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MFR Part #: 310LT
Samy's Part #: S-018511

The Azden 310LT UHF On-Camera Bodypack System is a powerful yet affordable UHF wireless microphone system for camera-mount applications. The system consists of Azden's 35BT bodypack transmitter, EX-503L lavalier microphone and 310UDR camera-mount diversity receiver. With a feature set that includes...
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MFR Part #: ATW-1702
Samy's Part #: S-034134

With its compact, portable design, the Audio-Technica System 10 - Camera-Mount Digital Wireless System is ideally positioned to capture media on the go. Perfect for video production, electronic news gathering (ENG) and every mobile application in between, the receiver features multiple mounting...
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Samy's Part #: S-022358

Designed for handheld interview and presentation applications, the Reporter features an omnidirectional dynamic capsule that is designed to allow the user freedom of use, without the technique related issues typical of directional end-address microphones.

Additionally its frequency response has...
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MFR Part #: FV420
Samy's Part #: SONYFV420

The FV-420 handheld dynamic, unidirectional vocal microphone provides wide, clear, natural sound reproduction is highly suitable for vocalists with superior voice projection. The FV-420 also provides a 3-Pin XLR "Cannon" connector for a professional, durable and reliable connection. High power...
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MFR Part #: MD46
Samy's Part #: SENNMD46

The Sennheriser MD46 cardioid interview mic is designed to focus on the subject, increasing clarity. It features low handling and wind noise, and to eliminate vocal popping, this microphone gives the ENG team an ideal interview tool.
  •  Double layer grille basket 
  •  Cardioid
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MFR Part #: AVX-835 SET-4-US
Samy's Part #: S-039128

The Sennheiser AVX Handheld Wireless Set is the perfect digital wireless microphone for film projects. The system fully self configures and is ready to film within seconds. Its ultra compact receiver fits directly into the XLR audio input of your camera or recording device. The robust handheld...
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MFR Part #: FV220
Samy's Part #: SONYFV220

The FV220 dynamic, vocal microphone houses an alnico magnet for extended frequency response and also comes with the UniMatch plug adapter for use with karaoke players, cassette recorders or CD players, that provide a microphone input.
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MFR Part #: E835
Samy's Part #: SENNE835

The E835 Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Microphone is designed to perform under pressure. Uniform frequency pick-up pattern maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis during performance. It includes gentle presence boost functionality to even tonal response and ensure clarity and projection....
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MFR Part #: AT8004
Samy's Part #: S-002474

Audio-Technica's AT8004 (5.93" long) omnidirectional dynamic microphone is designed for on-location interviews/sports broadcasting. It offers exceptionally clear and natural reproduction and features internal shock mounting that minimizes handling and cable noise. The microphone's omnidirectional...
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MFR Part #: SKM AVX-835S-4
Samy's Part #: S-039132

The Sennheiser AVX Handheld Microphone Transmitter is fully self configuring which makes the setup of radio frequencies a thing of the past. The AVX matches perfectly to your camera's input sensitivity without having to adjust the audio level on the microphone. The mute switch on the handheld...
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MFR Part #: BETA 58A
Samy's Part #: S-014649

The Shure Beta 58A is a high-output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone designed for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording. It has become a leading choice among vocalists and touring professionals worldwide.

The Beta 58A maintains a true supercardioid pattern throughout...
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MFR Part #: AT8004L
Samy's Part #: S-002473

Audio-Technica's AT8004L (9.43" long) is designed for on-location interviews/sports broadcasting. Its extended-length handle provides ample room for a microphone flag. The microphone offers exceptionally natural reproduction. Internal shock mounting minimizes handling/cable noise. The microphone's...
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MFR Part #: 310HT
Samy's Part #: S-018512

The Azden 310HT UHF On-Camera Handheld System is a powerful yet affordable UHF wireless microphone system for camera-mount applications. The system consists of Azden's 35HT handheld microphone transmitter, and 310UDR camera-mount diversity receiver. With a feature set that includes 188 user se...
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MFR Part #: ATR288W
Samy's Part #: S-035518

This multi-purpose Audio-Technica ATR288W VHF TwinMic Wireless System provides versatile performance for camcorders, karaoke, DJs, houses of worship, schools, meetings and presentations. The ATR288W TwinMic VHF wireless system is supplied with two microphones, an omnidirectional condenser lavalier...
MFR Part #: PG58-LC
Samy's Part #: S-014653

The Shure PG58 is a rugged handheld microphone ideal for lead and backup vocals with a cardioid polar pick-up pattern for less feedback when on stage.
MFR Part #: M1
Samy's Part #: S-015352

With rock-solid build quality and a high-power neodymium capsule, the Rode M1 live dynamic microphone is designed to provide the very best performance night after night, while taking all the abuse expected of a microphone with the rock 'n' roll credentials of Rode.

The M1's ergonomically designed...
MFR Part #: AT8031
Samy's Part #: AUDIAT8031

The Audio Technica AT8031 microphone is ideal for close-up interviews, vocals, overheads, piano, and strings. Its cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source. The mic’s proximity effect provides added warmth when used close up. Features...
MFR Part #: ME65
Samy's Part #: S-020018

The ME65 - Super-Cardioid Handheld Condenser Microphone Capsule for K6/K6P is designed for use with the K6 and K6P powering modules. It is especially suited to vocal and speech applications. Matte black, anodized, scratch-resistant finish.
  • Supercardioid pick-up pattern
  • Excellent directivity
MFR Part #: PG48LC
Samy's Part #: S-014652

Affordable, application-specific microphones. Ideal for everyday use and practice. The perfect introduction to Shure engineering excellence for performers ready to plug in and play out. Performance Gear Microphones provide a complete vocal, instrument and drum selection and feature many of the...
Samy's Part #: S-031978

The Sennheiser E835 Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Microphone Kit is a lead vocal stage mic, designed to perform under pressure. The e835 features a powerful sound with a presence boost for improved projection on stage making it possible to balance signals against higher levels of on-stage amplification....
Samy's Part #: S-015294

Seamless integration was the idea, and it was obtained by creating a studio dynamic microphone with unparalleled A/D converters, so that the microphone can be plugged into any computer with no in/out boxes, no expensive computer pre-amps, just a USB cable.

The Podcaster offers an end-address...
MFR Part #: M58
Samy's Part #: BEYEM58

The Beyerdynamic M 58 Hand-Held Microphone has been specifically designed to satisfy the demands of Electric News Gathering (ENG) and Electronic Field Production (EFP) applications. Its sophisticated internal shockmount dramatically reduces handling noise, while the microphone's frequency response...
MFR Part #: ENCORE100
Samy's Part #: S-010923

Everything we've learned from years of building the world's best studio recording microphones has gone into the enCORE 100, a studio-grade handheld dynamic microphone designed to deliver exceptional all-around performance, no matter what your application.
The en
MFR Part #: 105XT
Samy's Part #: S-018510

The 105XT from Azden is a portable plug-in UHF wireless system that's designed to mount onto a video camera. The included 15XT plug-in transmitter can be attached to any handheld dynamic microphone (microphone not included). The 15XT wirelessly transmits the attached microphone's signal to the...
MFR Part #: 310XT
Samy's Part #: S-018513
The Azden 310XT UHF On-Camera Plug-In System is a powerful yet affordable UHF wireless microphone system for camera-mount applications. The system consists of Azden's 35XT plug-in microphone transmitter and 310UDR camera-mount diversity receiver. Plug your favorite wired XLR handheld or lavalier...
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