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PL625DRC 250 Watts PowerLight Monolight (UV)

MFR Part #: 915864
Samy's Part #: S-027920
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The Photogenic PL625DRC 250 Watts PowerLight Monolight has a 6 f-stop flash output range from 7.8 to 250Ws. The unit delivers accurate, repeatable power to the flash tube every flash, for consistent exposures. At full power it has a short 1/2000 sec. flash duration. Tight control of the flash output is accomplished through a digital display that allows for precise adjustments in 1/10 or 1/2 f-stop increments. Just like the flash, the bright 250W modeling lamp can be controlled to any output level you need-full, proportional, manual or off. The flash tube is user replaceable. The PL625DRC recycles to full power in a lightning-fast 1.2 seconds with short flash durations that help you stop every gesture, an attribute which is extremely valuable when working with kinetic subjects like dancers or athletes. The included UV color-corrected flash tube renders accurate skin tones and prevents blue from creeping in to the color balance.

When you purchase a PowerLight, you gain the creative freedom that comes from having dozens of compatible light modifiers to choose from: soft boxes, umbrellas and the entire Quick-Change line, including those legendary Photogenic reflectors. Professionals trust Photogenic PowerLights for rugged build, consistent output, and reliable results. It also features a test button, optical slave and integral handle. The PL625DRC comes with a 7.5 inches reflector and is compatible with a wide range of optional accessories including grids, snoots, parabolic reflectors, wireless IR triggering and control units.

  • Six Stop Power Range: Power settings Power levels are diplayed in easy-to-read LED digits allowing settings from 7.8W/s to 250W/s in 1/10 or 1/2 stop increments
  • Fast Recycling: The PL625DRC recycles to full power in only 1.25 seconds to catch even the most fleeting gestures
  • Modeling Light: The PL625DRC can take up to 250W quartz modeling lamps with independent power control that are adjustable from full to 1/32 power in 1/10 or 1/2 stop increments. It can be set to Proportional, to pre-visualize the lighting effects, to Manual adjustment or Full On or Off.
  • Low Trigger Voltage: Digital cameras can be used with Photogenic PowerLights without fear of damage to the electronics
  • Built In Slave: Highly sensitive, switchable optical slave for synchronization with other flashes
  • User Replaceable Flashtube: No tools are required to replace this "plug & play" flashtube
  • Ready Indication: Dims the modeling light while charging the capacitors. When the capacitors are at 100%, the modeling lamp re-lights
  • Auto Dump Function: When reducing the power output, excess flash power in the capacitors is released before exposure to insure consistent performance
  • Fan Cooled: A low noise, high performance fan keeps the flash head's electronics cool while lengthening the fash tube's and the modeling light's lives
  • Safety Features: The PL625DRC incorporates surge protection to handle power spikes and internal thermal protection which monitors heat generated during intense use
  • System Compatibility: The PL625DRC is compatible with all Photogenic Quick-Change light shaping accessories
  • Color Corrected Flash Tube:The PL625DRC's UV-coated, color-corrected flash tube renders accurate flesh tones and removes blue from the color balance. Wedding shooters will appreciate the resulting neutral rendition in the bride's gown

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Monolight Heads Information
Maximum Wattseconds 250
Sync Voltage 5V, 1/4" (6.35 mm) outlet
Recycle Time 1.25 Sec. @ max. power, 0.5 Sec @ min. power
Modeling Light 100W (ESR), optional 250W (ESS) or 150W (ESP), Control: 6 stops, full to 1/32 power
Flash Ready Indicator Modeling light dims during recharge
Voltage 105-125VAC, 60 Hz, 10 amps
Weight 4.9 lbs (2.2 kg)
Dimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.75" (11.4 x 11.4 x 17.1 cm)
Flash Duration 1/2,000 Sec. @ max. power, 1/640 Sec. @ min. power
Fan Cooled Yes
  • C4-15 Flashtube
  • ESR (100W/120V) Lamp
  • 7-1/2 iches High Gain Reflector
  • C4-15C Flashtube
  • Protective Cap for Powerlight
  • AC Line Cord - 110V, for PL and PM
  • Sync Cord - Monoplug to PC
  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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