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Shopping for Nikon AF-S Lenses Online
As you prepare to shop for Nikon AF-S lenses online, you might find yourself overwhelmed at the choices available to you, as well as, the many abbreviations. Perhaps you're interested in a lens, but are unsure if its compatible with your camera. The best way to know is to check the abbreviations.

Nikon makes two DSLR cameras. One has a built-in focus motor and the other does not. Cameras that do not have this focusing function must use a lens that has a focus motor. These lenses include AF-S lenses and AF-P lenses. In general, any Nikon lens that does not have a focus motor will be called an AF Nikkor lens. Sammy's Camera allows for you to shop for Nikon AF-S lens, in addition to a number of other options, online and in stores.

  • AF-S Nikkor Lens: These lenses include Nikon's own Silent Wave Motor, also known as SWM. This is a special technology that essentially converts travelling waves into rotational energy; thereby capturing and focusing optics. In other words, the AF-S lenses enable a rapid high speed autofocus that is accurate and silent. At Sammy's Camera, we can assist you in shopping for Nikon AF-S lens online so that you can take advantage of the benefits this lens provides.
  • AF-P Nikkor Lenses: These lenses make use of a pulse motor, also referred to as a stepping autofocus motor. They are quieter than the AF-S lenses, and also smoother; thus, making them a good choice when shooting any video with a DSLR.
  • It should be noted that the AF-S and AF-P lenses can be used on any Nikon DSLR cameras; regardless of whether the camera body has its own focus motor. If you believe you'd like to try an AF-S lens, shop for Nikon AF-S lenses online at Samy's Camera.

    Our Recommended AF-S Lens
    Nikon AF-S DX 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED VR
    This is considered to be one of Nikon's best lenses as it offers wide angle coverage and a very generous zoom range. The lens is equivalent to a 35 mm camera lens, but offers a lot more functions and features. For amateurs, this lens may a bit too much; however, it is worth the money.

    The Right Lens For You
    Camera lenses come in all different sizes, shapes, and features. Which camera lens works best for you depends on your photographic needs. Buying the right lens can completely transform a photographer's snapshots into something that will become a cherished memory for years to come. Perhaps it's time to Shop a Nikon AF S Lens online, to take your photographs to the next level! Here are some tips when considering purchasing a new camera lens:

    Firstly, ensure that the lens you want to purchase physically fits with the camera body you have now. If your camera has a sensor size that's cropped, you can pick from a variety of APS-C or full-frame lenses. When it comes to budget, APS-C lenses tend to be more affordable for the average consumer, compared to the full-frame lenses. APS-C lenses also tend to be lighter and smaller in size. If you have a camera body with a sensor that is full-frame, then only these size lenses will fit and operate correctly.

    If you own a lens from an older SLR model or older film, they may work on a newer digital camera. For instance, Canon lenses that were created in the 1980s work perfectly with current market DSLRs. While many photographers may want to spend less money now, investing in a higher-quality lens tends to last much longer than the camera, and has been designed to fit with camera models of the future.

    Focal Length
    In terms of focal length, this is defined by how wide the image is and the lens angle view. So, photographers who want a wider image, will want a focal length that is shorter. But then, with a longer focal length, photographers are able to zoom in much closer on a subject that is farther away. A lens with more zoomer power usually falls between the 55-300mm range.

    It is important to note that depending on your focal length, it will result in different outcomes on a full-frame camera compared to a cropped-sensor camera. To explain further, if your focal length is 50mm, the angle view will be more narrow on a camera with a cropped-sensor. This means if you connect a 50mm lens that is full-frame to a camera that is cropped-sensor, the lens will result in images that are closer to 75-80mm focal length. In general, to figure out the corresponding focal length for full-frame lens connected to a cropped-sensor camera, times the length by 1.5 for Nikon brands, and 1.6 for Canon brand lenses.

    Aperture (or F-Stop)
    An aperture enables photographers to control how much of the scene they want in focus and how much light is let in depending on whether they are photographing inside or outside (and what time of day). Every lens has a certain aperture range. A photographer who needs to photograph lower light scenes may need to invest in purchasing a lens that has a greater maximum aperture.

    If you would like to know more about Nikon's lenses, or are ready to shop Nikon AF-S lenses online, check out Samy's Cameras today or give us a call.

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