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Part #: 90702

The Arca-Swiss E-module (cloud) Pourappareils R-Line is a new device for measuring distances to Rline series with the e-module Cloud. Arca-Swiss developed a world first in terms of distance measurement with a device that does not present the danger of lasers. Cloud e-module is perfectly usable and there is no...
Part #: 161008

The focal length zoom is adaptable by simply extending the viewfinder that unfolds in drawer. Roller cams corresponding to each focal length, interchangeable under viewfinder indicate the depth of field for the objective function of the diaphragm in use. Delivered with the objectives of magnetic...
Part #: 017142

The Arca-Swiss RotaMount Rotating Back To Series R, F and M Line is the new rotating back used for both R (digital or film back) series for view cameras Series F - and M - Line Darca-SWISS. The new rotary RotaMount to switch back in a few seconds and helps to safely shoot landscape format/ portrait...
Part #: ACAM90

This black and silver item (ACAM-90) from Artisan & Artist added to the shutter release button of your camera will soften and increase its height for easier activation. It fits onto many Leica cameras and other rangefinder and old film models equipped with a traditional shutter release.

The brass

Availability: In Stock
Part #: 161011

The Broncolor Probe for FCM 2 Flashmeter plugs into the FCM 2 meter to give your film plane metering capability with any metering back equipped Sinar view camera.

Please Note: Original Box has damage.

Availability: In Stock
Part #: SG14

The SG-14 SureGrip(TM) from Carson Optical is a 2x power Handheld Magnifier with an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle for the ultimate in comfort. Its crystal-clear acrylic lens gives you a sharp distortion-free view, and a 10x high-power spot lens allows you to see even the finest details

Availability: In Stock
Part #: 992280
This is the Dark Slide for the Contact MFB-2
Availability: In Stock
Part #: FIDS4X5

Replaces lost or damaged dark slides
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 02405054

The Fujifilm QuickLoad Film Holder is a low-profile quick load film holder which makes large format location shoots much easier. 4x5 single sheet enveloped film takes up less space than double sheet film holders and minimizes dust problems. The QuickLoad holder permits single-handed operation...
Part #: 33016

Detachable film magazines allow the photographer to exchange exposed film for unexposed in seconds, or change between film types, lengths, and formats without losing a single frame. Carrying extra, pre-loaded film magazines effectively increase your readiness and efficiency, in the studio or...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 30213

Can be changed in middle of roll without losing a single frame. Indicators and safety features prevent mistakes. All magazines are compatible with all Hasselblad camera models. Two film formats: 6x6 and 6x4.5 cm. Load capacity from 12 to 70 frames. Individually adjusted for precise film-plane...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 70520
Hasselblad Alignment Slide #70520
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 53379

Hasselblad replacement cover for the HMi-100 Polaroid back for the H series camera
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 41068

Dark Slide for V Film Magazine.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 47024
Replacement Hasselblad Lens Shade 35/45 for the Arcbody #47024.

The ArcBody incorporates many of the features of a large format camera. With its 28mm front shift and rear tilt of ±1 5°, the ArcBody is the ideal tool for the architectural, industrial and commercial photographer. Three Rodenstock...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 41114
This is a replacement protective cover for the Polaroid Film Magazine 80.

Please Note: This is new, but old stock, the original packaging has signs of age.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 41126
This is the standard replacement dark slide for the older model Hasselblad PolaBasic Polaroid Film Magazine.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 85352
This Hasselblad Quick-Release Adapter is to be used in combination with the Hasselblad flashgun brackets (Product numbers 45072, 46330, 45071 and 46329 - all discontinued) and the (discontinued) Hasselblad Tripod Quick Coupler 45129.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 85360
Hasselblad Camera Tripod Adapter for 45129 (Pro Systems 85360). This product is designed to allow owners of the Hasselblad Tripod Quick Coupler (45129) to also use it for non-Hasselblad cameras, such as 35mm, 4x5 cameras and camcorders.

Please Note: Old stock, new, but the packaging is worn.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 197120

Using this Slide Viewer, you can view your Holga 120 3D Stereo Camera images!
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 155120
This 35mm Film Adaptor Kit allows for the use of 35mm film in any Holga 120 medium format camera. Supplied with easy to follow instructions that will get you started quickly. This kit includes a plastic insert that replaces your existing battery cover/120 insert with one that guides 35mm film...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 22463

The Roll Film Holders feature ratchet advance and automatic counter resetting. Choose from among five types: 6x7 and 6x9cm for 120 and 220 film, respectively, and a 6x12 model for easy panoramic photography with your 4x5" camera.
Part #: 21461

For the most accurate framing and focusing, a groundglass can be attached as an optional accessory.
Part #: 14408

The aim in the development of the Leica Motor M was to design an especially compact and quiet motor drive for the Leica M cameras. It increases the attractiveness of the entire M system and makes it easier to use. The Leica Motor-M is compatible with all Leica M6 TTL, M6, M4-P and M4-2 camera. ...
Part #: 052522
Replacement Linhof 4x5 Super Screen Fresnel Focusing Screen #052522

Please Note: Not Glass 
Availability: In Stock
Part #: Z200INST

The Lomography Belair X 6-12 Instant Back allows everyone now to shoot gorgeous instant images with the Belair cameras. It allows Fujifilm Instax Wide film packs (10 photos per pack) to use in the medium-format Lomography Belair X 6-12 camera in order to capture instant images. To spice up the...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 576

With the Diana Instant Back+ you can create all your favorite Diana+ looks in an instant photo! Easily attach it to the back of any Diana+ camera and load with Fuji Instax Mini film. Shoot dreamy instant snapshots with your Diana F+.

  •     Takes instant photos using Fujifilm Instax Mini film
Availability: On Backorder
Part #: 384

This Lomography Belair X 6-12 35mm Back accessory allows you to shoot 12 panorama shots with a standard 35mm film roll. The interchangeable back replaces the medium-format back of the Belair in order to use your favorite 35mm (135 size) film as it is exposed at the 120 film width (12 cm), creating...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 212495

One of the greatest money saving devices available. The Polaroid Film Pack Holder is indispensable for checking exposure, composition and lighting. Fully meter coupled with RZ AE finder. An absolute must in elaborate settings where the shoot cannot be duplicated.
Part #: 212103

The Mamiya 120 6 x 4.5cm Roll Film Magazine is for the Mamiya RZ67 series camera. For use with 120 type film and will give 15 exposures. It includes a 6 x 4.5cm format vertical/horizontal viewfinder mask.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 210400

Inserts can be pre-loaded with film, and ready for use in Magazines. It's the economical and efficient way to be prepared for long shooting sessions when fast film changes are required.
Part #: 601427
This is a replacement Mamiya 120 Film Strip Carrier #601427.

Please Note: It is old stock and the box is slightly aged/worn.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 1883

Copy light assembly for TC-2. Weighs 6 lbs.

Please Note: Old Stock. Original packaging is damaged.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 2583
The Nikon E Focusing Screen for N90 & N90s Cameras - Matte with AF Brackets, Grid & 12mm Center Circle type E Focusing Screen is an interchangeable focusing screen that features grid patterns/Fresnel and is ideal for copying and architectural photography.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 2593
The Nikon Type G3 Focusing Screen is an interchangeable focusing screen compatible with the Nikon F5 camera. This clear Fresnel screen features an extra bright 12mm microprism area, with 5mm spot meter and 12mm center-weighted reference circles. Ideal for viewing and focusing super-telephoto...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 2594
The Nikon Type G4 Focusing Screen is an interchangeable focusing screen compatible with Nikon F5 series cameras. Exceptionally bright image because matte surface is not used. Suitable for dim light or fast-moving subjects.
Availability: In Stock
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