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Day in the Life: 5 Reasons Why Photographers Should Vlog Their Work Day


Day in the Life: 5 Reasons Why Photographers Should Vlog Their Work Day

June 25, 2020  |  by Destiny A. Lopez

Vlogging Can Be An Effective Digital Marketing Tool For Photographers

These days, being a good, or even a great photographer may not be enough to get noticed. Potential clients and the general public alike sift through an incalculable amount of content every single day. From videos to social media posts to blogs, content creation for creative niches, like photography, is becoming increasingly saturated. 

However, one way that aspiring photographers can stand out from the rest is to vlog their creative process. “Day in the life” vlogs are bringing in millions of views for a number of reasons - all of which prove to be socially and financially beneficial for working photographers. 

Here are five reasons why photographers should vlog their workday.

Get Discovered

Image: CoWomen

What’s the one incentive that drives most content creators? You could be one video away from going viral. And virality means exposure. That vlog you thought no one would watch could, potentially, be viewed on thousands or even millions of screens. Among those viewers could be marketing directors, art directors, or a person looking to book a photographer for an upcoming life event.

Along with seeing one’s portfolio, vlogs are great for clients to get a glimpse of your creative approach and personality. Before you know it, there’s an unread message in your DM’s requesting a meeting to discuss a future creative campaign. YouTube Tyler Babin actually demonstrates how he gets the attention of major companies by doing a product photoshoot in his living room. 

Build a Loyal Following

Image: Kate Kalvach

Speaking of potential clients, another way to get a company’s attention is audience size and reach. As a matter of fact, a number of today’s popular YouTubers, like Peter McKinnon, saw rapid channel growth and gained a loyal following thanks to consistent, high-quality videos. McKinnon famously reached the sought-after milestone of one million YouTuber subscribers in just nine months.

Moreover, vlogging your workday provides transparency and, over time, creates trust amongst your audience. While illustrating that one has solid photography skills is a primary goal, one could argue that it’s just as important to relate to others on a personal level. 

Showcase Your Photography (and Teaching) Skills

Image: Patricia Palma

When it comes to showing one’s way around a camera, the possibilities are endless. Just browsing a channel like Thomas Heaton’s can make one feel like they will never run out of ideas. Furthermore, since vlogs are often a combination of cinema verite and informational content, they can serve a number of purposes beyond a digital portfolio. 

Along with showcasing one’s photo prowess, vlogs are very useful references for the photographer, as they can be utilized as a skill-building resource. Documenting a photoshoot allows one to review their workflow and make improvements as needed. 

Also, providing the audience a behind-the-scenes look of the business presents an opportunity to teach. A great example of a vlog turned tutorial also happens to be one of Casey Neistat’s most popular videos: How to Vlog like Casey Neistat by Casey Neistat

While the benefits for the audience regarding this kind of content is obvious, there could be a considerable incentive instore for the creator. This brings us to our next point...

Evergreen Content = Passive Income

Image: Christian Wiediger

Although vlogs can mark a specific time or event in one’s life, including valuable, educational content allows that video to continue to perform for weeks, months, or even years. When it comes to YouTube or vlogging success, especially when establishing an additional revenue stream, the secret often lies in something called evergreen content. 

The term “evergreen” when talking about content simply means that the media is timeless. For instance, one comes across a video titled “5 Weird Camera Hacks” uploaded in 2018. There’s a good chance that that video will be relevant as long as the equipment featured is sold and accessible. For vlogs produced that feature camera gear, this video could bring in ad revenue for quite some time. To get a better idea of how creators consistently produce vlogs that include evergreen content for photographers, check out YouTubers Brendan van Son and 7th Era.

Become A Valuable Resource for Next-Gen Shutter Bugs

Image: Paul Siewert

Lastly, as a creator who is looking to earn trust with an audience or client, plant the seeds of credibility by offering value. For example, explain how one works with models in an outdoor environment; provide tips on how to capture candid shots of everyday people; dive into photographers that informed one’s style; and, explain exactly what camera and equipment are being used and why.

For photographers looking to go full-time, they may want to learn more about the daily in’s and out’s of a creativepreneur but don’t have the connections or experience to get hands-on exposure to the business. Hence, why vlogs can be an invaluable resource, as curious shutterbugs can follow in one’s footsteps. This allows them to live vicariously through one’s creative and professional journey before taking the “starting a small business” plunge. 

Thanks to vlogging, creators have the opportunity to expand their business by growing their audience, increasing their visibility, and establishing a viable revenue stream.

Are you a photographer or filmmaker interested in vlogging but you’re not sure where to start? Check out our previous Samy’s Camera Guide to Vlogging blog post.

June 25, 2020

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