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Part #: 540500

Like all members of the M-Series, the Arri M40 HMI Head unifies the advantages of a PAR light and a Fresnel fixture. Due to the unique lerns-less Max Technology, the unit is open face and thus very bright, but also focussable over a range of 18-52° HPA, casting a crisp shadow. The reflector ch...
Part #: 518500

Based on the design principles of the ARRIMAX, the new Arri M18 HMI Lamphead is an innovative lamphead that works with a new power class of lamp: the 1800W SE HMI™. This lamp boasts 750 hours of average life and a Luminous Efficacy of 92 Lumens per Watt (L/W). The Color Rendering Index (Ra) is...
Part #: 501300

The compact, low heat Pocket Pars provide a superior light that would previously have only been attainable with higher wattage lamps; Arri Arrilux 125 Watt Pocket-Par HMI Lights are ideal for close-ups or setups where space is limited. For day-to-day production the Pocket Pars offer superb punch...
Part #: 502806

The ARRI Electronic AC Ballasts are the most reliable HMI ballasts available. With active and stable lamp current regulation, ARRI EBs can increase lamp life up to 20% and increase luminous efficiency by at least 5%. In addition, the ARRI EB operates in flicker free mode for off speed shooting or can switch...
Part #: K0800JBDOUB

The K 5600 Lighting Joker-Bug 800W HMI - 1 Light Kit was designed at K5600 Lighting’s request. The UV coating prevents the dispersion of harmful UV allowing the use of perforated safety globes. The Joker Bug 800 wattage was chosen to complete a range with a logical one stop increase between each model....
Part #: K0400/800JB+

The K5600 Lighting Joker-Bug 400W / 800W HMI 2 Light Kit includes its own multi-voltage AC power supply, 25 ft. extension cable, a set of 4 lenses, a beaker, a beamer, 4 leaf barndoors, HMI bulb, and wheeled hard shell kit case. It also includes a 16x22 inches softbox with adapter ring and removable...
Part #: K0400JBDOUB

The K5600 Lighting Joker-Bug 400W HMI Pair of Light & Case Kit is built around the K5600 Joker-Bug 400. Its output is comparable to a 1500/2000W quartz fixture at very low power consumption of only 5.5 Amps.

This unit has been adopted as the choice for Motion Picture Gaffers and cameramen for use...
Part #: K1600JBZ

The K 5600 Lighting Joker Bug 1600W Zoom Beamer Kit was designed at K5600 Lighting’s request. The UV coating prevents the dispersion of harmful UV allowing the use of perforated safety globes. The Joker Bug 1600 wattage was chosen to complete a range with a logical one stop increase between each model....
Part #: K0200/400JBDOUB

The K5600 Lighting Joker-Bug 200W/400W HMI AC/DC Combination Kit is versatile and lightweight. It includes a 200W and 400W HMI PAR light, with power supplies and lenses for adjusting the light spread from each fixture. Its output is equal to 750/1000 watt quartz fixture with only 3 amps. It is...
Part #: K0800CR

JOKER-BUG 800 owner obviously understands the enormous advantages of this unique fixture. Because of the increasing use of Chimera Lightbanks for fine daylight interiors, two camera interviews, TV magazines, and documentaries, we designed this fixture to take full advantage of the large reflective...
Part #: K0200JB+3

The output of the Joker-Bug 200 can be compared to a 750/1000 Watt quartz fixture, but with a power draw of only 3 Amps. It has become a standard for small interiors, interviews, documentaries and car shots. The system will travel and operate in 110 and 240Volt environments as well as 28.8 (2x...
Part #: K0900BE

The BIG-EYE Joker accessory will turn any Joker-Bug system into a Giant Focusable Fresnel Beauty light.

This 18K style (24" diameter) polymer Fresnel lens will deliver: When you need a bigger, harder source as a front, but you do not want the source to be too small and therefore too harsh. When...
Part #: K0600FS

The Focal Spot, which gives your current Joker-Bug 200W or 400W immediate projection capabilities. Made from machined aluminum, the compact (less than 10 inches in length) and lightweight (less than 1.5 lb.) Focal Spot can attach by simply removing the optical Beamer with the twist of a thumb...
Part #: A0800ST

The K 5600 Lighting's Softube for Joker 800W HMI Light is an accessory that fits onto the filter holder of the JOKER JOKER-BUGS configuration (PAR). This accessory converts the concentrated beam of light that produces a spot and a PAR light source broadcasts , spreads and linear. It can be used...
Part #: A0400ST

The Softube is an accessory to the Joker light. It transforms a normally spotty narrow beam into a soft and even linear source. These characteristics make the Softube the perfect corner light: ideal for window reinforcement, large vehicle interiors and wherever a compact long soft source is needed....
Part #: L0800SE

When K5600, Inc. introduced the K5600 Lighting 800 Watt Hot Restrike HMI Lamp for Joker Bug 800 a unique wattage to the market in 1999, we expected it to be a welcomed change…But never did we expect it to become our # 1 seller and discontinue our own 1200! A JOKER-BUG 800 owner obviously understands...
Part #: L0400SE

The K 5600 Lighting HMI SE Lamp for Joker - 400 Watts combines the characteristics of the BUG-LITE 400, a 400 Watt daylight HMI system without optics, with those of the JOKER 400, a PAR 46 fixture using a specular parabolic reflector and a set of 4 lenses. The JOKER-BUG 400 is comparable to a

Part #: P0800MF

The K 5600 Lighting Medium Flood Lens for Joker-Bug 800W Spreads the light beam, allowing it to cover a larger area than it would if the Beamer was used alone. Fits inside the ears of the Beamer.
Part #: P0400MF

The K5600 Lighting Joker 400 Medium Flood Lens is a Medium Flood lens used for spreading light beam to cover a larger area. It fits inside the ears of the Beamer.
Part #: 282021

The Profoto GE CSR 800W HMI Lamp is a replacement HMI lamp that reduces UV by 98% for safety and ideal color rendering. It produces 5600K Daylight Color Temperature at CRI>90 and has a long life up 750 hours.

  • UV-Block
  • Hot-Restrike
  • 5600K Daylight Color Temperature
  • CRI > 90
  • 750
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