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SIGMA's 500mm 5.6 DG DN OS Sports Lens: A Whole New Compact Ultra-Telephoto Experience


SIGMA's 500mm 5.6 DG DN OS Sports Lens: A Whole New Compact Ultra-Telephoto Experience

February 21, 2024  |  by Krishna Jaret

Sigma recently announced the release of the new 500mm F5.6 DG DN OS, a telephoto lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras. This lens is not only lightweight and compact, but it captures superb image quality making it an exceptional choice for hand-held shooting situations. 

Sigma 500mm Lens

SIGMAs 500mm 5.6 DG DN OS Sports Lens: A Whole New Compact Ultra-Telephoto Experience

The Sigma 500mm F5.6 is available in both Sony E-Mount and Leica L-Mount. It is constructed in a rugged weatherproof casing, making it splash and dust-proof. Users can rest assured that they will capture clear images without flare or ghosting, even in backlit conditions, because of the use of a refractive lens in its optical system. 

Given its lightweight form factor and construction, this lens is ideal for action, wildlife, sports, and aviation photographers.  

Bird 1

The Crystallization of Technology

When Sigma asked, we jumped at the opportunity to take the pre-production 
500mm DG DN OS lens for an early test run. On a misty Southern California morning, we met up with local wildlife photographer Alex Phan to help seek out what images we could capture.  

It is one thing to read up on the weight, length, and height specs of camera gear. It is an entirely different thing to hold gear in your hand and use it out in the field. This lens is light and compact, but the real delight is in how the lens was ergonomically designed. Not only did it feel light and small to carry and shoot with, but it just felt comfortable to hold and was never obtrusive. Weighing in at only 3 pounds and measuring only 9 inches in length, this lens is truly designed for hand-held shooting. 

Bird 2

The sharpness and detail of the 500mm 5.6 DG DN OS lens were fully evident when Alex captured the magnificent Tree Swallow and Peregrine Falcon in flight during the mating season. This lens features up to five stops of stabilization which was essential in getting the ultra sharpness in our images.


Sigma has developed the 500mm 5.6 DG DN OSlens with multiple functions that are
beneficial to capturing the ultimate picture. This was evident as we made our way up
the coast to seek out sea otters. Starting with SIGMAs OS2 Optical Stabilizer Algorithm, which ensured we could go with the hand-held option as we trudged through the muddy banks of the estuary to get the optimal shot without needing a tripod.

bird 3

More Features

 Sigma has given us a lens that is designed to capture action. Photographers will be thrilled to encounter additional features such as HLA (High-response Linear Actuator) for high-speed autofocus needs. Featuring the latest OS2 stabilization algorithm to help ensure you will have image stabilization when shooting. The 500mm 5.6 DG DN OS Sports lens also includes three AFL buttons, a focus Limiter Switch, an aperture ring click/declick, and lock switches.

February 21, 2024

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