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MFR Part #: 551
Samy's Part #: S-013820

This is a Westcott 150 Watt Modeling Light for the Photo Basic series Strobelite and Strobelite Plus Monolights.

  • For PhotoBasics Strobelite & Strobelite Plus
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MFR Part #: JD1709
Samy's Part #: NORMJD1709
The Norman (JD1709) is a replacement 150W/220V Modeling Lamp for LH2000, LH2400, LH4000, LH500+ and LH500
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MFR Part #: ESP
Samy's Part #: USHIESP
Availability: In Stock
MFR Part #: 102016
Samy's Part #: PROF504448

This is a Profoto 250W 120V Halogen Modeling Lamp. This Edison screw-base halogen lamp is for the Acute-ABS, ComPact Plus and ComPact Special flash heads. E27 socket.

  • For Acute-ABS, ComPact Plus, ComPact Special
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MFR Part #: 102011
Samy's Part #: PROF504442

The Profoto 150W/120V Halogen modeling light is used for ABS, CPS and CPPS heads. E27 socket
Availability: In Stock
MFR Part #: EL23006
Samy's Part #: S-022420

The Elinchrom Modeling Lamp - 100 watts/90 volts - for EL250, EL250C Monolights is a very useful and a good quality product by Elinchrom. 100W, 90V frosted, incandescent modeling light bulb for Elinchrom EL250, EL250C monolights, or any other lighting fixture that accepts an E27 medium screw base...
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Notice: This item is non-returnable
MFR Part #: 185
Samy's Part #: HENS185

Modeling Lamp, 50W/12V/6,35 Halogen (Code No. 185)
Availability: In Stock
MFR Part #: 102071
Samy's Part #: S-000537

120 Volt/300 Watt Modeling Light for Profoto D1 and FresnelSpot.
Availability: In Stock
MFR Part #: 1851
Samy's Part #: S-008230

The Hensel Modeling Lamp for Porty EF Pro Mini 1200 P Head (65/12V) is a quartz-halogen bulb for use as a replacement or spare for the one which comes as standard equipment with the EF Pro Mini 1200 P head. The modeling lamp is easily user replaceable.

  • User Replaceable
  • 65 Watts
Availability: In Stock
MFR Part #: M1505
Samy's Part #: COMEM1505
Replacement Comet 150w Modeling Lamp #M1505
Availability: In Stock
MFR Part #: EL 23031
Samy's Part #: ELINEL23031

The Elinchrom Modeling Lamp 150 watts For EL250R Monolight Modeling is a spare / replacement Halogen Lamp for Compact EL 250R and EL 500R. It is best for low heat generation with efficient light output.

Note: This product may contain mercury. Consult your local environment authorities for regulations...
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MFR Part #: B-34.260.00
Samy's Part #: S-035424

The Broncolor Halogen Modeling Light for Siros Monolights (300W/120V) is specifically designed for Siros Monolights. It produces 300 watts of power and operates on 120 volts.

Note: This product may contain mercury. Consult your local environment authorities for regulations regarding how to properly...
Availability: In Stock
MFR Part #: 102013
Samy's Part #: PROF701226

The Profoto Modeling Lamp - 250 watts/240 volts is a Replacement 250W 240V Modeling Lamp for Profoto Acute 2 and Pro 7 and other flash heads. E11 miniature screw base.

Note: This is a "European Voltage" product and CANNOT be used in the USA. It is designed for use overseas.
MFR Part #: 907023
Samy's Part #: S-045103

The Photogenic Modeling Lamp for Matrix MCD400R Monolight (150W/120V) is specially designed for use with 150W/120V Matrix MCD400R Monolight. The lamp is a means of pre-visualizing how the light from the flash head will fall on your subject. The lamp is mounted at the center of the flash tube and...
MFR Part #: B3423207
Samy's Part #: S-023113

The Broncolor 300W Modeling Lamp For Minicom 160 (120V) is high bright quartz-halogen flashtube which helps direct placement of the light and pre-visualize its effect. This is a 120V bulb and must be swapped out for an appropriate bulb when using your flash head in 220 - 240V environments.

MFR Part #: BW1024B
Samy's Part #: S-028252

The Bowens 250 watts Halostar Modeling Lamp for Esprit and DX Series Monolights is a replacement or spare E27 250W modelling lamp for use with Bowens monolights on 117V power supplies. This is a 250W screw-in modeling lamp specifically designed to fit the Bowens series monolight. Older style Bowens...
MFR Part #: 102007
Samy's Part #: PROF504446

For ComPactPlus 1200 or Acute2 flash heads. Mini-can E11 socket.
MFR Part #: 504449
Samy's Part #: PROF504449

This is a 65 watt, High Efficiency Modeling Lamp for the Acute B battery operated flash head.
MFR Part #: 171
Samy's Part #: S-020740

The Hensel Wide Angle Fresnel Superspot 3000 Head with Zoom lens, 650W Modeling Lamp has very hard and sturdy flash tube and the halogen light, which are mounted onto a folding lamp unit that are very easy to remove and fix. The Superspot's zoom lens makes it ideal for applications requiring a...
Notice: This item is non-returnable
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