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MFR Part #: 2496
Samy's Part #: HENS2496

For use of older style batteries with the new Porty packs. The existing batteries can easily be installed in the drawer without any rewiring.
MFR Part #: 5670
Samy's Part #: HENS5670

Battery Charging Unit QUICK 4 mains adapters included.
MFR Part #: 7024962
Samy's Part #: S-009132

The Hensel Porty L 1200W Kit consists of all those items required for location shooter for fashion, portrait, news or corporate work in the field with a portable power source. The kit includes the Porty L 1200 Battery Pack, battery, multi-voltage charger and an EH Pro Mini 1200-P Flash Head. A...
MFR Part #: 3410
Samy's Part #: HENS3410

The Hensel Ringflash 1200 P-XS for Porty Battery Operated Flash System is a unique light source ensuring totally shadowless but concentrated illumination for high contrast or high key lighting. Ringlights are very popular for fashion and beauty photography.

The 3410 is similar to the 3000, but...
MFR Part #: 9449951
Samy's Part #: HENS9449951

User exchangeable. Plugs without the use of any tools. Only for EHT standard head no. 4991. Rarely do flashtubes burn out. But they do crack & break! Usually as you open the lighting case on a location a hundred miles from any photography store. Even if you carry only one spare, it could be...
MFR Part #: 5671
Samy's Part #: HENS5671

The extremely short charging time and multivoltage technology are the special features of this charger. The unit can be used with all voltage ranges between 100v and 250v. The mains cable can be adapted to different outlet types.

The charger has an electronic sensor that "recognizes" connected...
MFR Part #: 122
Samy's Part #: HENS122

This Hensel Standard Sync Cord is 16.4' (5 m) long with 6.3mm phone jack for connecting to a Hensel Porty EHT Head.
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MFR Part #: 3604
Samy's Part #: HENS3604

The Hensel EH Pro Mini 1200 P Porty Flash Head is significantly small in size as compared to the size of original Porty head. Its transportation has become much easier due to its compact size. The detachable 16 ft. (5 m) head cable (red collar) may be replaced with an optional 22' (7 m) or 33'...
MFR Part #: 1497
Samy's Part #: HENS1497

Batteries can now be exchanged by simply releasing one lever that securely locks the drawer in the pack and then pulling out the drawer. By sliding in another drawer with a fully charged battery the Porty is ready again for another 100 flashes at full power within less than 5 seconds.
MFR Part #: 9454643
Samy's Part #: HENS9454643

Softer warmer light than clear dome.

MFR Part #: 1494
Samy's Part #: S-009133

The Battery Drawer with Lithium Battery for Porty Premium gives the photographer in the field a 60% lighter option to the model 1497 standard lead-gel Porty battery. Weighing in at only 3.3 lb, the 1494 battery provides 30% faster recycling as well as greater flash capacity in a leak-proof case....
MFR Part #: 4954
Samy's Part #: HENS4954

The Hensel Porty 1200 W/S Premium Plus AS Battery Operated Power Pack is the Battery Pack with 1200 Joule maximum power output and asymmetrical power distribution. It has a built-in radio slave receiver, to eliminate the need for a long sync cord to trigger your Porty flash head. Batteries can...
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MFR Part #: 1499
Samy's Part #: S-001469

The Hensel Porty Lithium Battery Pack and Quick Change Drawer can be used to augment your original Porty 6/12 Lithium battery.
MFR Part #: 5791
Samy's Part #: HENS5791

The Hensel EH Pro Mini to Porty Adapter Cable permits use of the Pro Mini Head with the Porty Battery Operated Power Pack. This cable is 16.5' (5m) long.
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MFR Part #: 7024954
Samy's Part #: HENS7024954

The Porty Premium 1200 Watt Battery Operated, Radio Slave Strobe Kit with Head with asymmetrical power distribution is the location photographer's main choice for a high-powered field strobe. This model includes a built-in Radio Slave Receiver, allowing wireless triggering, and power level control...
MFR Part #: 1851
Samy's Part #: S-008230

The Hensel Modeling Lamp for Porty EF Pro Mini 1200 P Head (65/12V) is a quartz-halogen bulb for use as a replacement or spare for the one which comes as standard equipment with the EF Pro Mini 1200 P head. The modeling lamp is easily user replaceable.

  • User Replaceable
  • 65 Watts
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MFR Part #: 3510
Samy's Part #: WESC3510

Westcott adapter rings are constructed using a solid dye cast framework adding strength and longevity to the product. Rings are designed to rotate 360-degrees once place on the light head. This is done by placing Teflon washers between the center insert and the outer ring offering a smooth tra...
MFR Part #: 1316120
Samy's Part #: S-027134

The Hensel Power Max L was developed especially for the latest Hensel compact flash units. Two flash units of the Integra Mini, Integra Plus or Expert D series can be simultaneously connected. Furthermore, it is possible to operate a Speed Max (the latest compact flash unit with the shortest flash...
MFR Part #: 1316121
Samy's Part #: S-027135

The Hensel Power Max L Kit kit includes 1x Power Max L incl. lithium battery, 1x quick charger for Porty L and Power Max L, 1x additional battery in battery drawer and 1x transport bag Softbag-P. The Hensel Power Max L was developed especially for the latest Hensel compact flash units. Two flash...
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MFR Part #: 7905
Samy's Part #: S-019148

The EH Pro Mini Flash Head to Vela/Tria Pack Cable - 16.4 ft. (5.0 m) is a very useful and a good quality Pack Cable by its manufacturer Hensel. It allows you to use your EH Pro Mini, Pro Mini Speed or Pro Mini 1200 AS flash head on a Hensel Tria or Vela power pack.
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