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Part #: 33016

Detachable film magazines allow the photographer to exchange exposed film for unexposed in seconds, or change between film types, lengths, and formats without losing a single frame. Carrying extra, pre-loaded film magazines effectively increase your readiness and efficiency, in the studio or...
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Part #: 30213

Can be changed in middle of roll without losing a single frame. Indicators and safety features prevent mistakes. All magazines are compatible with all Hasselblad camera models. Two film formats: 6x6 and 6x4.5 cm. Load capacity from 12 to 70 frames. Individually adjusted for precise film-plane...
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Part #: 53379

Hasselblad replacement cover for the HMi-100 Polaroid back for the H series camera
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Part #: 41068

Dark Slide for V Film Magazine.
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Part #: 155120
This 35mm Film Adaptor Kit allows for the use of 35mm film in any Holga 120 medium format camera. Supplied with easy to follow instructions that will get you started quickly. This kit includes a plastic insert that replaces your existing battery cover/120 insert with one that guides 35mm film...
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Part #: 22463

The Roll Film Holders feature ratchet advance and automatic counter resetting. Choose from among five types: 6x7 and 6x9cm for 120 and 220 film, respectively, and a 6x12 model for easy panoramic photography with your 4x5" camera.
Part #: 212495

One of the greatest money saving devices available. The Polaroid Film Pack Holder is indispensable for checking exposure, composition and lighting. Fully meter coupled with RZ AE finder. An absolute must in elaborate settings where the shoot cannot be duplicated.
Part #: 212103

The Mamiya 120 6 x 4.5cm Roll Film Magazine is for the Mamiya RZ67 series camera. For use with 120 type film and will give 15 exposures. It includes a 6 x 4.5cm format vertical/horizontal viewfinder mask.
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Part #: 210400

Inserts can be pre-loaded with film, and ready for use in Magazines. It's the economical and efficient way to be prepared for long shooting sessions when fast film changes are required.
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