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ProRing2 Plus Flash Head
Part #: 300519
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Use the ProFoto ProRing2 Plus Flash Head for fashion or other occasions when you want a direct and very prominent light, there is the Profoto ProRing2 Plus. Fashion photographers choose the ProRing 2 Plus when they want a direct and prominent key light without harshness. Some favor it because it is mounted on the camera and easy to move around with. Others love it because of the unique catch light it creates. Needless to say there is no right or wrong way to use the ProRing 2 Plus. The ProRing 2 Plus differs from the ProRing Plus in that it has a built-in fan and a powerful 200 W modeling light that can be used to eliminate red eyes. Like all other Pro heads, the ProRing 2 Plus is built to last a lifetime. The ProRing2 Plus has a new safety lamp head connector that is sealed, helping to prevent dust and moisture from entering the generator. If used with the new Pro-B4 generator, the entire pack becomes splash proof. Note that the safety lamp head connector is 100% backward compatible.

The ProRing2 Plus has a 200 watt modeling light (10x20 watts), is fan-cooled and has an ozone-free high power quartz flash tube, capable of handling as many 2400 Ws flashes per minute as the generator can produce. ProRing2 Plus is compatible with all ProRing accessories, such as the PR Softlight, PR Widesoft and the PR Close-up reflectors. The large internal diameter (100mm) makes it compatible with most lenses. Camera bracket/stand adapter is included. The ProRing2 Plus is compatible with the Pro-8, Pro-7, Pro-B4, Pro-B3, Pro-B2 and the D4 generators.

  • Can either be mounted on a stand or directly on the camera.
  • Creates a direct light without harshness.
  • Creates an inimitable catch light.
  • UV reduced flash tube and arc-proof connector.
  • Designed to withstand years of heavy-duty use.
  • Powerful 200 W modeling light.
  • Compatible with a number of dedicated Light Shaping Tools.
  • Temperature controlled fan will keep head and accessories cool even during heavy-duty use.
Item Details
  • Circular quartz flash tube
  • 10 x 20W halogen modeling lamps
  • Camera adapter
  • Stand adapter
  • Protective front mesh (steel)
  • 4 m (13 ft) lamp cable
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