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[X] Brand: Mamiya
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Part #: 212090
RZ67 Pro IID Value Pack With 110mm Lens

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID is the natural evolution of the legendary RZ Pro II, the industry standard used by many of today's most renowned photographers and artists because of its large 6 x 7cm ideal format negative size, over four and a half times larger than 35mm. The u...
PRICE: $4,240.00
Part #: 215038
Mamiya | 50mm for f/4.5 Super Wide Angle Lens for Mamiya 7 Cameras* | 215038

*Special Order - Call for Availability

The Mamiya 50mm f/4 is a true wide angle design that produces superb results. The 50mm f/4 opens up a new world of distortion-free ultra-wide angle photography. Supplied with ultra-wide optical finder. The detachable ultra-wide optical find...
PRICE: $2,179.95
Part #: 212300
Mamiya | 37mm f4.5 Fisheye Lens for RZ67 Cameras * | 212300

The 37mm f/4.5 fisheye renders unusual perspective with a full rectangular image and expansive 180 degree angle of view.

Linear distortion is apparent, and can be creatively used for unusual perspective of any scene or subject. Applications include interpretive landscape and ar...
PRICE: $2,899.00
Part #: 212379
180mm f/4.0 Variable Soft Focus Lens for RZ67 Cameras

The 180mm f/4 VSF lens is a compact mid range telephoto lens. It yields a good camera to subject distance, slight flattening of portrait subjects, and exceptional sharpness.

The unique optical design essentially has an optically correct center, which can produce a sharp image vi...
PRICE: $1,899.00
Part #: 210607
210mm f/4.0 AF ULD IF Lens for 645AF & 645AFD Cameras

With an angle of view of 19 degrees, this lens is equivalent to a 130mm lens in 35mm format. Its natural focusing effect suppresses the foreshortening typical of telephotos while still isolating the subject. Excellent for a wide range of situations, and particularly for portraits. Super low...
PRICE: $1,990.00
Part #: 215034
150mm f/4.5 Lens for Mamiya 7 Cameras

The Mamiya 150mm f/4.5 is a moderate telephoto, using a unique design of six elements in five groups, along with low and ultra-low dispersion glass to create apochromatic performance matched to the entire group of Mamiya 7 lenses.

Applications include portraiture, fashion, lands...
PRICE: $2,274.00
Part #: 210610
105-210mm f/4.5 AF ULD Lens for 645AF & 645AFD Cameras

The 645 Series offers two ideally matched zoom lenses adding total 35mm format handling and flexibility to medium format quality. The 55-110 f/4.5 zoom covers the popular 35-70mm zoom range in 35, whereas the 105-210mm f/4.5 ULD is its perfect match covering a 65-130mm equivalent range. The...
PRICE: $2,390.00
Part #: 80059300A
Mamiya | SEKOR 120MM f/4 AF Macro Lens | 80059300A

The Mamiya SEKOR 120MM f/4.0 AF Macro Lens is Ideal for beauty close ups, jewelry or nature when you want to get real close to the subject. This lens has a magnification factor of 1:1 but also performs well at 1:20. Focus limiter button makes it easy to stay within focus ar...
PRICE: $4,290.00
Part #: 211-744
Mamiya | Battery Compartment for 645AF | 211-744

The Battery Compartment for 645AF is a very useful and quality product but its manufacturer Mamiya. This is the replacement battery holder for the Mamiya 645 AF camera body.

PRICE: $59.95
Part #: 211711
Mamiya | Focusing Screen SA402 Standard Matte for 645 AF | 211711

The Mamiya Focusing Screen SA402 Standard Matte for 645 AF supplied with the Mamiya 645 AF camera. It is one of three replaceable focusing screens for the camera.  The Checker SD 402 is same as Matte, but with perpendicular grid. The grid pattern is ideal as a composit...
PRICE: $124.50
Part #: 51802817A
Mamiya | FireWire 800 to 800 Cable 14.7 Ft (4.5m) for Mamiya DL & DM Digital Backs | 51802817A

The Mamiya FireWire 800 to 800 Cable 14.7 Ft (4.5m) for Mamiya DL & DM Digital Backs connects your computer to a Mamiya DL or DM digital back for real-time image storage on your computer via high speed FireWire connection and a repeater with three ports enables you to conne...
PRICE: $280.00
Part #: 210400
120 Roll Film Insert for 645 Pro, 645 Pro TL, 645E Cameras

Inserts can be pre-loaded with film, and ready for use in Magazines. It's the economical and efficient way to be prepared for long shooting sessions when fast film changes are required.
Part #: 212103
120 6x4.5 Roll Film Magazine for RZ67 Pro II Camera

The Mamiya 120 6 x 4.5cm Roll Film Magazine is for the Mamiya RZ67 series camera. For use with 120 type film and will give 15 exposures. It includes a 6 x 4.5cm format vertical/horizontal viewfinder mask.
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $450.00
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Part #: 212495
Polaroid Film Pack Holder, Film Back with Dark Slide for RZ67 Cameras

One of the greatest money saving devices available. The Polaroid Film Pack Holder is indispensable for checking exposure, composition and lighting. Fully meter coupled with RZ AE finder. An absolute must in elaborate settings where the shoot cannot be duplicated.
PRICE: $495.00
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