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Part #: 901010

The Profoto Pro-10 2400 AirTTL Power Pack is Profoto's flagship flash and the perfect fusion of breathtaking speed and impressive power. Having the ability to freeze a moment captured at 1/80,000 of a second is incredible in itself. But the real magic is the power to also generate massive light...
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Part #: LQ119

The SoftBox III is roughly twice the size of Lumiquest's original SoftBox, thereby producing considerably softer shadows. It fits conventional flashes (Nikon, Canon, Sunpak, Vivitar, etc.). Like the original SoftBox (LQ-107) the SoftBox III is center weighted but it will block autofocus assist...
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Part #: 100308

The Profoto B1 500 Air TTL Battery Charger recharges the B1’s battery in two hours. Standard charger for the B1. Delivered with power cable and nylon storage pouch.

  • Recharges an empty battery in two hours.
  • Integrated LED charge status indicator.
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Part #: B-36.152.00

The Broncolor Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Move 1200 L Power Pack is rated for 6.6 Ah and is designed for use with the Move 1200 L Power Pack. The battery is highly reliable and adds lot of lightening time for the project with one charge.

  • Lithium Lion battery series
  • Designed
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Part #: BW7693

The award-winning, original and unrivalled Bowens Small Travelpak for Gemini Monolight battery system is now even better. The restyled Travelpak makes working on long location shoots easy thanks to its unique new hot-swap battery feature. Now if a battery starts to fade on a lengthy assignment...
Part #: 7024954

The Porty Premium 1200 Watt Battery Operated, Radio Slave Strobe Kit with Head with asymmetrical power distribution is the location photographer's main choice for a high-powered field strobe. This model includes a built-in Radio Slave Receiver, allowing wireless triggering, and power level control...
Part #: RS-SR300DK

The RPS Studio SR-300D AC/DC 600 W/S Portable Monolite Kit is useful battery for moonlight that can be charged either with the main AC power or by the 12 volt DC power for extended outdoor shooting when there is no power. The battery pack contains two 300 watt-second digital monolights featured with...
Part #: BW3925USP

The Bowens Gemini 500PRO Pro range delivers more power and faster flash-durations making it the perfect portable flash system for fashion or commercial photographers. Available in four sizes from 500Ws to 1500Ws the Gemini Pro monolights feature all of the benefits of the Gemini r units, including...
Part #: BW3915USP

The Bowens Gemini 500R Monolight features the ability to be powered from AC mains in the studio or the award-winning Travelpak battery unit out on location as well as boasting a range of features designed to offer photographers not only ultimate freedom but unmatched power, durability and control...
Part #: 900980

The Profoto Pro-B3 1200 AirS is the fastest 1200Ws pack on the market, with a recycling time between 0.06 to 1.8 s, giving up to 16 flashes/sec. Plus, the very short flash durations of the Pro-B3 make it easy to freeze movement. The Pro-B3 AirS can be used while recharging. The generator offers...
Part #: CCKE

The Quantum Instruments Euro Cable is a short power cable for connecting a Turbo C power unit to a Nikon Flash.

Works With:
  • Nikon SB28 (EURO)
  • Nikon SB28D
  • Nikon SB28DX
  • Nikon SB800
  • Nikon SB80DX
  • Nikon SB900
  • Nikon SB910
Part #: BW8805USP

The most popular Bowens Gemini 1000Pro 2-Light Kit configuration is the two-head kits. These appeal to photographers buying studio lighting for the first time as well as photographers looking for exceptional value for money. Typical two head kits include two Gemini monolights with two Bowens l...
Part #: 11253

Replacement battery for the Speedotron Explorer 1500 Digital Power Pack. Provides up to 225 full-power flashes.
Part #: 956062

The Photogenic ION Lithium-ion Pure Sine Wave Inverter System with Spare Battery provides you the luxury to take your studio strobes on the field without electricity and without noisy generators or bulky old-style inverters. It is capable to deliver hundreds or even thousands of full power flashes...
Part #: 5300

Incorporating the latest in Lithium Ion technology, the Westcott's Encore Inverter is the first-ever system to not only power up your AC monolights when on the go - but also power up your mobile devices. Unlike competitive products only offering .5 amps, the Encore offers 3.0 full amps of charging...
Part #: 2496

For use of older style batteries with the new Porty packs. The existing batteries can easily be installed in the drawer without any rewiring.
Part #: EL104031

The new Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Hybrid Standard Set with Lithium-Ion is a compact portable 400 Ws battery flash system for studio and outdoors use. Complete with fast recycling times, wireless trigger and remote options via the EL-Skyport, the Quadra Hybrid really is a perfect system for anyone who...
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Part #: 3604

The Hensel EH Pro Mini 1200 P Porty Flash Head is significantly small in size as compared to the size of original Porty head. Its transportation has become much easier due to its compact size. The detachable 16 ft. (5 m) head cable (red collar) may be replaced with an optional 22' (7 m) or 33'...
Part #: BW3945USP

The Bowens Gemini 1000PRO Monolight Pro range delivers more power and faster flash-durations making it the perfect portable flash system for fashion or commercial photographers. Available in four sizes from 500Ws to 1500Ws the Gemini Pro monolights feature all of the benefits of the Gemini r units,...
Part #: 701268

The Profoto Pro Ring Diffuser for the Ringflash Head is best for fast and easy use that seriously softens the light characteristics of the Acute/D4 Ring, ProRing and ProRing2. The diffuser is mounted directly in front of the ringflash.

  • Mounted directly in front of the ringflash
  • Softens
Part #: 9449951

User exchangeable. Plugs without the use of any tools. Only for EHT standard head no. 4991. Rarely do flashtubes burn out. But they do crack & break! Usually as you open the lighting case on a location a hundred miles from any photography store. Even if you carry only one spare, it could be...
Part #: 5670

Battery Charging Unit QUICK 4 mains adapters included.
Part #: TBL

Slip a flash into the hot shoe and a Turbo Blade under your camera for a one-piece flash photography machine. Shoot hundreds of non-stop flashes... Or, mount a Blade on a monopod or light stand with a flash attached

    Shoe Mount Recycling: 1/10-1.5 sec
    Less Than 15 Ounces
    1/4"-20 Top/Bottom...
Part #: EL20193

The Elinchrom Zoom Action Head offers a very short flash duration for action freezing photography. The new A (Action) tube delivers a 40-45% shorter flash duration compared to standard omega (horseshoe type) flashtubes.

  • The Zoom Action offers a very short flash duration for action
Part #: 1499

The Hensel Porty Lithium Battery Pack and Quick Change Drawer can be used to augment your original Porty 6/12 Lithium battery.
Part #: TAC

Use the Turbo AC to power a small accent light, such as a Qflash with a snoot attachment, in place of a less versatile AC slave unit. Or use it to power a bounced fill "room" light positioned in the upper corner of a room, or a soft light with softbox or umbrella attached.

Just connect the...
Part #: XP-800

Answering the needs of todays location photographers, Dynalite is pleased to announce the XP-800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Weighing only 14lbs, the XP-800 is filled to the brim with power on the go for your studio strobes as well as modern electronic devices with 3 USB ports.

  • Pure
Part #: 102507

The Profoto 16' Profoto Pro Power cable for use in USA for the Profoto Pro 6, & 7 power packs. AC power cable with grounded USA plug The lenght is 16 ft (5m). This is a spare or replacement for the one that ships with the unit. The 16.4' cable is female NEMA on one end and has a plug for use in...
Part #: BW7760US

Although Bowens Creo Power Packs are compatible with QUAD flash heads, the Creo system also features its own Creo Flash Head. Smaller and lighter, the Creo Flash Head is built to the same robust levels as the generator and also features its own cooling and protection system to ensure color stability...
Part #: 3410

The Hensel Ringflash 1200 P-XS for Porty Battery Operated Flash System is a unique light source ensuring totally shadowless but concentrated illumination for high contrast or high key lighting. Ringlights are very popular for fashion and beauty photography.

The 3410 is similar to the 3000, but...
Part #: 501601

The Acute B is nothing less than a miracle. Weighing less than 5 kgs, it has a compact form (the size of a stack of VCR tapes) that incorporates a seven f-stop range from 9-600 Ws, 160 full power flashes per battery, and built-in wireless radio sync. With the Acute B Head, you can just put it...
Part #: OM3

The Quantum Instruments Omicron OM3 TTL Flash and Auto-Tracking Video Light allow users to take TTL flash photos while simultaneously capturing video. A mix of high quality white and colored LEDs delivers true color rendition and both the flash and continuous light produce a 60 degree beam angle...
Part #: QF36T

The Remote Qflash Head with 8 foot (2.5m) cables plug into the flash tube socket of a Qflash. A 1/4-20 threaded socket allows for convenient mounting in a light box, umbrella bracket, or lightstand. Remote Qflash Heads can be mounted to other Quantum mounting accessories such as QF72 Multi Bracket...
Part #: QF43

Extends power cable for model QFX/QFX2 - 16' (5m) long.

The Dyna-Lite Jackrabbit Pack II with 3 Hour Multi-Voltage Charger contains Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Cells. It can power 140 full power pops when connected to the UNI400JRg monolight. It recycles in 6.5 seconds, when used at 320 watt/seconds on a full charge. It is the smallest high voltage...
Part #: QF62S

The Silver Colored Bare Bulb Enhancer is designed to push out more light, approximately 1 extra stop, toward the subject when the photographer wants the bare bulb, no reflector look.

It is perfect for wide angle shots giving coverage of approximately 120 degrees. It has a matte silver surface...
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