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How to Buy the Right Sony Camera Lens for Your Needs

If you're in the market to buy a Sony camera lens, you have many choices available to you. And getting the perfect image has become much easier thanks to the image stabilization and other technologies that are available among Sony lenses. When considering whether or not to buy a Sony camera lens, the choices may feel overwhelming but at Samy's Camera we break it down for you and simplify the decision making process.

Important Terms to Understand

Before you buy a Sony camera lens, it's important to understand which features are most important to you. In this way you can focus on making sure the lens fits your needs rather than getting distracted by bells and whistles that may not meet your needs. 

Focal length: This describes what the lens sees and focuses on. There are four basic types:

  1. Normal, or standard. This is the lens that comes with the camera (unless you purchase only the body of the camera). A standard lens has many limitations and so if you wish to buy a Sony camera lens that offers more options, you may wish to invest in one or more supplemental lenses.
  2. Wide angle. This type of lens extends or widens the frame. A wide angle Sony camera lens is a good choice to buy if you wish to photograph landscapes or groups of people.
  3. Ultra-wide angle. If you are a serious photographer and desire to take panoramic shots without having to stitch together a series of shots using a software program, then an ultra-wide angle may be your best buy when choosing a Sony camera lens.
  4. Zoom. If you wish to buy a Sony camera lens that can make a faraway object look closer to the camera, a zoom is the right choice. It is referred to as a "zoom" lens because in adjusting the lens, you can zoom into objects at various distances. Not all zoom lenses are equal as some can focus at greater distances than others. Consider the average length that you'll be zooming into, then weigh that against your budget to determine which one is optimum for your needs. There are four main choices for zoom lenses:
    • a. Standard zoom lens. A standard zoom is a good beginner's lens if you wish to buy one for your Sony or other brand of camera. It can take wide angle shots all the way up to moderate telephoto lengths.
    • b. Telephoto zoom lens. If you wish to buy a Sony camera lens that permits you to get close up action shots of objects or people at a distance, this is a good option. Wildlife and sports photographers often use a telephoto lens when they cannot get physically close.
    • c. Superzoom. This is a combination of zoom lenses in one. It is a general purpose zoom lens that can allow you to buy only one type of zoom for your Sony camera. The downside is that the quality of the image may suffer slightly as compared to a dedicated zoom lens of a certain focal length.
    • d. Wide angle zoom. When you wish to capture landscape shots, the night skies, or even a football field, many photographers choose to buy this type of camera lens to complement their Sony camera.
  5. Macro. Extreme close up shots, such as flowers, are best captured by a macro lens or else it can be challenging to obtain a clear focus.  If you wish to buy a Sony camera lens, we are available to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your photography needs-visit us today.

Buy Sony Camera Lens

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