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MFR Part #: 50300144
Samy's Part #: PHAS50300144

The Phase One Multi-Connector to Mini Jack Female Cable for Camera Back (4.7 In.) is specifically designed to use with the Leaf Credo Camera Back. The cable is compatible with the Hasselblad V and H series cameras and Contax 645 Cameras. The cable is useful to connect older, large format wake-up...
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MFR Part #: 904304
Samy's Part #: LEAF904304
The Leaf DP-67 Bracket is used to connect an accessory to a hot shoe using the bracket and adapter.

Please note: This is old stock, the original box has some damage, but the unit is new.
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MFR Part #: 50300131
Samy's Part #: PHAS50300131

The Phase One Wake-Up Cable for Credo Digital Back is used with Digital Back to operate in one-shot mode. It also allows using the Phase One digital back on cameras with mechanical shutters, e.g. Copal. The back can be set to "Normal Latency" mode.

Compatibility: Leaf Credo backs in V-mount (no...
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MFR Part #: 50300146
Samy's Part #: PHAS50300146

The Phase One Motor Cable for Hasselblad 503CW Camera is a control cable that connects the Leaf Credo series of digital camera backs to the motor drive on a Hasselblad 503CW camera. It enables you to trigger the camera from the computer when shooting tethered.

Compatible With: Hasselblad 503CW...
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MFR Part #: 71395000
Samy's Part #: PHAS71395000

Phase One and Schneider worked together to provide a seamless integration for the Schneider electronic shutter system into the Phase One workflow. This resulted in production of Phase One Schneider USB control for Phase One P+ digital backs, to efficiently integrate the digital back with Schneider...
MFR Part #: 190035010
Samy's Part #: S-047145

The Alpa Backadapter XF is optimized for the use together with all Phase One IQ3 digital backs and later. The outer shape follows the contour and features of the all new XF camera body. Nevertheless the adapter can also be used with older digital backs with the Mamyia 645 AF interface and is m...
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MFR Part #: 190010014
Samy's Part #: ALPA190040012

The ALPA Back Adapter H1A is made for the Hasselblad H interface, adjustable with shim kit, max. +/- 3/10 mm in steps down to 1/100 mm, for digital backs only.

  • Made for the Hasselblad H interface
  • Adjustable with shim kit
  • For digital backs only
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MFR Part #: 190010012
Samy's Part #: S-017687

The Alpa Backadapter HAA is adjustable with shim kit, max. +/- 3/10 mm for digital backs and certain Hasselblad accessories only. ALPA back adapters are interchangeable and reversible horizontally / vertically for the numerous Hasselblad V-Series cameras including 500 and 200-Series systems.

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MFR Part #: 70994
Samy's Part #: S-010541

The Phase One Mamiya RZ 67 PRO IID Adapter enables to use Phase One Digital Backs with Mamiya RZ Pro II D without using extra cables and allows you to rotate the digital back, just as you could with the original RZ film back. All the connections and openings are embedded to match the configuration...
MFR Part #: 50300143
Samy's Part #: PHAS50300143

The Phase One Multi-Connector to Lens Sync Coiled Cable (15.7 In.) is used to connect digital back in conjunction with a view camera. The cable is 15.7 inches coiled cable to syncs the back to the lens' mechanical shutter via its PC sync terminal. The cable has coiled flexibility for extended...
MFR Part #: 200015N
Samy's Part #: S-025604

The Arca-Swiss Adapter Mamiya 645/Phase One 6x9 N-Standard is absolutely mandatory if you want to adapt a digital back to your room. The adapter transforms ordinary camera to digital shooting arsenal for your valuable events.

NOTE: When ordering the adapter well please specify if you order this...
MFR Part #: 50300148
Samy's Part #: PHAS50300148

The Phase One Sync Cable Short for Hasselblad V is a shorter version of sync cable, to be used between your Phase One H 101 backs and your camera or lens's PC sync terminal. It enables you to trigger the camera from the computer when shooting tethered.

  • Uses multi-connector
  • Used to
MFR Part #: 53342
Samy's Part #: HASS3053342

A plastic bottom cover for Hasselblad H series cameras. Protects the entire bottom of the camera body and tripod plate also providing an attachment for the hand strap. Must be removed to use a tripod.  Easily slides on and off. 
Notice: This item is non-returnable
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MFR Part #: 50300145
Samy's Part #: PHAS50300145

The Phase One Motor Cable for Hasselblad 553 ELX Series Camera (11.8 In.) is required for use with Phase One P+ and IQ backs with the Hasselblad ELX camera. The motor cable is used to fire the camera shutter from a computer using the Capture One Pro capture button and allows for host capture using...
MFR Part #: 70233000
Samy's Part #: PHAS70233000

The Phase One Port Covers for P/P+ Digital Backs is a replacement cover pack covers the PC sync, and Firewire port. The cover keeps the dust and dirt away from entering the ports when not in use.

  • Covers ports not in use
  • Protects ports against dirt and dust
MFR Part #: 170800361
Samy's Part #: S-048049

This Sync Cord Mark II With MiniJack 2.5 mm Connector is made for use with the digital backs having 2.5mm mono jack to operate remotely. The ALPA Sync Release Mk II is also functional with the Mk I type. ALPA Sync Cord Mark II for Digital Backs using MiniJack mono 2.5 mm connector, for ALPA Sync...
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