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January, 2013

Reflections On New York by Anthony Friedkin

Recently I've had the opportunity to reflect on the importance New York City has played in my own life as a photographer, and in a much larger and more significant way, the City's contribution to the incredible history of photography as a whole. Keep in mind - I'm a born and raised Los Angeles photographer, so this is coming from a native Angeleno; I didn't even grow up in the Big Apple. read more


August, 2012

Dan Brunn Interview with Anthony Friedkin

Award-winning Dan Brunn, a champion of modern architecture, is an architect whose designs transcend traditional boundaries. Brunn creates a sustainable vision that empowers the natural elements of location, materials and space. He meets the specific requirements of his individual clients with unexpected and fascinating design elements. read more


April, 2012

Larry Bell Interview with Anthony Friedkin

Larry Bell came to prominence in the burgeoning Los Angeles art scene during the 1960's as one of the originators of what came to be known as the "Light and Space" movement. Bell's work quickly gained momentum in New York and Los Angeles, expressing a newfound transcendence from traditional art that embodied an emerging and unique Los Angeles culture. read more


December, 2011

Images from the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers Crew Call 2011: Celebrating the Crafts exhibit reviewed by Anthony Friedkin

I am excited about a wonderful exhibition currently on display at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science in Beverly Hills. The display honors individuals that are so often overlooked in our celebrity-driven world who are crucial in the making of films - The Crew. read more


September, 2011

BEAUTY CULTURE, AN EXHIBITION reviewed by Anthony Friedkin

From photography's earliest beginnings the medium has abundantly explored the details of feminine beauty in a vibrant way. This exploration dates as far back as the Daguerreotype era, as early as 1835. Fast-forward through history to the great beauty and fashion photographers like Edward Steichen, Guy Bourdin, Melvin Sokolsky, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and currently Patrick Demarche for example. All have dedicated their careers to exploring beauty with their extraordinary photographic talents. read more


June, 2011

INTERVIEW WITH JEFF DIVINE: conducted by Anthony Friedkin

Surfing is one of the oldest and most enjoyed sports on our planet. Waves are like liquid sculpture, they move through the ocean with ethereal beauty. The art of wave riding (and for many surfers it becomes a type of religious dedication) is a blending of physical talent and personal expression. This is coupled with the reverence for the magnificent power of nature, the ocean in particular. read more


March, 2011


Authorities waited 36 hours after the explosion to begin the evacuation of 336,000 people. 135,000 were permanently relocated. Nuclear radiation was released into the environment and blew across Europe. Hundreds of first responders died of Acute Radiation Sickness. Following the disaster, workers known as "liquidators" commenced cleanup activities under extremely hazardous conditions.... read more


January, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHER WILLIAM EGGLESTON AT LACMA exhibition review conducted by Anthony Friedkin

William Eggleston changed photographic history with his saturated color images of everyday life. In the 1960's, he pioneered the use of color photography and the snapshot for aesthetic and artistic expression. Eggleston was also one of the first photographers to capitalize on the deep, rich hues offered by the dye transfer process... read more


November, 2010

RALPH NELSON INTERVIEW conducted by Anthony Friedkin

Ralph Nelson is considered one of the finest and most highly respected unit still photographers working today. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, the unit still photographer works on motion pictures. They're on the movie set every day during filming, creating for the studio publicity and advertising departments a key set of stills that will often be used for the entire advertising and publicity campaign of that movie... read more


September, 2010


Currently on view is an exceptional exhibition entitled "Engaged Observers," at the J. Paul Getty Museum. The exhibit is about photojournalism and the electrifying power photography has to tell us about ourselves in intimate, disturbing, and provocative ways.

Brilliantly conceived by Brett Abbott, Associate Curator of Photographs at the Getty, the exhibit focuses on nine diverse photographers and the particular social issues they felt strongly about.... read more


July, 2010


Recently, I was invited to the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film (GEH), located in Rochester, New York, to speak and to present my personal work. This special opportunity gave me a chance to discover many facts I did not know about George Eastman, the founder of the legendary Eastman Kodak Company.

I experienced firsthand, this incredible and vividly appointed historical museum, which is dedicated to his legacy. The George Eastman House was the actual home of George Eastman... read more


May, 2010


It is difficult to write about a friend who has recently passed on. That is especially true if the friend happened to have been an extraordinary photographer; one of the greatest ever. He is someone whose work helped to define an entire generation of musicians, as well as the tone and mood of America during the 1960's through the 21st century. Jim Marshall, the legendary rock 'n' roll photographer, was truly bigger than more


March, 2010

INTERVIEW WITH JEFF DUNAS Conducted by Anthony Friedkin

I'm sitting with Jeff Dunas at his lovely home and photo studio, located above the Sunset strip in Hollywood., California. I'm here to Interview Jeff about the upcoming Photo Festival in Palm Springs. Jeff founded the Photo Festival and is its executive Director.

This interview explains what you will find and learn at this more


January, 2010

INTERVIEW WITH STEPHEN COHEN: Founder of Photo LA Conducted by Anthony Friedkin

Returning to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, photo l.a. 2010, the 19th Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition moves back to it's former home at 1855 Main Street, Santa Monica, California. Conveniently located, just off of the 10 Freeway and two blocks from the beach.

This interview with founder, Stephen Cohen explains what you will find and learn at this more


December, 2009

"ROAD TO FREEDOM" EXHIBITION Review by Anthony Friedkin

I find it unfathomable that human beings could treat each other so horrendously, based simply on the color of one's skin. To me it sounds like a bad science fiction novel. But as time has shown, truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to human history.

Centuries ago our country fought a brutal civil war to end slavery in America and free the black man. Yet to this very day, the color of one's skin still plays a large part in our personal identity, our national politics and more


November, 2009

Grant Mudford Interview - conducted by Anthony Friedkin

Grant Mudford is considered one of the most skillful and extraordinary photographers alive today. He is regarded as one of the finest architectural photographers to have ever worked in the field. Among his numerous and impressive credits, he was personally selected by Frank Gehry and the Los Angeles Philharmonic to photograph the construction and completion of Disney Hall and subsequent book... read more


September, 2009

Intoduction to Samy's Newsletter

Welcome to Samy's innovative and newly designed newsletter. My name is Anthony Friedkin and I will be hosting this special venture.

Los Angeles is one of the most important and vibrant centers for photography in the world. We have enormous resources here, great institutions dedicated to exhibiting fine art photography... read more


Robert Frank's "The Americans" - a review by Anthony Friedkin

A powerful photograph can change our lives and help us better realize who we are and the world we live in. By defining and immortalizing a moment so indelibly and with great skill the image itself takes on transcendental qualities. When this is done within a whole group of photographs the experience can be awesome, historically relevant and can alter the course of an art form... read more


Interview with Douglas Kirkland - conducted by Anthony Friedkin

Douglas Kirkland is one of the most respected and celebrated photographers of the last fifty years. His career and the people he has photographed are legendary. At age twenty-four, Kirkland was hired as a staff photographer for Look magazine and became famous for his 1961 photos of Marilyn Monroe. He continues to accomplish memorable images today that deal with the entertainment industry and.... read more


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