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Part #: 608
Waterproof Keymaster Case

You've parked up. You've changed into your wetsuit. You've waxed your board. You've locked everything in your car. You're ready to go. Where do you put your electronic car key? Hmm. You're not sure that your insurance would appreciate you leaving it behind the wheel much.

PRICE: $19.95
Part #: 658
Medium Whanganui Electronics Case

This case will protect all sorts of electronic devices including Sony Readers and the Kindle 3.

  • Everything works normally through the case including touchscreens.
  • Also protects from dust, dirt and sand.
  • Supplied with ...
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PRICE: $32.00
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Part #: 408
Mini Waterproof Camera Case

You've got your camera on you not because you know there'll be the opportunity to use it, but just in case there is. And there sure is, as you come across a sweet log-jump into a muddy pool on the trail. Dismounting, you whip out the camera and wait
and Free Photo Book
PRICE: $34.95
Part #: 418
Small Waterproof Camera Case

You always knew that the beach holiday was going to be hard-work. I mean, two-weeks lying on golden sand, reading a trashy novel and ordering mojitos is torture, right? All there is to do to relieve the anguish is snap off the occasional shot of some brightly colored tropical fish on the re...
and Free Photo Book
PRICE: $39.95
Part #: 448
Large Waterproof Camera Case

You knew that the 12x zoom on this thing was a good investment. Despite the weather, you can pretty much see up the Eagle's nostril from here. I mean, what an awesome sight, as it shelters from the storm, huddled in its wings and although aware of your presence it's just looking at you like...
PRICE: $49.95
Part #: 518
Waterproof MP3 Player Case

You know there's no better sound than the wild outdoors. Well, except for the album you downloaded last night which is thumping out as rain lashes down on you on the trail. Strapped to your arm and out of the way, your mp3 player drowns out the thunder and it's just you, your music and your...
PRICE: $49.95
Part #: 428
Waterproof Camera Case with Hard Lens

Sand. How does it find its way so easily into everything? Your shoes are full and your hair may never be brushable again, but it's worth it as you line up the perfect shot and capture man and nature at its finest. Using every ounce of balance against the wind, and maximum optical zoom, you ...
PRICE: $54.95
Part #: 468
Waterproof Camcorder Case

You don't really care whether your back is getting burnt at the moment, because the fish on this reef are unbelievable. They're like you see in the movies. The movies like the one you are making with your handycam; the one you got in the sale no less. Move over Jack Cousteau & Steven Sp...
PRICE: $129.95
Part #: 919
Waterproof In-Ear Headphones

You're a little bit phased by the fact that as you bob your head underwater, the dulcet tones of Elvis Presley don't skip a beat, don't change in pitch and don't burble away like you would have expected them to. Elvis hasn't left the building
PRICE: $44.95
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