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Samy's Camera Rental Department
Samy's Camera Rental Department

It's Not a Pixel - It's a Precious Memory

In today's world, we often capture the meaningful moments of our lives with our phones and share them on high-speed social media. In a flash, they are scrolled down into the ether, and the connection that we created is gone.

Our precious memories seem transitory and disposable, their life long value evaporating before they make us feel connected; to make us feel human - but it does not have to be that way.

Polaroid cameras exist to help you see those moments, to pause them, to relive them, to hold them in your hand, and to feel them in your heart forever. At Samy's Camera, we have all the Polaroid cameras and films to help you create beautiful, life-enriching tools that will ground you and your memories in the here and now.

Samy's Camera Rental Department

Polaroid Cameras

The original Polaroid instant camera changed history, and today's Polaroid cameras are changing history again as new creations couple the power of the past to innovation of today's technology.







Now you can point, shoot, and keep with the new Polaroid Now camera. This is a simple point and shoot camera with autofocus to help you catch life as you live it.

Relive the trends of the '80s, '90s, and '00s with our cult-favorite 600 series cameras. Create memories and save today's moments with a simple push of a button.


OneStep+ & OneStep2 VF
Now you can have the best of two worlds. The OneStep+ and OneStep2 VF are modernized analog instant cameras delivering instant photos with a retro vibe.

The SX-70 is the world's first instant single-lens reflex camera (SLR) and one that made the world of instant photography possible. Fold this camera down and put it in your pocket - a big pocket.

Oh, the places you'll go! And the times you'll share and treasure, all captured with your Polaroid Go Instant Film Camera (White). Pocket-sized and built to go go go wherever adventure takes you.

Samy's Camera Rental Department


Polaroid Now Instant Film Camera
The Mandalorian Edition

Polaroid Go Instant Film Camera Starter Set (White)

Samy's Camera Rental Department



The world at your feet - and in your pocket, and possibly your backpack. Throw a Polaroid Go Color Instant Film in and take creativity with you, wherever you and your camera roam. For use exclusively with the Polaroid Go.


Built upon the instant film of the past, this new generation is available in color, black and white, or special edition film for your new Polaroid Now, Lab, or OneStep camera.

Polaroid Color i-Type Instant Film
The Mandalorian Edition

Polaroid Color 600 Instant Film
(8 Exposures, Round Frame)

Polaroid Color i-Type Instant Film
Metallic Nights Edition


600 FILM

This instant film has been specially designed to power your vintage camera. Choose color, black and white, or the special edition film for your Polaroid 600 camera.


This is a slow vintage film that develops quickly to give you intricate pictorial detail and created for the SX 70. Available in color or black and white.

Samy's Camera Rental Department



Never lose a moment again with the The Polaroid Lab Instant Film Printer. A 3-lens system that acts like a desktop darkroom to turn the digital photos from your phone into real Polaroid pictures - in an instant. The new Polaroid Lab turns the digital photos on your phone into real Polaroid pictures. Something to hold, something to give.


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