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Part #: EL26141

The Elinchrom Standard Reflector For Elinchrom (8.25 In.) combines high output with a good spread of light. It forms the basis of many lighting effects as it is designed to be used with the accessory holders with barndoors and honeycomb grids, gels, diffuser, etc. as well as for efficient illu...
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Part #: RS4012

This 10" diameter lamphead is a standard kit replacement. This 10" diameter unit features an E-27 ceramic socket lamphead rated for bulbs up to 650 watts. Lamphead has a sliding rod-handle for focusing or changing light angle as well as tilting the reflector. Reflector produces a smooth light...
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Part #: RW22GR30P

The Gary Robinson Chelsea Light 22 In. Beauty Dish with Profoto Speedring is a 22 inches beauty dish with a 30 deg reflector, speedring, and diffusion sock. The dish works with Profoto strobes.
Part #: BW6660

The Bowens Fashion Lighting Kit is wonderful lightening essential for professionals to create outstanding images with the combination of light shaping tools included in this kit. It is designed to work with your Bowen monolights.

It includes two High-Performance Reflectors for high contrast coverage,...
Part #: 901183

The Profoto Softlight Reflector Kit creates a soft and directional light provides character light, perfect for beauty, fashion and portrait photography. The Softlight Reflector is also superb for other purposes, such as product and architectural photography. The 25° grid can be used to narrow the light...
Part #: SR80

This Soft Lite White 18" (45.7cm)"Beauty Dish" Reflector captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency when mounted to your Uni 400, SH2000, or SH4080 (and older 4040 & 4080) flash heads. Even though this 18" (45.7cm) diameter reflector intensifies the light, it still provides a feathered...
Part #: 100712

Even though it shares its basic lighting characteristics with the Zoom Reflector, the Profoto 20-30 Degree Telezoom Reflector for Profoto Flash Heads has a deeper shaper that creates a more directed and even light with a distinct fall-off. This has made the TeleZoom Reflector a favorite among...
Part #: QF60B

The Quantum Instrument Replacement Reflector for Q Flash is standard reflector for Quantum's Q Line of flash heads. Dimpled polished bowl produces even light from its direct-indirect distribution pattern.
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Part #: 917901

Satin-anodized for softer lighting with easy rotation to provide desired high-key and back lighting.
Part #: 8611

The Hensel White Beauty 22 In. Dish VII for Ringflash aluminum reflector transforms the hard, directional light of the ring flash into soft, extremely wide-angle radiating light. It is suitable for both outdoors and in the studio shooting.

  • New dimensions for beauty, fashion and
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Part #: 916828

The Photogenic PL18R 18" Glamour Reflector is satin-anodized and provides an indirect flood with 100ยบ coverage. The soft illumination is ideal for glamour, portrait and fashion applications. Compatible with any Photogenic flash heads and monolights that accept the Quick-change accessories.
Part #: SBSF7SR

The StarFlash 7" Reflector is designed for standard studio use. The reflector directs all the strobe light output onto the set.

  • Provides optimum light direction from StarFlash unit
  • Bayonet connection is easy and stable
  • All metal construction
Part #: 100717

For the Acute2 and Pro-7 ringflash. Achieves a very soft and even illumination.
Part #: 156

For even illumination of backgrounds at very small distances between reflector and background. The light is "scooped", and directed at the background in a fading oval shape.
Part #: 100654

Designed for use with an umbrella. It keeps light from spilling off the edges of the umbrella. Very compact design for easy carrying.
Part #: BW1882

The Bowens Complete Reflector Kit for Bowens Monolights is an innovative lighting control outfit composed of a reflector, snoot and four-leaf barn door, the Bowens Reflector Kit represents exceptional value for studio and location photographers. The efficient reflector is optimized for light spread...
Part #: 8607

Compact, lightweight aluminum designed ACW Hensel Beauty Dish Reflector is a 22" (56 cm) diameter white surfaced reflector designed to fit all EH Series Hensel flash heads. This Hensel 22" ACW White Beauty Dish Reflector is a white pan reflector that fits all Hensel flash heads. A Beauty Dish...
Part #: V5310000

A Standard plastic reflector with a bayonet mount.
Part #: 504

Compact and handy with even light distribution. Medium coverage of approx. 70 degrees. With clip in 7" grids (fits most manufacturers 7" grids) beam is variable from 10 to 40 degrees. With the adapter frame the grid reflector can be used with barn doors and filter gels which can be attched with...
Part #: 87

The Hensel 6in. Umbrella Flood Reflector for Flash Heads is designed specifically for use with an umbrella, while mounted to a Hensel flash head. It provides the proper beam spread for optimum, even distribution of the light into the umbrella.
Part #: 100643

Concentrates light into smaller area 50cm in front of flash for close-up photography.
Part #: 100642

For Acute2 and Pro-7 ringflash. Achieves softer, shadow reduced "beauty effect" by enlarging the ring flash area.
Part #: DP1

The Dedolight projection attachments are used to produce defined light and shadow patterns with absolute precision and infinite variations. It fits the front accessory slot of most Dedolight heads and is not made for use with other lighting systems.

Because the Dedolight and its projection a...
Part #: UNIGR7

This is a 7" 65 degree Reflector, perfect for umbrellas. It is designed to fit the =SH2000, SH4080, 4040 and 4080 flash heads and Uni400 and 250 Monolights. It also holds 33-08B grids.
Part #: SR65

This is a SR65 7" Grid Reflector. When attached to your 2000 or 40 series flash head or monolight, it intensifies and provides a 65 degree beam spread of light. The SR65 has a lip to accept optional honeycomb grids. It also has a drilled hole so the beam from your flash head is centered into...
Part #: EL26339

This Ranger Quadra Reflector Adapter for EL Reflectors allows any Elinchrom modifier up to 39" in size to be used with a Quadra head. This adapter has a stand mount, so it gets fitted to the back of the modifier; then that assembly goes onto a light stand where the Ranger Q head is attached.
Part #: 8607SP

This Hensel Special Beauty Dish Kit with Bag - 22in (White) includes a 22in (56 cm) diameter white reflector and a sturdy carrying bag. The beauty dish fits all EH Series Hensel flash heads. This type of reflector generates natural catchlights in the eyes of your subject making it ideal for...
Part #: 100794

The D1 Spill Kill Reflector is specifically designed to offer additional control of stray light when using the D1 250 / 500 / 1000W/s monolights with umbrellas.
Part #: P0900BC

The K 5600 Crossover Adapter for Broncolor is a clever and convenient method for attaching popular photo reflectors to our Jokers. Now machined out of a solid billet of aluminum, their tolerances are dead-on and they'll hold up to the weight of the largest softbox.

Crossover to Motion - Shoot...
Part #: 3440

The Hensel Standard Reflector for Ringflash 14 In. features with a built-in deflector specially designed for Ringflash. The reflector has ultra white inner surface and includes honeycomb grid for best lightening effects. The honeycomb grid is easy to remove so that you can switch between the s...
Part #: BW1863

The Bowens 7 In. General Purpose Grid Reflector is a good general purpose direct reflector. With a rolled rim and indent. With a rolled rim and indent, this medium-angle reflector will hold a 7 inches honeycomb grid.
Part #: BW1885

The Bowens 6 In. 120 Degrees Wide-Angle Umbrella Reflector is designed to be used with and to support umbrellas, it has a very wide, even coverage, making it perfect to spread light over broad areas. Its very small diameter which creates hard shadows and high-contrast lighting. This reflector...
Part #: BW1887

The Bowens 8" Maxilite 65 Degree Reflector has the ability to shape and control the light from a flash source. The Maxilite's stippled surface ensures high contrast and even light distribution.
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