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No Pain No Gain: Sigma 85 1.4 Lens Review


No Pain No Gain: Sigma 85 1.4 Lens Review

November 15, 2016  |  by samys
No Pain no Gain.....this is one helluva a lot of glass from Sigma. First impression on a Canon 5D Mark III: substantial heft! Who needs to pump iron; This will do! The gains are incredible sharp images and a beautifully sharp narrow focus, which isolates the subject from that beautiful creamy background (see, I got around using that overused stupid B_ _ _ H word). [caption id="attachment_3481" align="alignnone" width="640"]5u2a1055-resize Credit: Ralph Elliott Starkweather[/caption] The color palette on my 5D Mark III is so pleasing and so pure; and, the sharpness of the ART lenses is something Sigma is getting rave reviews and an ever increasing following. Not to mention what can be said is a quite reasonable, price considering what you get in return. If you are a professional I will wager that your sales will increase in the months to follow after the acquisition of this new tool in your quiver of lenses. If you are a hobbyist and like those club competitions, prepare to win those first place ribbons. Is it better for landscapes or portraits? [caption id="attachment_3480" align="alignnone" width="640"]5u2a1012bw-resize Credit: Ralph Elliott Starkweather[/caption] This glass can handle anything you can point it towards; and, that 1.4 at a high ISO allows you into the danger zone of low light so one can shoot at higher shake-less shutter speeds! As you can see, it is a razor sharp lens when shooting at 1.4. I read that the heft is due to that fact that it has 14 elements in 12 groups; not to mention two SLD (special low dispersion) glass elements and one glass element with a high rate of anomalous partial dispersion and refraction according to Sigma. But, I don’t care or know how that all works out; I can just stare into the glass and see by the pureness of this ART glass that magic will happen. [caption id="attachment_3483" align="alignnone" width="640"]kait-final-1-resize Credit: Ralph Elliott Starkweather[/caption] Another great improvement is the added torque to the focusing which allows more accurate manual focusing and the manual focusing is full-time; meaning, you can override the AF at anytime to focus on what you! [caption id="attachment_3482" align="alignnone" width="640"]5u2a1128-resize Credit: Ralph Elliott Starkweather[/caption] Thank you Mr. Yamaki and all the talented geniuses at Sigma! I will speak for others as well as myself...We love you ! Now, go check out the photographs and you be the judge and go into a Samy's camera to pre-order or with a few clicks make sure you pre-order one online. Available in Canon, Nikon and Sigma Mounts available early November.
November 15, 2016



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