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Rapid Omega 100 Medium Format 6X7 Press Rangefinder Camera + 60MM F/5.6 Lens (Used)

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The Koni-Omega is a class of medium format rangefinder cameras. These press cameras are 6×7cm (2 1/4" × 2 3/4") rangefinders with a combined viewfinder and coupled rangefinder and automatic parallax compensation. Some cameras have fixed lenses while others have interchangeable lenses. Still others have interchangeable backs. All cameras use medium format roll film. Not including the military cameras (e.g., PH-501/PF) the first camera in what would later become the Koni-Omega system was released in 1954, and the Rapid Omega 100 ended production in 1981. Despite having American origins these cameras were produced in Japan for most of their production run.

The Simmon Brothers, known for their line of enlargers, built the original Simmon Omega. The Omega 120 camera was design by Alfred Simmon.[1] The designs of later cameras were likely by Berkely Brothers and Konica. The product was principally by Konica. There are ten 6×7cm exposures to a roll of 120 film and 20 to 220 film roll. However, the 220 film backs are less common than the 120 backs. The Koni-Omega Rapid M, Koni-Omega M, Koni-Omegaflex M and Rapid Omega 200 have interchangeable film magazines allowing for mid-roll film exchange. The film advance is via a pull-push operation on a handle on the side of the camera. This makes for fast advancing and hence the source of the name Rapid. The lenses are focused by a large knob above the film advance. The entire lens mount moves in and out with a rack-and-pinion system. The image in the rangefinder and viewfinder determined by the focus and one or more pins protruding from the rear of the lens. There is a large grip on the other side of the camera near the shutter release. No light meter is included in these cameras The cameras require a dark slide to change lens and or film backs. The dark slide is part of an interlock system that prevents the shutter from being fired with a dark slide in place. Double exposures are possible with all cameras but accidental double exposures are rare.

The is a used camera. It does show signs of age and use, as expected. Everything appears to works. The lens does have scratches on the coating & a few specks of dust inside like all lenses this age do. It will not affect the photos.
Film Cameras Information
Film Format 120mm
Film Format 220mm
Film Format 6x7
Film Format Medium Format
Viewfinder Non-removable viewfinder
Viewfinder Removable Optical
Lens Aperture F/5.6-F/32
  • Koni-Omega 60MM F/5.6 Lens (Used)
  • Koni-Omega Rapid Omega 100 Medium Format 6X7 Press Rangefinder Camera (Used)
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