included
Accepts Grids no
Size 44" (111.7 cm)
  • Foldable Octobox with S-Type Adapter (44 In.)
  • Inner Diffuser
  • Outer Diffuser
  • Adapter Ring for Paterson Stellar, Bowens Heads
  • Nylon Carry Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • Strobies Bowens S-Mount Speedlight Bracket
  • 4-Section Air-Cushioned Light Stand (8.5 ft.)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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