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Five Ways to Prevent Your Camera Gear From Heat Exposure


Five Ways to Prevent Your Camera Gear From Heat Exposure

July 14, 2018  |  by Samy's Camera
In case you haven't heard, we're experiencing a record-breaking heat wave here in sunny Southern California. Temperatures have been in and out of the triple digits. A few days ago, temperatures in Anaheim were not too far behind Arizona. Woodland Hills reached 115 degrees by midday. Which, if you are from the SoCal area, you know makes no sense. Needless to say, additional precautions are needed to stay cool. Photographers are on double-duty. Not only do those behind the camera need to keep themselves hydrated and cool, they need to protect their gear from the blazing sun as well. We know what you are probably thinking: today's cameras automatically shut off as a precaution when a certain temperature is reached. Therefore, problem solved! Not so fast. For instance...

For crying out loud, DO NOT leave your gear in your car

Cameras are made of glass, plastic, circuits, metal, etc.; all of which can be compromised by the severe heat of a locked car. And, the weather doesn't have an auto shut off that is designed to protect one's several hundred or several thousand dollar investments. So, just don't. There are other simple practices photographers can make a habit during the summer months that will keep their gear nice and cool. Like...

The camera bag is your friend

Simple, yet effective. If one's camera and gear are in a camera bag when it's not in use, that means it's out of the sun and out of harm's way.

Have a camera double

Especially for photographers working long shoots, investing in multiple cameras has its perks. One of which is that you are able to rotate gear. Giving cameras a rest allows them to cool down and remain in optimal working condition.

Fast is the new cool

The slower the memory card the harder the camera has to work, producing internal heat. A faster memory card can greatly reduce the chances of that overheat warning popping up. Lastly...

Be A Night Owl

Embrace the nightlife by planning a shoot during late hours. The temperature is ideal for both photographer and gear; not to mention one can set up to capture really cool night photography shots. It's a win-win. Stay cool out there. Check out more of our photography tips and tricks here. Featured Photo: George Coletrain 
July 14, 2018


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