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[X] Brand: Dedolight
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Part #: DFH
Gel Filter Holder 3x3in.

Accepts any type of heat resistant gel filter.

  • Size: 7,6 x 7,6 cm (3 x 3”)
  • Weight: 20 g (0.7 oz.)
PRICE: $20.50
Part #: DL20
12V 20W Halogen Lamp
Classic lamp for film, TV and photographic work

Voltage: 12 V
Wattage: 20 W

Lifetime hours: 3000*

* Average maximum lifetime in Dedolight at 3200K on DT12-4
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $17.00
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Part #: DLH4
Tungsten AC/DC 100/150 Watts Light Head

The fourth generation DLH4 light head is the single, best selling professional, precision light source in the world. The award winning Aspherics lens combination and zoom focus. The many power options and unprecedented range of accessories make it a uniquely versatile instr...
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $522.00
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Part #: DLHM4300U
150W Focusing Light Head with Dimmable Power Supply (120V)

The Dedolight DLHM4300U is a self-contained 150 watt, 120 volt tungsten-halogen fixture that works with a built-in electronic transformer dimmer. Using 24V, 150W lamps powered directly from an AC power source, this version of the Dedolight head offers a color temperature of 3000°K.
PRICE: $820.00
Part #: SPS5U
SPS5U 5 Light Portable Kit

The Dedolight SPS5U 5-Light Portable Kit combines two revolutionary pieces of lighting technology in a highly portable kit. The Dedolight DLH1x150 Soft Light Head is a benchmark technical expression of evenness of illumination in a lamphead.

Intended for use i...
PRICE: $7,620.00
Part #: DPOW3
Light Head Cable DLH3 4 Heads to DT12-4

DPOW3 Light head cable connects DLH4 light head to DT12-4 or DT24-3 power supply.

May also be used as an extension cable.

Length: 8 m (26.2')

Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $54.50
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Part #: DT243
150 Watt Power Supply

The DT24-3 Power Supply/Control Unit offers the same functions and options as the DT12-4 except that this unit powers three lights, each equipped with 150W lamps at a nominal voltage of 24V. Its AC power input can be set for every AC power in the world from 100V to 255V in 24 steps.

PRICE: $1,338.00
Part #: DPFS
Imager Framing Shutter Blade Set

Supplied in a set of four. 
You can insert 3, 4 or even 5 of these framing shutter blades to form triangles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids and other shapes.
  • Weight: 28 g (1 oz.)
  • For DP1 only.
PRICE: $35.00
Part #: DBD8
DBD8 Eight Leaf Barndoor Set with Gel Clips 5.5in.

Standard eight leaf barn door with gel-clips.

New barn door.
? Small leaves have two helper leaves to eliminate unwanted light exit.
? Each large leaf has two clips for attachment of gel filters.
? Use of gels (blue, ND, dark colors) with this barn door (instead o...
PRICE: $65.25
Part #: DP1
Projection Attachment with 85mm F2.8 Lens

The Dedolight projection attachments are used to produce defined light and shadow patterns with absolute precision and infinite variations. It fits the front accessory slot of most Dedolight heads and is not made for use with other lighting systems.

Because th...
PRICE: $469.95
Part #: DPIR
DPIR 18 Leaf Iris for DP1 and DP10 Projection Attachment

A full–metal iris allowing the creation of almost perfectly round images in varying sizes. The standard Dedolight iris features a continuous movement of 18 leaves.

  • Weight: 48 g (1.7 oz.)
  • For DP1 only.


PRICE: $153.00
Part #: DPGH
M Size Gobo Holder
A two part holder for round, standard M-size metal gobos (shadow patterns).
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $24.50
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Eye Attachment Set

This set consists of three acrylic filters and a holder. These lenses produce a glowing-type diffused light with soft edges. Each filter produces a slightly different effect and can be combined to increase their effects. Will fit any lens with the projection attachments.

As long ...

PRICE: $124.00
Part #: DSBSS
Dedolight | Dedoflex 16x22 In. Small Softbox with Silver Interior | DSBSS

The Dedolight Dedoflex 16x22 In. Small Softbox with Silver Interior could be used with all Dedolight softlight fixtures, except the PARSOFT. With fabric intended for the heat of a continuous light, the Small Softbox is ideal for work in small spaces where softening of the l...
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $226.50
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Part #: DL150
24 Volt, 150 Watt Quartz Halogen Lamp for Standard Tungsten Heads

The lamps used in the Dedolight system offer four, distinct advantages.

The small size of the filament contributes to the effectiveness of the optical system. Dedolight lamps cost only a fraction of lamps used in standard voltage lights with similar output. The long lifetime (especia...

PRICE: $11.50
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