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Ten Year Anniversary of Samy?s Camera Photo Camp


Ten Year Anniversary of Samy?s Camera Photo Camp

January 25, 2019  |  by Deborah Cloyed
Ten years!
In 2009, after devastating budget cuts stripped arts education from local schools, Samy?s Camera Photo Camp was created with a mission to serve Los Angeles youth.  We wanted to be out there in our community, helping to mentor, instruct, and inspire the next generation of photographers.
How we have grown!
We started as a one-day-a-week program at the school across the street from our flagship store.
Samy?s Camera Photo Camp has now taught over 1500 students at over 25 different schools, all the way from Malibu to Irvine.  
We enjoy great relationships with dozens of principals, PTA leaders, government officials, and thousands of families.  Every year, we receive emails and holiday cards from alumni students and parents.  Each new school comes via word of mouth.
Thank you, students!  Thank you for all the memories, beautiful images, and laughter this past decade.  We couldn't be prouder of you and the work you have done.  You are all such talented, wonderful people, and it has been our privilege to watch you grow.  We hope you will continue with your art and use it to share your voice and your unique perspective with the world.
Created in 2009, Samy's Camera Photo Camp has taught thousands of students across Los Angeles. The afterschool course teaches fundamental concepts within different fields of photography, culminating in a gallery show of the students' work.  To bring Samy's Photo Camp to your school, please contact the program director Deborah Cloyed at 323-938-2420 x ext. 1286 or
January 25, 2019

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Deborah Cloyed

Deborah Cloyed

Deborah Cloyed is the creator/director of the after school program Samy’s Camera Photo Camp and Samy’s Outreach – serving community members in need. In addition to her work with Samy's Camera, Deborah has fifteen years experience as a commercial photographer, author, and instructor - in Los Angeles, DC, NYC, Kenya, and Honduras.

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