Welcome to Samy’s Camera Photo Camp

Samy’s Camera, the West Coast's biggest photography center since 1976, is delighted to share their singular love and knowledge of photography with the next generation of shutterbugs. Created in 2009, Samy’s Camera Photo Camp teaches students across Los Angeles that photography can and does change the world.

This after-school photography class teaches fundamental concepts (like composition, color & perspective) while covering different fields of photography (e.g. Fashion, Food, Sports, Photojournalism). On graduation day, students walk away with a diploma, DVD slide show, T-shirt, hat, guided tour of our flagship store, and a passion for photography.

Three different advanced classes are offered for alumni. Each features new photography techniques (like Black & White and color gels) and exercises (like photographing reflections in water drops and studio lighting), plus video production. The advanced class culminates in a gallery show of the students’ photos.

The program can be tailored to K-5, middle school, or high school students. The class runs 8 weeks, typically three times a year at each school.

Samy’s Camera Photo Camp gives students a valuable means of self-expression. In addition to enhancing students’ critical thinking, fine motor skills, and vocabulary, the class illuminates photography’s context within art history. Not to mention it’s FUN! Youth naturally possess an appreciation and curiosity of the visual world around them. Photography is the perfect means to help them develop their unique vision and voice.

Samy's Camera Photo Camp is an independent after-school enrichment option. We hold sign-ups and promotion two weeks prior, then handle all payment, registration, and administration of the program. Photo Camp has also provided outreach services for at-risk youth in high schools, youth centers, and Title 1 elementary schools. The program has been a hit with students, parents, schools, and community leaders alike.

Principal Alfredo Ortiz offers his “gratitude to Samy’s Camera for offering students the opportunity to delve into the art form of photography for a unique learning experience.”

Parent Chris Angel is "astounded at both how many photography concepts my daughter now understands, and also at her very beautiful photos. Thanks for teaching this class for young kids!"

Fourth grader Kayvon T. says “by being in photo camp, I have an opportunity to learn about new things and it gives me ideas about what I would like to do in the future.”

High schooler Kaiya C. “appreciated the guidance in showing us how to operate a camera and how to take pictures. And the magnificent tour of Samy’s Camera!”

We’d love to bring Photo Camp to your school! Contact photocamp@samys.com or call 323-938-2420 x1286 for more information.