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Polar Pro

Polar Pro Switchblade2.0 for GoPro Standard Housing

MFR Part #: SWCH2-H3+
Samy's Part #: S-035174
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PolarPro introduces the all new Polar Pro Switchblade2.0 for GoPro Standard Housing which has undergone some substantial changes. Already a very versatile red filter and macro lens combination, the Switchblade 2.0 allows Gopro users to film with either the red filter or macro lens independently. Switchblade2.0 also allows filming with both the red filter and macro lens together. This combines some of the best color correction with the most powerful underwater macro lens allowing users to capture ultra-high quality scuba diving videos. Often when diving there are strong currents, and instances where extra durability is always beneficial. PolarPro has completely redesigned and bulked up the Switchblade2.0 by adding stainless steel rivets and a new macro closure system to ensure durability while diving in the roughest conditions.

Gopro divers were looking for even more magnification underwater, so it was back to the drawing board for the PolarPro engineering team. After months of R&D we designed and manufactured the most powerful production macro lens on the market. The new ultra-powerful macro is 3 times as powerful as its predecessor. With capabilities of focusing between 3 and 8 inches under water, the Switchblade 2.0 provides divers with 10x total magnification. Maintaining a friendly price point of $69.99, the Switchblade offers a huge value for the price. Whether filming off the coast of California or in the Bahamas, the Switchblade2.0 will help you capture the vibrate reef colors, and detailed close-up shots of aquatic life. This GoPro red filter system is guaranteed for 180 days after purchase.

The Gopro has an automatic white balance, think of the white balance as the cameras "brain". The white balance instructs the cameras processor how to record colors. Filming underwater causes the camera to record colors differently. When below 10 feet of water the wavelength of red light is no longer present in the light spectrum. This is because water absorbs that wavelength and it does not penetrate below 10 feet. The human brain accounts for the loss of red light at depth, however the white balance, or the camera's "brain" is not as intelligent. The cameras white balance does not account for the loss of red light, and thinks that all of the colors in the light spectrum are in front of the Gopro lens. Without the color red in front of the lens, the colors recorded by the GoPro underwater are extremely blue or green. When you place a red filter in front of the camera, you are effectively reducing all of the wavelengths of light, except for red, which tricks the camera's white balance into properly recording vivid colors the same way the human brain processes them. It is a very simple problem to fix by purchasing one of our: GoPro Red Filters.

PolarPro has been making camera filters designed specifically for the GoPro camera for four years now. We have 6 generations of red filter testing and each one gets better and better. We know the weaknesses and strengths of the GoPro like the back of our hands. The Switchblade2.0 uses the proven PolarPro red filter formula, which is not as easy as making a red piece of plastic and selling is as a red filter. There are many red filters on the market now, but none that have the years of color targeting and product engineering as the PolarPro Switchblade2.0 does. In addition to our leading red filter, an ultra-powerful macro is added to the Swithchblade2.0 for even more versatility, something not found anywhere on the market. The Switchblade2.0 is also the best red filter on the market because of the PolarPro support team, which provides you with prompt answers, returns, and a 180-day comprehensive guarantee.

  • Fits Hero3+ Standard 40m Housing (no screws on front) Only
  • 3 in 1 Red/Macro filter for scuba diving
  • Ultra-powerful 10x Magnification macro lens
  • Precise tropical water color correction with PolarPro formula
  • Rubbarized coating for added grip
  • Zinc rivet for added durability

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  • Switchblade2.0
  • Microfiber storage bag
  • Tether
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