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Part #: 537403
Studio Cool 4, Four Tube Fluorescent Light Unit, Non-Dimming, Hanging Model

Arri's product line of fluorescent studio lights, the Studio Cool series is introducing two new models, the Studio Cool 2 and the Studio Cool 2+2. Both new models as well as last year's introduction, the Studio Cool 4, have been designed for the professional user in all types of studio appl...
PRICE: $1,379.95
Part #: 92170
Two Light Tent Kit

JTL compact fluorescent lighting provides the necessary supplemental light source to help ensure the most accurate results. Using JTL compact fluorescent lights make studio photography and video simple, and easy. JTL compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are ideal for indoor studios such as, digi...
PRICE: $149.95
Part #: INS-L6
Kino Flo | Foam Pad for 6 Lamps | INS-L6

The Foam Pad for 6 Lamps is a very useful product by its manufacturer Kino Flo. It fits in KAS-54S, 54L and 96L and holds 6 fluorescent tubes up to 24 inches.
PRICE: $8.50
Part #: 483K32
Kino Flo | True Match Fluorescent Lamp - 32W/3200K - 4 Ft - Uncoated | 483K32

Kino Flo has expanded its award winning line of full spectrum fluorescent lamps to address the growing demand for high color rendering lighting in today’s energy conserving T8 commercial and residential fixtures.

The Kino Flo True Match Fluorescent Lamp - 32W/3200K ...
PRICE: $17.00
Part #: 092K32
Kino Flo | True Match 092-K32 9 In. KF32 F6/T5 Lamp for Mini-Flo | 092K32

The True Match 092-K32 9 In. KF32 F6/T5 Lamp for Mini-Flo is uniquely formulated by Kino Flo to match the spectral sensitivity curves of film and digital imaging equipment. High output tungsten and daylight versions (CRI 95) are available in sizes that rang...
PRICE: $22.50
Part #: DIM5
Remote Dimmer for Diva-Lite and Parabeam

Allows dimming down to 10% of full power of a Kino-Flo Diva-Lite 400 fixture from a distance. Use it when the fixture is at the top of a light stand, or another hard-to-reach place.
PRICE: $77.50
Part #: CFX-2401
Kino Flo | 2 ft. Single System Fluorescent Light Fixture Only | CFX-2401

The Kino Flo's Single System Fluorescent Light Fixture was designed as a softlight source that could be plugged into the wall on location. With its narrow profile and size, the Single could approximate the quality of light from bounced sources without losin...
PRICE: $190.00
Part #: BAL-149X
Kino Flo | Ballast for Kamio Ring Light - 4 Pin 12V DC | BAL-149X

The Kino Flo Ballast for Kamio Ring Light (BAL-149X) is a 12V DC dimming ballast that can operate DC or AC.  For DC operation, the ballast is connected with the 4-pin XLR (included) to a battery belt or battery.

PRICE: $395.00
Part #: KIT140X
12V SINGLE Kit, 120VAC

The 12VDC Single was designed to operate T12 or T8 lamps in sizes 15-inch to 4ft in situations where AC voltage is not available. The 12VDC Single is flicker free at any camera speed and has a built-in dimmer. When shooting on location in elevators, trains, buses or other cramped quarters, ...
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $945.99
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Part #: SYS2404S120
2ft 4Bank One Light System (120VAC)

The 4Bank Select System is used in many film, photo and video productions. It is versatile, delivering soft, cool, flicker-free light like a bounced source, but with features to control the intensity and spread of the beam. It is lightweight; it can be hand-held, taped to ...
Part #: KITD2120
Diva-Lite 201 Fluorescent 1 Light System Kit

The Kino Flo Diva-Lite 201 Kit is perfect for interviews, or for any situation where compact color-correct soft lighting is needed. The Diva-Lite 201 takes two 55 watt KF29 or KF55 bulbs (not included) and can be set up in moments. The flicker free ballast is mounted on the back of the fixt...
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $999.99
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Part #: KIT139X12
Kino Flo | Mini Flo 12 In. System Kit, XLR Connectors | KIT139X12

The Kino Flo Mini Flo 12 In. System Kit, XLR Connectors includes two fixtures and two ballasts/power supplies. It is a lightweight, flicker-free, high-output fluorescent system, ideally suited for lighting car interiors, miniatures, table-top or for use as ...
PRICE: $1,039.00
Part #: KIT13909
Mini Flo 9

Mini Flo 9" Fluorescent System Kit - consists of: 2- 9" Fixtures, Power Supplies, Cables, Mounts, Car Adapters, Splitter, Flex Arm, Travel Case - 12 Total Watts (100-250V AC/12V DC)

The Kino Flo Mini Flo 9" Fluorescent System Kit is perfect for lighting small areas, such as car...
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $1,039.00
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Part #: KITD4120
DivaLite 401 Fluorescent Lighting Kit
The 120VAC Diva-Lite 401 with Travel & Lamp Cases Kit from Kino Flo consists of a Diva-Lite 401 fixture, slip-on Flozier diffuser, Clamshell Travel Case, and Lamp Case. This equipment, plus fluorescent lamps (sold separately) will get you started with a very efficient and versatile lighting s...
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $1,218.99
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Part #: PAR210Y120
Kino Flo | ParaBeam 210 DMX Fluorescent Fixture (Yoke Mount) | PAR210Y120

The Kino Flo ParaBeam 210 DMX Fluorescent Fixture is a directional softlight ideally suited for today’s rigorous demands for high quality, color-correct, cool lighting for HD television. With the introduction of HD broadcasts, it has become highly evident that the qua...
PRICE: $1,269.95
Part #: IMG47X120
Kino Flo | Image 47 DMX 4-Lamp Yoke Mount Fixture (120v) | IMG47X120

The traditional Image 47 DMX has Yoke Mounts designed to allow the yoke brackets to be placed in one of two positions. The additional option is useful when hanging the units in a studio with a low ceiling. The Baby Receiver Assembly for yoke can only be used on the Kino Flo Image 47...
PRICE: $1,449.95
Part #: KITD4120STD
Kino Flo | Diva-Lite 401 with Travel & Lamp Cases Kit (120VAC) | KITD4120STD

The Portable Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401 with Travel & Lamp Cases Kit (120VAC) series have become the industry’s most popular professional cool lighting fixtures for video location work. The Diva-Lite 401 portable softlights boast the company’s trademark mod...
PRICE: $1,569.95
Part #: KITD4120U
Diva-Lite 400 Universal Fluorescent 1 Light Kit

Kino Flo has revolutionized its award winning location lighting systems by creating the Diva-Lite 400 series especially designed for digital video capture. The new Diva-Lite portable dimming soft lights bring Kino Flo's advanced professional lighting to the digital video generation.
PRICE: $1,610.99
Part #: KIT-B450-120U
Kino Flo | BarFly 450 DMX 1 Light Kit (120v) | KIT-B450-120U

The Kino Flo BarFly 450 DMX 1 Light Kit is the next generation of thin BarFly lighting system. The soft cool beauty lights feature a narrow profile of 4.5 in depth with onboard dimming ballasts and lamp switching. The BarFly 450 also features DMX dimming and DMX lamp switc...
PRICE: $1,898.95
Part #: KIT-T450-120U
Kino Flo | Tegra 4Bank DMX Kit, Univ 120U | KIT-T450-120U

Kino Flo's new Tegra 4Bank DMX Kit redefines the evolution of light by combining the Academy-award winning features of the 4ft 4Bank portable system with onboard control features of the Diva-Lite 401. The all-in-one Tegra 4Bank DMX features new levels of co...
PRICE: $1,899.99
Part #: KITIMG47X1120
Kino Flo | Image 47 DMX 120v Yoke Mount Kit | KITIMG47X1120

The Image line of soft lights is most essential part of outdoor shootings and the Kino Flo soft lightening kits are very popular studio option for film, HD broadcast, video and photo set lighting. The Kino Flo Image 47 DMX 120v Yoke Mount Kit, produces the same quality of l...
PRICE: $1,969.95
Part #: PAR410P120
Kino Flo | ParaBeam 410 DMX (Pole Operated) 120V | PAR410P120

The Kino Flo ParaBeam 410 DMX (Pole Operated) 120V is a directional softlight suitable for HD television with high quality color-correct lighting. The lighting is more critical for HD video recording as a minor imperfection is clearly detected by the camera. The soft light ...
PRICE: $1,999.99
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