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IQ2 60MP Digital Back for Hasselblad V

MFR Part #: 71725
Samy's Part #: S-032304
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The Phase One IQ2 60MP Digital Back offer stunning image quality with up to 60 megapixel captures. At the heart of these digital backs sit the largest cutting-edge sensors on the market; up to 2.5 times larger than the sensors found in full-frame 35mm DSLR cameras. These sensors mean that IQ2 digital backs are capable of creating the best image quality imaginable; reproducing the finest details in one shot, even in scenes with a wide dynamic range from virtually pitch black to extreme highlights. It is easy to access the features of the IQ2 digital backs. You can swiftly navigate all menus either by using the simple 4-button navigation, the touch screen display or a combination of the two. Each back's large 3.2 inch touch screen makes it simple to access menus and features with the tip of your finger. The same intuitive controls can be used to browse, zoom and pan captured images. Combined with the 1.15 megapixel high-resolution display, checking image focus and detail is easy and precise.

Image capture is a breeze with an IQ2 digital back. Whether you are shooting to a memory card, shooting tethered to a computer using USB3 or FireWire, these digital backs leverage cutting edge technology and are designed to give you a fast and continuous capture experience. Connect your iPad or iPhone wirelessly to an IQ2 digital back directly or via an access point and enhance your capture process and productivity. When connected you can control image captures remotely and incoming or stored images can be reviewed and rated. All IQ2 models support fast flash sync speeds of up to 1/1600s giving you full control for balancing flash and ambient light in your images whether you are in the studio or on location. The IQ2 digital backs combine functional design with rugged build quality. The backs are made of 100% aircraft grade aluminum and all electronic connectors and ports are protected with automatic retracting hatches or rubber covers to ensure they work continuously even in the toughest shooting environments.

Get high quality images shooting at ISO 100, 6400 or anywhere in between. With this digital back you can capture unique images in available light anytime. With the fluid and responsive high quality Live View of the IQ260 you will have great composition and focus assistance whether you are using Live View directly on the digital back, connected via USB3 to Capture One, or wirelessly to Capture Pilot. Capture images of 60 megapixel resolution and of outstanding quality. Capture the most demanding scenes in one shot and retain details in highlights and shadows with the IQ260 thanks to its abundant 14 f-stop dynamic range. The IQ260 digital back gives you a phenomenal exposure time range, as fast as 1/10000s and as long as one hour (the actual exposure time range is limited by the camera attached).

  • 60 megapixel captures: You can capture incredible detail with the IQ2 digital backs, whether you shoot with the 50, 60 or 80 megapixel models. High-resolution capture gives you the freedom to crop. Recompose your images post capture – there is ample data in an IQ2 image file
  • 14 f-stops dynamic range: The extreme dynamic range of the IQ2 digital backs enables you to capture and do justice to every scene no matter what the lighting conditions are like. Bring back virtually every detail even if you didn’t get the exposure spot on at the moment of capture.
  • Full-frame sensors: The full frame CCD sensors in the IQ280, IQ260 and IQ260 Achromatic dwarf a full frame DSLR sensor by more than 2.5 times. For great image quality and high-resolution images, the IQ2 sensors are the market leaders.
  • No anti-aliasing filter: All IQ2 digital backs, in fact, all Phase One digital backs, come without any anti-aliasing filters mounted. The omission of this filter ensures razor-sharp images.
  • 16 bit color depth: The IQ2 digital backs are built to ensure you capture images with ultra smooth and subtle transitions to reproduce scenes with the ultimate finesse. IQ2 digital backs make this possible because images are captured with up to 16 bit color depth per channel.
  • Sensor+: Our patented Sensor+ lets you switch easily from high resolution and low ISO captures to lower resolution and higher ISO captures without degrading the pixel level quality of the image.
  • Fast tethered capture: Connect using USB3 or FireWire 800; its the fastest way to get your images on the computer instantly. The IQ2 backs are among only a handful of cameras and backs that feature these connectivity options.
  • Live View for instant focus:The Live View feature on the IQ2 digital backs lets you fine-tune focus before you capture the image. This is particularly handy when you are working with a technical view camera in the studio or outdoors when shooting architecture. Live View gives you instant feedback on what’s in focus.
  • Fastest card capture:The IQ2 digital backs feature some of the fastest memory card interfaces on the market. And thanks to our patent pending IIQ file format you can continue capturing images until the memory card is full, without running into any buffering issues.
  • Perfect alignment tools: The IQ2 digital backs have embedded accelerometers, and the input data from these can help you perfectly align images at the moment of capture.
  • Focus mask: You can speed up the focus validation process using the Focus Mask of the IQ2. This feature will display a colored, semi-transparent mask on top of the preview to show which parts of the image are in focus.
  • Remote control: The IQ2 digital backs have built-in high performance Wi-Fi and antennas, and you can connect your iPad or iPhone to it wirelessly and use Capture Pilot for Live View to set exposure, trigger the shutter and instantly check focus and composition on a large screen.
  • Travel light, go wireless:  Combine the wireless capabilities of an IQ2 digital back and iPad to get all the essential tools to capture and review great images anywhere. Avoid lugging a laptop around and fiddling with wires and ports – free yourself up and focus on getting great shots.

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Digital Backs Information
Effective Pixels 8964 x 6716 Pixels
Dynamic Range 13 f-stops
ISO Sensitivity 200-3200
Lens Factor 1x
Sensor Type CCD
Long Exposure 1 minute
Pixel Size (Micron) 6.0 x 6.0
Output Image Dim. 300 DPI 76.1 x 57 cm
Output Image Dim. 600 DPI 38 x 28.5 cm
Wi-Fi yes
LCD Screen Size 3.2"
LCD Monitor Type LCD Touchscreen
Sensor Size 53.7 x 40.3
  • 5 Year Warranty
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