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Part #: XP-800

Answering the needs of todays location photographers, Dynalite is pleased to announce the XP-800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Weighing only 14lbs, the XP-800 is filled to the brim with power on the go for your studio strobes as well as modern electronic devices with 3 USB ports.

  • Pure

The Dyna-Lite Jackrabbit Pack II with 3 Hour Multi-Voltage Charger contains Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Cells. It can power 140 full power pops when connected to the UNI400JRg monolight. It recycles in 6.5 seconds, when used at 320 watt/seconds on a full charge. It is the smallest high voltage...
Part #: B4LI

The Dyna-Lite Interchangeable Lithium-ion Battery for Baja B4 Monolight is a user-replaceable lithium ion battery supporting up to 550 full-power flashes.
Availability: On Backorder
Part #: XP11B

Never run out of power when shooting on location. An extra battery can be a life saver and mean the difference between success & failure.

An auxillary battery for the Dynalite 1100 w/s power inverter.

Charges inside the inverter -- 2 hrs to 80%, 10 hrs to 100% of full capacity.
Availability: In Stock
Part #: JRCH300

The Auto Charger for Jackrabbit Battery Packs is supplied when that battery pack is purchased. This multi-voltage unit will fully recharge the Jackrabbit 2 nickel metal hydride battery in as little as three hours.
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Part #: B4-CH

The Dynalite Battery Charger for Baja B4 Monolight is a multi-voltage charger used to charge the Baja B4's Lithium-ion battery in approximately 5 hours. The charger has sufficient length of cable for distance charging / power on the dynalite.

  • For Baja B4 Monolight
  • Charges Battery
Availability: In Stock
Part #: EL 10407.1

The Quadra Hybrid AS RX is a compact portable 400 Ws battery flash system for studio and outdoors use.

Complete with fast recycling times, wireless trigger and remote options via the EL-Skyport, the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Hybrid RX Lead-Gel Battery 1-Light Standard A Kit is a perfect system for anyone...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: EL19295

The Elinchrom Quadra Li-Ion Battery is a lightweight battery dedicated to the Ranger Quadra system.

With this smaller battery, the Ranger Quadra becomes even more portable than ever ! The Ranger Quadra now weighs a complete 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) less but offers up to 320 flashes at full power.

Note: R...
Availability: On Backorder
Part #: EL11037

The Elinchrom Car Charger for Ranger Quadra Li-ion Batteries is used with any 12 V car battery. This charger is only compatible with the Lithium-Ion battery of the ELB 400 and Quadra systems.

  • Strong and Portable
  • Used with any 12 volts car battery
  • For charging Quadra batteries
Availability: In Stock
Part #: EL19279

The Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Li-Ion Battery Charger is dedicated to the Lithium-Ion battery of the Ranger Quadra Battery System. It allows you to use higher capacity, lightweight Li-Ion batteries. The multi-voltage charger features high security circuitry.

  • Multivoltage
  • Included
Part #: EL19355

The Elinchrom Skyport Charger Kit enables recharging of the Universal Skyport Receiver. It includes AC plug adapters for multi-voltage, multi-national use.
Part #: 1494

The Battery Drawer with Lithium Battery for Porty Premium gives the photographer in the field a 60% lighter option to the model 1497 standard lead-gel Porty battery. Weighing in at only 3.3 lb, the 1494 battery provides 30% faster recycling as well as greater flash capacity in a leak-proof case....
Part #: 1499

The Hensel Porty Lithium Battery Pack and Quick Change Drawer can be used to augment your original Porty 6/12 Lithium battery.
Part #: 5671

The extremely short charging time and multivoltage technology are the special features of this charger. The unit can be used with all voltage ranges between 100v and 250v. The mains cable can be adapted to different outlet types.

The charger has an electronic sensor that "recognizes" connected...
Part #: 1497

Batteries can now be exchanged by simply releasing one lever that securely locks the drawer in the pack and then pulling out the drawer. By sliding in another drawer with a fully charged battery the Porty is ready again for another 100 flashes at full power within less than 5 seconds.
Part #: 5670

Battery Charging Unit QUICK 4 mains adapters included.
Part #: 2496

For use of older style batteries with the new Porty packs. The existing batteries can easily be installed in the drawer without any rewiring.
Part #: INTS1B

The Interfit Battery for S1 Monolight is a spare battery for the S1 monolight. The interchangeable 4500mAh Li-Ion battery provides up to 350 full power flashes in Manual and TTL modes and over 400 full power flashes in High Speed Sync mode.

  • 350-450 Full Power Flashes
  • Li-Ion 4500mAh
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 800-0298-A

Never run out of battery power during extended field assignments and increases run-time of the Stella 1000 by 214 minutes and the Stella 2000 by 115 minutes (on high). The Light and Motion 49 Wh External Battery Kit for Stella Lightheads can be utilized to power the light as well as recharge S...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: 800-0297-A

Never run out of battery power during extended field assignments. Increase run-time of the Stella 1000 by 122 minutes and the Stella 2000 by 65 minutes (on high). The Light and Motion 28 Wh External Battery Kit for Stella Lightheads can be utilized to power the light as well as recharge Stella's...
Availability: In Stock
Part #: G116

The Lowel G1-16 Spare Battery Charger is used to charge the battery of the GL-1 Power LED Focusing Light. The charger can also be used to directly power the light while charging the batteries.
Part #: 025C
The Medium Battery with Pepi Charge Control is Lumedyne's standard battery. It provides 200 flashes @ 200W/s. It is the minimum battery required for the X-Tra Fast Series of Lumedyne Power Packs.

Pro-Rated Warranty
    All of the batteries carry an 8.3 Year Pro-rated Performance Warranty.
Part #: CX1Y

The CX1Y Lumedyne Single Extra-Fast Charger is the new Single Extra-Fast Charger with the fastest charging rate that we've ever offered. While it is still very small and lightweight, the CX1Y is intended for use ONLY with our Medium, Large and Extra Large Batteries because it is too fast for the...
Part #: CQ1Y

The CQ1Y Lumedyne Single Quick Charger is the new Single Quick Charger with a quick charging rate and a great. The CQ1Y is compatible with all of the sizes of Batteries and Cyclers from Lumedyne.

Note: These new Chargers have the same battery compatibility limitations as our Hyper Chargers for...