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Part #: 799932

The Airbox Eggcrate Louver for Model 126 Softbox is a two-part grid to use with the Model 126 Softbox. It attaches to the softbox via hook-and-loop fasteners and narrows the beam angle to produce a harder, more controllable quality of light with fewer spills.

  • Narrows Beam Angle
  • C
Part #: 450048

The Airbox Eggcrate For Macro Softbox is a tight 3/8" honeycomb renders a beam spread of 60 degrees to direct the output and control spill light, thus concentrating the Airbox Macro's output on your subject. It mounts to the front of the Airbox Macro via touch fasteners.

  • Reduces Beam
Part #: LVR-D490-P

The Kino Flo 90 Degrees Honeycomb Louver for Diva-Lite 400 is used to focus the light from the lighting fixture at required angle of 90 Degree. The louver also diffuses and directs the light with minimal loss of light from the main light beam. It is lightweight and easy to attach to the fixture with...
Part #: LVR-CE260-P

The Kino Flo Louver/HP 60 Degrees For Celeb 200 fits the new Celeb 200 LED fixture. It is made from high grade plastic and it controls and focuses the light, which narrows the light spread with minimal light loss.
Part #: LVR4804B

Black grid like panel used for trimming spill, but with less control and output loss.
Part #: LVR4802B

The Kino Flo Eggcrate Louver for 4 ft. Double Fixture fits Kino Flo 4ft. 2 Tube Fixture. The Black grid like panel is used for trimming spill, but with less control.The specially designed metal foil Louvers are available in 90, 60 and 45 degree which narrow the light spread with minimal light...
Part #: LC44EC40

The Egg Crate for Rifa-lite 250 - 40 Degrees is a high quality Egg crate by its manufacturer Lowel and is used for better light control. Each Egg Crate attaches quickly and afterwards folds up to be stored in its own small lightweight bag. Weight: 7oz (196g)
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