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Our Favorite Travel Photography Tips


Our Favorite Travel Photography Tips

June 20, 2014  |  by Samy's Camera
Summer has arrived in full force with temperatures heating up and many of us preparing for vacation travel. We’ve compiled some of our favorite travel photography tips to help you make the most of every adventure, regardless of whether you have a quick weekend trip or a two-week cross country jaunt. Here are some of our top tips: Check the Weather Forecast: It may seem like a common sense travel photography tip but few people actually follow it! Some locations have volatile weather in the summer season so not only will you want to ensure you have the proper cover, you’ll want to plan for your gear as well. For example, if rains are prevalent in the forecast, make sure you have the right rain jacket for your DSLR. Look for the Locals: You’ll likely want to photograph all the standard landmarks and most popular parts of your chosen city, but consider going off the beaten path as well. Ask where the locals are likely to hang out. Where do they like to eat? Where do they spend a day of leisure? What little known jewel of a park or street do those who call that city home frequent? Those photographers who are wiling to ask questions and seek out hidden places are often rewarded with incredible experiences and settings that set your imagination free. Making some of the best travel photography tips coming from just asking the people that know an area best. Find Foreground Objects: The ability to play with perspective can transform an average location shot into an extraordinary one. Oftentimes, these objects are close to the ground, which means you’ll need to get low to photograph them properly. Be open to experimentation and adjust your frame closer to street level; this popular photography trick can yield impressive results. Shoot with Support: If your goal is to photograph at a slow shutter speed, you’ll want some form of stability. You can often use a park bench, a wall or other solid surface. A tripod is best for a host of reasons, but some fear they can’t travel easily with such an item. However, MeFOTO Gold Travel Tripod Kit is perfect for any adventure and is flexible and easily portable.  If you're looking for something different, you can browse our full selection of tripods & monopods here. Let Light Set Your Schedule: The times during sunrise and sunset are often referred to as the Golden Hours and with good reason. Whenever possible, consider photographing some of your favorite locales or landmarks during this time when the lighting conditions are favorable. You can save the harsh mid-day sun for other tasks such as searching for new locations or experimenting with shots.
June 20, 2014


Samy's Camera

Samy's Camera

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