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Review: Nikon D7500 Digital SLR


Review: Nikon D7500 Digital SLR

August 21, 2017  |  by samys

When us amateur and professional photographers who have been around for a few decades, the Nikon (outside of the USA pronounced Nick-0n) brings to mind some of the greatest historical images made on film and, presently, incredible digital images to rival and surpass 35mm film quality. New generations can document and create as well with far more freedom because of such incredible technical advances.

There is something in the Nikon DNA that makes it such a great camera for the kind of photography I enjoy doing: street, documentary, portraits and a few landscapes. There is something wild inside these cameras; it just seems to nail it all in all conditions like a wild cat pouncing on its prey. And now there is just something a bit different with the cropped sensor D7500: sharpness and color you would expect from a full frame sensor.

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Ahhh, surprise - this is in a way a twin in many ways with the incredible big brother D500 but with the D7500's sensor at 20.9 Megapixels compared to the 21 Megapixel D500. Just as with the D500 don’t tell anyone that it’s not full frame and I would wager they will not even know when they see the images, especially when you make larger prints (Except for you irritating pixel peepers who usually are not interested in making photographs but criticizing anything new).
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I had the opportunity to put the D7500 through it’s paces under full daylight to very dark interior conditions under varied lighting.

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The auto white balance worked perfectly. I dialed the ISO up to where I never venture because it is ridiculously high ISO. Remember, high speed in the old days was ASA (ISO) 400 and an occasional push to ASA 1200. Now, we can go into crazy territory with such high ISOs that are quite usable.

This camera has a lot of features; but, one can keep it simple and once you learn how to navigate, which does not take long with the aid of the manual. Or, whether you want to make full use of all the bells and whistles such as HDR or so many other features that are a bit of fun like the toy feature. Now you are ready for practically anything and even 4K and HD video.

If you are shooting 4K or HD video, I would think about acquiring the lenses with the best built in stabilization. The kit 18-140mm is one to consider. What is also great about this camera for videographers is that you can plug in a microphone and headphones - Great for you documentary still/video Indie people.

Video: Ralph Elliott Starkweather

The LCD is quite good and can be adjusted to different angles. One can use the touch screen feature which is great for live view and touching for focus and to snap the photograph.

I think the new and improved Snapbridge is a great App on your smartphone to use. I had reduced size files sent to my iPhone which was quite easy and fluid. It was fast enough for me. OK, now you can stop using the phone camera and with very little effort upload some seriously good images to your social media. You will definitely get more hearts on your photographs.

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Put some great glass on this baby and you will be overwhelmed by the resolution when you blow up the images - even great for you hard core Pixel Peepers. I did whack on the 85mm 1.4 (35mm equivalent = 127.5mm) which blew me away. The 18-55mm kit lens also held its own on the Nikon D7500.

I am going to see if I can continue reviewing this camera for maybe the next 6-8 weeks, I’m enjoying making photographs that have a full of life “zing” and Nikon look to them! 

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From Nikon:

Born from a desire for flagship performance and innovation in a more compact and streamlined connected camera, the Nikon D7500 Digital SLR Camera Body delivers the game-changing resolution, ISO range, image processing and energy efficiency of the award-winning D500 in an enthusiast-level DSLR. Simply put, the D7500 is built to outperform any camera in its class with top-tier image quality, blazing speed, flawless autofocus, 4K Ultra HD video and pro-grade creative tools-all in a comfortable, rugged design. This is a camera for the new generation of creators.

Check out the Nikon D7500!

August 21, 2017



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