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Hensel Lighting develops exciting flash and lighting technology products for the photographers of today. They are constantly working out new ideas to keep ahead of the times and listening to what their customers want. The results are groundbreaking developments like the PORTY - the world's first mobile generator for outdoor use - and the SPEED flash units in the EH PRO MINI range. Hensel Lighting are constantly improving the reliability and ease of use of their equipment. Even minor developments, such as the honeycomb for the Beauty Dish, can make a photographer's work easier and extend the potential applications of the product. Hensel believes that true beauty (also) comes from within. This means that only brand components of the highest quality are used and each piece of equipment is developed and produced in Germany and meets and exceeds the current safety standards

Hensel is home to innovations that make your work easier. The Hensel team, who invents, develops, produces and - if necessary - repairs the products are based in W├╝rzburg, Germany.

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