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Part #: DL0433P

This is Dotline 15ft PC/AC Straight Sync Cord for Power Packs. 
Availability: On Backorder
Part #: 0418
Dyna-Lite 18' Extension Cable for Dyna-Lite Flash Heads
This 18' Head Extension Cable is for use with current heads and power packs. It lenghtens the distance between your pack and head by 18' (5.4 m). Other lengths are available.
Availability: On Backorder
Part #: 0315X

The Dyna-lite 15 ft. Heavy Duty Sync Cord is designed to connect, and allow triggering of Dynalite Power Packs from a camera. The power cord has standard AC plug on one end and PC connector on the other end.
Part #: 0203

This is a Dynalite AC Power Cord. It is 10 ft. long, grounded for use with 110-120VAC current. It fits all Dynalite power packs and monolights.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: EL11036

This Flashhead Adapter Cable is required to connect Ranger S or A Heads (from the Ranger RX / Speed or Speed AS Battery System) to the Ranger Quadra Power Pack.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: EL11097

The Elinchrom Pack Adapter Cable for Quadra adapts EL powerpack flash heads to ELB 400 and Quadra powerpacks. It becomes useful when you want to use an Elinchrom (non-Ranger) head with the Ranger Quadra AS power pack.

  • Adapts EL powerpack flash heads to ELB 400 and Quadra powerpacks
Availability: In Stock
Part #: EL11002

This Elinchrom 11.5 ft. Head Cable for Ranger Quadra is specifically designed for Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Head. The cable is perfect choice to operate your head away from power pack for outdoor shooting. The standard flashhead cable supplied with each RQ Flashhead is 8 ft. which is not sufficient...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: EL11122

The Elinchrom EL-Skyport cable is 15.7" long and has a 3.5mm mono jack on each end to connect the EL-Skyport Universal Receiver to compatible flash units.

  • Mini Plug to Mini Plug (3.5mm)
Part #: EL11125

The Elinchrom 3.5mm to 6.3mm RCA Adapter allows you to connect the EL-Skyport Universal Receiver via 3.55mm to 3.5mm sync cord to flash units that have a 6.3mm sync socket.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: HA6943P

A PC (Post Connection) Cord connects a camera to a flash head, or monolight, enabling the flash to fire at the instant the shutter button is pressed. Many cameras do not have a PC terminal to connect this cord. If so, an additional Hot Shoe Adapter must be used, to provide the necessary terminal.
Part #: HA6946P

The Hama Sub Mini to Male PC Sync Cord - 15' (4.5m) is a PC (Post Connection) Cord that connects a camera to a flash head, or monolight, enabling the flash to fire at the instant the shutter button is pressed. Many cameras do not have a PC terminal to connect this cord. If so, an additional Hot...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 7901

The Hensel Extension Cable for EH Flash Heads adds 16.5' (5 m) of useful cable length between the EH Pro Mini and EH Pro Mini 1200 P flash heads and the Porty or Pro Mini 1200 AS power pack in use.

  • For EH Pro Mini / EH Pro Mini 1200 P
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 5791

The Hensel EH Pro Mini to Porty Adapter Cable permits use of the Pro Mini Head with the Porty Battery Operated Power Pack. This cable is 16.5' (5m) long.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 7906
The Hensel EH Mini Flash Head to Vela/Tria Pack Cable allows you to use your EH Pro Mini, Pro Mini Speed or Pro Mini 1200 AS flash head on a Hensel Tria or Vela power pack.

Please Note: Old Stock, packaging has signs of age, but has never been used. 
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 122

This Hensel Standard Sync Cord is 16.4' (5 m) long with 6.3mm phone jack for connecting to a Hensel Porty EHT Head.
Part #: E219

50 ft. Heavy Duty Power Cord.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: E224

25' Heavy-duty extension cord.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 4558
Used together with either an SC-17 TTL Remote Cord or the AS-10 TTL Multi-Flash Adapter, the Nikon SC-18 gives multiple flash units full TTL control.

Please Note: This is new but old stock, the box has some damage but the cord is unused and new.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: PMPWMH1
This Paramount 16" straight Household Male to Male Miniphone sync cord enables firing of a strobe head or power pack that accepts a male household style plug, from a Pocket Wizard Radio Slave Receiver or transceiver.
Availability: On Backorder
The Paramount PW-MPCF Adapter is a molded piece that features a female PC tip on one side, and a mini-phone plug on the other side. This will allow a sync cord ending in a male PC tip to connect to equipment with a Monophone socket.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: FV120CORD

The Starlite QL Power Cord (120v) fits the domestic model Starlite QL continuous light head. This product comes with each Starlite QL light head.

designed with heavy duty switch casing. 20A industrial grade, oversized, back-lit rocker switch. High-impact molded cover with sidewalls for optimum...
Part #: 919670

The Photogenic Powerlight Trip Cord is a 15' sync cord for Photogenic or other brand lighting equipment with a standard 1/4” connector. Standard PC tip on other end.
Part #: 303519

32' Head extension cable Extension that works on both Pro-7A and Pro-7B packs and heads, as well as the ProB2 pack.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 303518
Availability: On Backorder
Part #: 330601

This head extension cable will extend the length of the original Acute flash head cable by 16.4' (5M).
Availability: On Backorder
Part #: 330606
The Profoto 3' ACUTEB Two-Head Split Cable is an accessory for AcuteB 600 and AcuteB2 600 AirS Battery Generators. With the AcuteB Two-head Split Cable connected, the power distribution from the AcuteB2 becomes fully symmetric and each head can be powered with up to 300Ws.

  • Turns a single
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 330607
With the Profoto B2 Air TTL Extension Cable connected, you can position the B2 Air TTL Off-Camera Flash another three meters away from the pack without compromising performance.

Availability: On Backorder
Part #: 102507

The Profoto 16' Profoto Pro Power cable for use in USA for the Profoto Pro 6, & 7 power packs. AC power cable with grounded USA plug The lenght is 16 ft (5m). This is a spare or replacement for the one that ships with the unit. The 16.4' cable is female NEMA on one end and has a plug for use in...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 102511

A 16.4' (5M) AC power cord, grounded, designed to be used in Japanese 200V power outlets. Designed to fit the Profoto Acute Power Pack and Compact Monolight.

  • Power Cable for 200V Japanese Outlet 
  • 16' (5m)
  • Grounded

Availability: In Stock
Part #: 102509

This Profoto Power Cable for Acute (North America) is a 16.4 feet Acute power source with female NEMA on one end and has a plug for use in North America on the other end.
Part #: 102502

A 16.4' (5M) AC power cord , ungrounded, designed to be used in Japanese 100V power outlets. Designed to fit the Profoto Acute Power Pack and Compact Monolight.

  • Power Cable for Japan 100V outlets
  • 16' (5m)
  • Ungrounded
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 103001

Flashes can be triggered in several ways: via a synchro-cable connected to the camera, by a built-in photocell triggered by the flash from another unit, or by being interconnected to another flash via a Synchro Interconnection Cable. This cable must be used when "daisy-chaining" or wiring together...
Part #: 103010

Profoto Sync Cable for the D1 Monolight is a 16' (5 m) mini-plug (1/8 / 3.5 mm) to camera PC cord
Availability: On Backorder
Part #: YDC6

The Quantum Cable YDC6 for Turbo Compact Battery to fit Canon 1D & 1Ds Digital Cameras.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: QF43

Extends power cable for model QFX/QFX2 - 16' (5m) long.
Part #: QF52

Needed for the third QFlash connected, and each one thereafter. Also required for a TTL adapter or remote sensor when used with 2 or more Qflashes.
Availability: In Stock
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