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HDR-MV1 Music Camcorder

MFR Part #: HDRMV1
Samy's Part #: S-029655
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Enjoy the Sony HDR-MV1 Music Camcorder especially designed for musicians. HDR-MV1 supplies Linear PCM to capture pure sound without source compression. It faithfully records original individual sounds with realistic depth and tone for CD-quality high-density audio. What's more, HDR-MV1 also supports AAC (48kHz, 128kbps) for Internet uploading and sharing. Sony mic and amp technology deliver sound that's as stunning in playback as from a PC.

Now it's easy to create expansive 3D sound. The HDR-MV1 dual-microphone unit projects outward from the device, rather than being embedded in the body. Moreover, the 120 degrees X-Y stereo system tilts the two mics to the center of the device, covering a wide range of sounds from the left, center, and right. Thus, unlike smartphones and camcorders with embedded mics, HDR-MV1 records wide, deep, truly realistic stereo sound.

120 degrees wide-angle shooting is possible. You can capture expansive scenes and large groups in small rooms or confined places with no room to step back. HDR-MV1 incorporates a Carl Zeiss lens crafted by the renowned German optical equipment manufacturer. Make use of high-precision optics to shoot high-quality images with excellent resolution, contrast and colour reproduction.

Turn memorable performances into Full HD video movies. Record in Full HD (1920 × 1080) for enjoyment of high-definition videos on widescreen TVs. Capture club gigs, studio sessions, improvisation, concert recitals, music lessons, home recordings and more. Then share with a wider audience of family, friends, fans, fellow musicians, teachers, students, and others-not to mention connected viewers worldwide.

Sony's original Exmor R CMOS sensor captures high-quality images, including clear facial expressions and movements even in dark studios and stages. Improved sensor sensitivity receives incoming light more efficiently due to the back-illuminated structure using wiring layers on the back side of the photodiode (light receiving element). HDR-MV1 can take bright, beautiful images wherever you shoot.

All you need are the free mobile apps such as "PlayMemories Mobile." Connect HDR-MV1 to smartphones or tablets via Wi-Fi and immediately transfer recorded videos for upload and sharing on the Internet. Operate HDR-MV1 start/stop recording remotely and check viewing angles while recording. Also enjoy using the NFC function with NFC-equipped Android smartphone or tablet for single-touch video transfer ("one-touch sharing") and remote control connection ("one-touch remote") no need for complicated settings.

  • LPCM & AAC Audio Formats for Recording Versatility: Records in uncompressed Linear PCM (LPCM) and versatile AAC audio formats. With LPCM recording you'll be able to capture high-resolution CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit sound. With AAC recording you'll be able to capture 48kHz/128kbps audio files for easy uploading to the Internet.
  • Capture Wide-Angle Stereo Sound with 120° X/Y Microphone: The HDR-MV1's 120 degrees stereo microphone array captures full stereo sound. Plus, unlike smartphones and conventional camcorders, its wide-angle recording field allows you to easily capture every note and lyric from the entire band - even at close distances.
  • Capture Full HD 1080/30p Video with Low Grain in Low Light: Record Full HD 1920 x 1080p video at 30 fps with low grain - even in low lighting situations. You can record using the web-friendly MP4 format, which is ideal for sharing your Full HD movies on the Internet using your smartphone, PC or Mac computer.
  • Exmor R CMOS Sensor with Enhanced Sensitivity:Experience enhanced low-light sensitivity with improved image clarity and reduced grain thanks to Sony's back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor. Designed for compact cameras and camcorders, the Exmor R CMOS sensor relocates the photo diodes above the support circuitry, maximizing the light gathering area per pixel so you can shoot with better results in lower lighting conditions. The camcorder also features a BIONZ image processor and Triluminous color technology.
  • Wide-Angle 120 degrees Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens:The 120 degrees wide-angle Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens captures high-quality video with Full HD 1080p or HD 720p resolution, high contrast and accurate color reproduction. Plus, its wide viewing angle allows you to easily capture the entire band and stage from close distances.
  • Multi Terminal USB Port for Charging & Data Transfer:The unit's integrated Multi Terminal USB port provides convenient charging and data transfer connectivity. The HDR-MV1's USB port will even charge the battery and access content on a computer simultaneously. Plus, with the supplied battery and optional AC-UD10 power adapter, users can operate and record video while the device is charging.
  • Audio Lip Sync Functionality:The Audio Lip Sync functionality ensures synchronicity for postproduction between the audio track and the video
  • Capture Stereo Sound via an External Microphone:You can use your favorite microphone when recording by simply attaching it using the camera's microphone input jack.
  • Manually Control & Monitor Input Levels via a 2.7 In. LCD Screen: The HDR-MV1's 2.7 inches widescreen LCD monitor allows users to quickly frame their shots and make adjustments. You can use the LCD screen to manually or automatically adjust audio level control in 31 steps. There's also an on-screen meter that allows users to monitor the audio input levels and adjust to diverse environments.
  • Built-In Wi-Fi & One Touch NFC:The HDR-MV1 employs built-in Wi-Fi and One Touch NFC (Near Field Communication) to link the camera to a compatible smartphone or tablet. This allows you to instantly upload recorded videos to the Internet. The Wi-Fi/NFC function also turns your mobile device into a remote control and a remote monitor for the HDR-MV1, which is especially useful for framing the scene to achieve your desired shot.

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Video Camera Information
Camcorder Type HD Handycam Camcorder
Sensor 1/2.3 type (7.77 mm) back-illuminated "Exmor R" CMOS sensor
Lens Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar
Recording Media Memory Stick Micro/MicroSD
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Weight Not Specified By Manufacturer
Megapixels 16.7 megapixels
Lens Information
Focal Length f=18.2mm
Aperture Range f/2.8
Minimum Focusing Distance 11.8 in. (30cm)
Flash Synchronization 1/8 - 1/10,000
Angle Of View 121 degrees
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
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