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Part #: D220

Just as the name suggests, the Grip Helper is like three Grip Heads in one. Two independent grip heads sandwich a third with a fixed 16mm pin. This system allows multiple light control accessories to mount in front of fixtures without the need for numerous light stands.
Part #: D570

Boom arms allow you to position your lights in the most difficult positions. Strong steel counterweighted for smoothness of operation and stability.
Part #: F100

The Avenger F100 Junior Offset Arm can be used to offset a fixture from a stand.
Part #: F900

The Avenger F900 Baby Triple Header allows you to mount as many as five light heads to one heavy duty light stand. It has five Baby (5/8") studs and one Baby receiver. Allows you to mount up to 5 fixtures.
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Part #: D520LB

This 40" C-Stand Extension Arm is capable of holding light heads, flags, reflectors, or a gobo.
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Part #: D520L

The Avenger D520L 40" Extension Arm is usually used in conjunction with a stand mounted grip head to gain reach and articulation via the arm's built-in grip head. This chrome-plated steel arm can hold a small light head, flag, or reflector.

Chrome-plated Steel and Aluminum Alloy
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Part #: D410

This Jumbo Add-A-Head allows one to support lightweight overheads utilizing the Super Clamp system.
Part #: D210

The D210 allows you to hang flags and scrims in positions that light stands can't reach.